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"If you do not know to balance the third chakra, you may have all the degrees, all the knowledge, all the money, all the beauty, but you shall be unhappy. " Yogi Bhajan

Sat Nam Souls,

How has your month been? Maybe it's been challenging...Mercury has been retrograde for a few weeks which can make communication difficult, but it's also a good time to reflect, review and make plans...and then from the 28th of Feb, start putting them in to action.

So in March (the 3rd month), we are going to work on the the 3rd (Navel) Chakra, the centre of energy, of will power, of a sense of control. It's associated with the Navel Point, the Element of Fire, and with the adrenals, kidneys, liver, gall bladder, spleen, digestive organs, and pancreas. With a strong 3rd Chakra we know how to initiate and complete an action and there is a deep confidence that we can shape and direct our lives, rather than playing the Victim ( why me? it's not fair..I have to do x, y, z, I've got no choice).

An unbalanced 3rd Chakra can be expressed as anger, greed, shame, despair, seeing obstacles everywhere, conforming, denying your own wishes and emotions and problems with any of the associated organs. We can also turn to other sources of energy like stimulants, drugs and food if we feel depleted.

Breath of Fire is one powerful way to stimulate the Navel Chakra - here is a very good video link if you want to go over it in more detail, particularly if you are new to the breath or find it a struggle.

Sound interesting? Even if it doesn't I hope I'll see you in a class...maybe at the new Thursday evening class I'm starting next week in West Dulwich/West Norwood borders (see below).

West Dulwich Classes

I am trying out a new booking and payment system for Tuesday evenings as it's got busy. So there is a slight increase to cover the fees for the system, with drop-ins it's £13 if you pay online (still £12 if you take a chance and turn up without booking) or you can pay for 5 classes for £52 to be used within 70 days which will be tracked by the website. You can book on the day (or sooner), but you need to cancel a booking at least 24 hrs before to get a credit.

This will also be used for the new Thursday evening class which has limited space as well.

You need to book and pay via "Book Now" button on my website. If you have ANY problems using this system just let me know as it's new for me too.
If you are a real techno phobe then please talk to me and we can sort something else out.



NEW CLASS - Thursdays at Aspire: West Dulwich Health & Wellbeing Centre - Starts March 6th - come back to Yoga & Bring a Friend!
  • 8.15-9.30pm Thursdays
  • Where: 1 Park Hall Rd, West Dulwich, SE21 8EH
  • Parking and transport info click here. Please enter via the main entrance and you will be directed to the wellbeing studio. More details & booking/payment here.
Spring Equinox Yoga, Meditation & Gong Bath
  • Thursday 20th March 7pm -9pm @ All Saints Church (downstairs in the cafe - warmer!), West Dulwich, SE21 8JY, £15 - please bring a mat/sheepskin & blanket.
  • We will do Yoga, Meditation and Gong Bath, followed by some tea/chai. Everyone welcome. Please see details about what Spring Equinox means and to BOOK HERE.

Relax & Rejuvenate Weekend

May Bank Holiday - 3rd-5th May, from 12pm Saturday until Monday 12pm.
Please Read More if you are looking for a relaxing and transformative weekend!


10-11.15am @ West Dulwich All Saints Church
Tuesday 7-8.30pm @ West Dulwich  All Saints Church (details here ).
NEW Thursdays 8.15-9.30pm @ Aspire West Dulwich Health & Wellbeing Centre (details here)

Fusion Students @ Dulwich Leisure Centre: See you Mondays 7.30pm & 8.35pm, Wed 9.15-10.15am



A friend runs a website selling luxury sheepskins!
Yogi Bhajan recommended the sheepskin for meditation, as it created an insulation between the yogi and the magnetic pull of the Earth. In practical terms, it is more comfortable for some of the postures, and for meditating for longer periods. I also just read that you can liberate the soul of the sheep by meditating on it ;) But here's an article going through the pros and cons if you have ethical dilemas about it.


Until I see you...

May the Long Time Sun Shine Upon You
All Love Surround You
And the Pure Light Within You
Guide Your Way On

With Love,
Natalie/Dev Sujjan Kaur

Kundalini Yoga Teacher
Personal Coach & Healer
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