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Welcome summer weather, vacations, frozen popsicles and going swimming! I have made a vow to not only work harder this year, but to play harder too. Because my existence has lately been all work, I have made a promise to myself to focus on life balance. But first, the work.... I have designed a brand new website with a new domain all my own and soooo excited to be opening my Moniece Robinson voiceover online store. Here you can purchase voiceover dialogue whenever you need day or night in just a couple clicks. My old link will continue to work and has a link to the new site as well. Please visit and have a look around!

Coming soon, I will appear in the short film, The Allegory of Mr. Hump which wrapped n April and will be premiering locally here later this year (if you are local and want to attend please let me know) and on the film festival circuit. I have been working off camera on another film The Renaissance Man, which is near completion. I did some behinds the scenes work on this one. There is also a play that I have been working on called Hurt People, Hurt People which is in the very early stages and may become a movie as well. This summer, I will be starring in another movie, Season of the Voodoo Zombies. I will be a blood thirsty, zombie fighting, vampress. CLICK HERE to see me in the first cast intro video. This one is a feature film so you COULD be seeing me in a movie theater near you, wink wink!

Speaking of big screen, well kinda, I have been making the long drive back and forth to Wilmington, NC. But not for the beach and fun that you are thinking (though next time I WILL MAKE IT by gosh!!!). I have been working as an extra in the CBS show Under the Dome. Don't worry, even though I can't give away any plot lines, I will let you know when my episodes air so that you too can play "Where's Waldo: Moniece Edition."

With all of this movement, I have decided to take on an intern/assistant. I'm excited to get the details worked out so that my business can continue to grow! I have added links to most of these projects so that you can see pictures, videos, and more so please explore above.

Thank you, thank you, thank for all of your support, love, and positivity! Right back at all of you!
Earlier this year, I ventured to Gerald Griffith's Voiceovercity in Atlanta, GA to train with Stevie Vallance for a weekend of advanced animation voiceove learning. I had a great time, learned so much, and met some great people. I am so grateful to finally meet Gerald in person, see Stevie again, and find some new characters rattling around in my mind!
Like everyone else that lives, I've been going though some challenging and emotional changes the past few months. I came across this 100 happy days challenge and thought I would share. It's unfortunate that so many people couldn't complete this because "They did have time to note one happy thing a day." Join the challenge, no singing of Pharrell's song "Happy" required (even though I know that you're humming it now)!

Maya Angelo Tribute

I had something else planned for the rest of this newsletter, but with the passing of Maya Angelo, I thought it better to add some poetry and quotes that are speaking to me these days. You can click on the images to make them larger and easier to read. Enjoy!
Thank you to those clients that have shared links to finished projects. They are always appreciated and welcome. If you would like to be removed from my list, added to my email list or featured in an upcoming newsletter please email .Thank you for your time. Enjoy the warmer weather!
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