It's time to imagine a world without Islam.

Time to Go!

“For they have healed the hurt of the daughter of my people slightly, saying, Peace, peace; when there is no peace.” Jeremiah 8:11 
By Riley J. Hood       
            I was at a meeting, where the final speaker said, “Muslims are okay guys, they go to church just like we do.”  Muslims don't go to church, they go to a Mosque. People tend to believe that Muslims are wonderful people and have too much “Christian Character” to engage in atrocities.  In 2001, after showing a Christian lady the Voice of the Martyrs magazine, she kept saying, “They can't do that, that isn't Christian.” I had a hard time convincing her that Muslims aren't Christian, in spite of all the evidence I could present to her.  Her incredulity notwithstanding, Muslims aren't Christian; they exterminate Christians.  Islam was out to conquer the world since 622AD, long before America was founded.  No nation has ever willfully accepted Islam, it was imposed by violence upon them, including in Saudi Arabia and Iran.
            Bush 43 called Islam, “a religion of peace”.  This lie is in the translation.  The name Islam can be translated two ways.  It can mean “peace”.  “Islam” is an active form of the Arabic word “Salaam”, meaning “Peace”.  For example, “ Dar Al Islam” means “ The House of Peace”; and the “Dar Al Harb” means “The House of War.”  Islam also can mean submission, or slavery.  Slavery continues to this day in Islamic nations, even though Saudi Arabia and Yemen banning the practice, on paper in 1962, and Mauritania doing the same thing in 1980.  A singular definition of the word Islam would be, “peace equals slavery.”  The rest of the world's definition of the word peace means the, “absence of violence and “serenity ”: the Islamic definition of “peace” means slavery.  “Fight those who believe not in Allah nor in the last day.... Nor acknowledge the religion of truth, even if they are people of the Book, until they pay Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.” The Koran, Surah 9:29. There are over 100 Jihad verses in the Koran.  You cannot make peace with men who have such a mindset. 
            Islam is a state of mind, for example, there are Arabs in Lebanon who are Maronite Christians.  While Iran is 99% Muslim, the Arabs are in the minority, and the people themselves speak Farsi, and are Persian by descent.  The Indonesian Muslims are Malay, not Arab.  Islam is not a race, it is a false world-view.  That is why even after a nation has fallen to Islam, and all the “infidels” are exterminated, that nation becomes more violent than ever.  Like Hitlerism: Islam is a plague of the mind that transforms men into violent animal-like monsters.  The more Islamic the education is the more atrocious their behavior.  Rohan Gunaratna stated the obvious, “It is not poverty, or a lack of education, but the indoctrination into Islam that makes one a terrorist.” 
            While the average Muslim doesn't fly airplanes, they content themselves to pouring out of their Mosques and hacking normal people to death with machetes.  They form mobs, break into Churches and stab Pastors to death.  This has been Islamic behavior for 1400 years.  These behaviors are commanded in the Koran and Haddith.  So is Jihad.
            Jihad isn't just violent words, it is backed up with deeds, real and actual.  The “prophet” Mohammad engaged in over 40 battles, raids, and ambushes.  The Hadith recorded the names of 27 people he had assassinated.  He had hundreds of innocent people beheaded, including over 600 Jewish men, not for crimes, but for not worshiping Allah, and accepting Mohamed as a “prophet”.  
  • Thomas Jefferson authorized the Marine Corps to sack Tripoli, because the Muslims were enslaving our citizens.  Muslims enslaved black people from Africa, whom they call “Abd,” they filled their harems with white women from Europe, and their galleys with white men (Mamluks.)  Castration was the usual lot of all slaves.  After studying the Koran, Thomas Jefferson knew he couldn't negotiate with the Ottoman Turks, because they were Muslim.  That is where “The Shores of Tripoli” came from in the Marine Corps Hymn.
  • In WWII, Adolf Hitler had regiments in the SS that were Islamic.
  • February 14, 1979: Muslims occupied the US Embassy in Tehran, Iran wounding one US Marine, who was held hostage by the Khomeini government until February 21.  
  • November 4, 1979: our Embassy staff in Tehran was held hostage for 444 days; by Muslim “students”. 
  • April 27, 1980: the bodies of 8 of our servicemen were openly cursed, by Muslim Imams; after they died trying to extract our people. 
  • April 18, 1983: Muslims attacked the US Embassy in Beirut killing 63 people.
  • October 23, 1983: Muslims attack US Marine Battalion HQ, killing 241 people.
  • February 26,1993: Muslims first attack on the WTC.  6 people killed.
  • In October 1993, we lost 18 lives at the hands of Somalian Muslims in Mogadishu.  
  • August 7, 1998 US Embassies were bombed in Kenya and Tanzania, killing over 260 people. 
  • In October 2000, the Muslims attacked the USS Cole.  17 sailors died. 
  • 9/11/2001, the worst Act of War ever perpetrated on the American people.  2,976 people dead, and over 6,000 injured.  The whole Uma ( Body of Islam ) congratulated themselves, thus incriminating themselves.
            This is a small portion of Islam's history.  Conservatives will probably say, “How does this affect American interests, and we aren't the guarantors of foreign independence.”  That is a good question which I shall answer. Any threat to take over the World is a threat to American Sovereignty and American security interests.  America is still on the Planet Earth, and not on the moon.  Never forget, that if we lose our Nation's Sovereignty, we lose our Christian Law System.  The Muslim wants to replace Bible based Law with Koran based Sharia Law.  America, being Christian; is part of the “Dar Al Harb”, which is slated to be consumed by the “Dar Al Islam”.   Islam isn't the only enemy seeking America's destruction that we currently have.  They are the only enemy that is on the march right now.  Islam is the only enemy that has attacked us physically.  The North Korean wishes to destroy the US, but they have not attacked us, so for now they should be dealt with in a low-key manner.  One cannot say the same thing about Muslims. 
            Muslims only understand force.  Even our surgical strikes are lost on their ape-like minds when they retort, “Allah has cursed their weapons that is why so few have died.”  The fact is, the Muslims commit acts of Terrorism because they are Muslims. Terrorism is only one weapon in the Islamic arsenal.  Terrorism is modern piracy.  Therefore, our “War on Terror” is a farce.   
            In 2001, I outlined a Victory Plan that I formulated back in 1984.  It has nothing to do with behavior modification or standing occupation.  It has everything to with destroying our enemies.
  • Christians should step up their efforts in prayer, preaching, and revival for America.  If we are not right with God, he will not bless our nation.  Our Churches should realize that they cannot covenant with Muslims.  Not only is yoking with Islam ecumenical idolatry, it is suicidal.
  • It would make sense to change our Nation's economic and energy policies so we can drill American oil for the American people.  Why should we enrich people who are out to kill us?
  • Terrorists should be treated as pirates, and summarily hanged or shot.  Congress should issue letters of Marque and Reprisal to any group that wishes to exterminate these pirates.
  • Congress should lawfully declare War on Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is the “fatherland” of Islam.  If you want to kill your enemy, you take aim at center mass.  Our incursions into Afghanistan and Iraq were playing around the edges.   Mecca should be destroyed, and the Ka'aba stone blown apart, and film it.  Mecca is the Capital of Islam.   We are in a War of competing ideas.  The Ka'aba is an embodiment of Allah.  The Muslim needs to be shown there is no Allah.  Allah is not God.  We ought to make war on Islam; they have been making war on America before America was founded.  They have been at war with the world since 632 AD.
  • After Saudi is destroyed, then we should systematically destroy all Islamic nations, especially Iran.  While Saudi is the heart of Islam, Iran is the muscle.
  • As after any war, Muslims should lose their right to self-determination.  Every Mosque should be closed down.  Every Muslim official should be tried and punished for murder, rape, and brutality.  They should be forced to confess that Allah is not God.  We need to destroy the concept of Islam in the minds of these people.
  • New governments should be instituted with Constitutions that embody the Christian Law System, as opposed to the fantasy of “Islamic Democracy.” (Iran has a Parliament, and Iraq’s democracy isn’t working.) This would be done by the people themselves, not by America.  After we destroy our enemy, we should not engage in Nation Building.  The Church can send missionaries and build nations that way.
            Now the woolly minded will be concerned about the pride, well-being, and rights of Muslims.  We live in an age where people's only concern is for the welfare of the guilty.  Americans need to get in tune with the fact that civil authority exists to punish malefactors.  I'm not talking about a “Catholic Crusade,” I am talking about an actual War.  The last war America fought as a war was WWII.  We should treat Islam the same way we treated the NAZI Party.  If we don't start thinking clearly, we will have a Muslim ruled America, sooner than later.  If we don't put Victory on the table, and Destroy Islam, we will be slaves in an Islamic world.  If you love God, and then your Country, you should be willing to contend with the enemies of God.   By using the name of God I mean Father Yahweh, His Son Jesus Christ, and God the Holy Spirit.  After 1400 years, it is time for Islam to go.

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