August News and Offers!

New Website 

I'm really excited to be launching a new website today. It's been a lot of work to get it going but I love the clean, uncluttered look of it. Smugmug was a huge help in getting this site up and running. 

The site name is the same: but the look is different! 

I would appreciate your feedback. There shouldn't be any glitches at this point, but you never know. Please let me know if you find any. 

Next step: updating and my blog:  

Family Vacation

I've had a great 3 weeks with my family here while they were visiting from Calgary. My grandson was here for 3 weeks and my son was here for 2 of them. We had a ton of fun and did a lot of stuff. Winnipeg is a great city to be in during the summer and we took in The Fringe and Folklorama. We visited the zoo, the museum, went strawberry picking to name a few.  They played a lot of golf and pool and even went bowling. As always, it's an adjustment when they leave but work is keeping me busy now, so it's all good. 

Here are some of the images from their visit to Winnipeg:


Head shots

I've been asked a few times recently if I do head shots. The answer is, "yes, I enjoy doing head shots". I always like getting to know people and people who come for head shots always have a story to tell. If you or someone you know need a head shot, please send me an email at or call me (204-962-3424) and we can set up an appointment for you.  
Here are some head shots that I've done.


The cost of getting a head shot done is $55 plus PST. With that I will include an 8x10, 2 5x7s and 4 wallet sized prints. Headshot sessions usually take 20 to 30 minutes but we can do a longer session if you need more time to change your outfit etc. 

I would love to do a head shot for you! 


Why choose ChrisMcWilliamsPhotography?

I recently did a blog post on why you should choose ChrisMcWilliamsPhotography for all of your photography needs. I am copying it here in case you missed it. 

Why Choose ChrisMcWilliams Photography? 

When thinking about writing this post I felt a bit like Meredith telling Derek to choose me, love me in the episode on March 29th, 2008.


 Telling people to “choose me” feels a bit awkward to me. In my career as an early years teacher, it was not something that was done, except in a few cases when a difficult child was coming into my grade and then it was more: “please do  not choose me!’

But I’ve gotten used to the idea of asking people to choose me and I understand the need for self promotion. I’ve done my research. I’m always googling Winnipeg photographers and looking at other photographer’s  work. There are an astounding number of family, newborn and wedding photographers in Winnipeg and a lot of them are doing great work.

So the question that comes up for me, is why should someone choose ChrisMcWilliamsPhotography out of all the others?

So I came up with these basic reasons:

You should choose ChrisMcWilliamsPhotography because:

  • I have a comfortable in-home studio with a separate room for you to feed and change your baby, or for your kids to play in.
  • I have a lot of different coloured blankets, hats, headbands and containers for your baby if you’re coming for a newborn session.
  • I give you the option of having the session in your own home.
  • I am infinitely patient and will spend as much time as is needed to get the photos of your newborn or children.
  • I love newborns and children. I love cuddling newborns and I love playing with kids and interacting with them.
  • I am experienced and have been doing portrait and wedding photography for about 6 years.
  • I will edit your images to your satisfaction and am an expert in all things Photoshop.
  • I will make your session fun and easy.
  • I have won awards for my photography.

rene 9 12- (2)

Those are all good reasons but most of those dozens of other photographers can say those very same  things.

So I had to look beyond the basic reasons for why a client should choose me, and I came up with the following “beyond the basics” reasons:

  • I don’t try to sell you hundreds of dollars worth of products. My prices are clearly stated and I will be happy to sell you a canvas wrapped 20′x30′ print of your family portrait but I won’t be trying to hard sell one to you. That is how some photographers make most of their money.
  • You will have a private viewing gallery for 2 weeks and not 2 days and I will re-list your gallery or keep it online for longer if you need more time. There is no cost involved in this and I have unlimited storage on my website, so you can take your time choosing your images without any pressure.
  • I guarantee customer satisfaction and will redo your session or offer you a refund if you are not happy with your images.
  • I have many years experience as an early years teacher and I know kids. I still substitute teach so I know what your kids are learning in different grades. I know kids and I love kids. I have 2 kids and 1 grandson so I have seen all stages of childhood.

cheryl 5 13-101


So there is it.

And Derek did choose Meredith.

I hope I have convinced you to choose me!

family playa 5 13-103bwsm

That’s me with Ashton, my favorite guy anywhere and also my grandson! And he choose me to visit this summer for 3 glorious fun-filled weeks! How cool is that? 

And finally

Love this one. Wish I had had my "real" camera with me last night at the Paul McCartney concert. The visuals were almost as amazing as the music! As it was, I used my iPhone which also goes to prove that the best camera is the one that you have with you! 

Yours in Photography,


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