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Week 9

"Victory Is to the Free,"
dictation delivered by Mighty Victory
June 13, 1965



  • LISTEN: Disc 1 Track 9 of The Mandate of Victory Audio Album
  • READ: Chapter 9 (pp. 70-82), The Mandate of Victory book (also published in the Pearls of Wisdom®, Vol. 42 No. 50, December 12, 1999)

Study Questions

After you have completed the assignment above, answer the study questions below. You can download these study questions as a PDF here.

Study Question 1

  • Beloved Victory tells us that we are to be flowers in the garden of his heart. Reflect on what you will do to prepare yourself to be one of these flowers and record your comments in your Victory Journal. (p. 71)

Study Question 2

  • What is the purpose of Mighty Victory’s message to us? Why did he come to deliver this message? (p. 71)

Study Question 3

  • Victory states in his dictation, “truth is stronger than fiction.” To support his statement, he spoke a number of affirmations to anchor the qualities of his consciousness of victory. Identify these qualities and recite them as affirmations during the coming week to integrate with Mighty Victory’s consciousness and make these statements of truth your own. (p. 71)

Study Question 4

  • On page 72 Victory tells those in attendance that he is now in the center of the room radiating his love and light “to those students who are able to feel and to know that I AM the power of God unto salvation to those who can hold the blazing victory of light inviolate in their being.” (p. 72)
  • Record your understanding of what it means to “hold the light inviolate of your being” in your Victory Journal.

Study Question 5

  • What is Victory’s explanation of “holocaust of division?” (p. 73)
  • What is the main cause of the “holocaust of division” and what is its antidote? (p. 73)
  • Describe some examples of the “holocaust of division” that you observe currently in the news and in your personal spiritual path.

Study Question 6

  • Victory granted us a “Gem of Light.” Describe this dispensation and explain its purpose. (pp.74-75)
  • In a world where we daily observe religious conflict and war, what counsel does Victory give to help us transcend classifications of religious thought? (p. 74)

Study Question 7

  • Mighty Victory gives several keys on how to express the flame of God Victory. Identify 3-5 keys he releases to us. (p. 74)
  • Then as you continue reading and listening to this dictation, look and listen for any additional keys to help you on your path to the Victory consciousness and record them in your Victory Journal.

Study Question 8

  • Beloved Victory counsels us, “…the beauty of God is that whenever an individual desires to embody a specific divine quality and to amplify that quality—not to parade it before his fellowmen but to bless and heal them with that quality—that individual can gather an accumulation thereof.” (p. 75)
  • Please select a divine quality on which you desire to focus on this week to increase this quality in your consciousness.
  • Then as you continue reading and listening to this dictation, look and listen for any additional keys to help you express the victory consciousness and record them in your Victory Journal.

Study Question 9

  • What does Victory mean when he speaks of “expandability in the consciousness of God?” (p. 76)
  • How does Victory help us to grasp the understanding this concept? (p. 76)
  • What are some ways you will apply this concept into your spiritual path and daily life?

Study Question 10

  • Beloved Sanat Kumara and Mighty Victory released a stupendous dispensation of the sacred fire during this dictation. What was this dispensation and what was it intended to accomplish? (p. 77)

Study Question 11

  • Victory admonishes us not to doubt his Reality. He tells us if we have any doubts that he is real, to call to him for the next seven days and he will make every attempt to prove his reality by granting us a specific accomplishment for which we have longed. (pp. 78-79)
  • Take Victory’s offering to heart and call to him for seven days for a specific accomplishment you have held in your heart for some time. Record your experience in your Victory Journal.

Study Question 12

  • During this dictation Victory asks the angel of record to release the recording of Jesus’ ascension. When you read and listen to this segment of the dictation, please stand as Victory requests to receive his words. (pp. 79-80)
  • What purpose did Beloved Victory desire to accomplish by the delivery of this record? (pp. 79-80)
  • As you reflect on the record of Jesus’ ascension, ask yourself, “What does this record mean to my path of personal Christhood and the ultimate goal of my life, the ascension?” Then record your response in your Victory Journal.

Study Question 13

  • Victory states, “Your victory, then, is my victory.” (p. 80)
  • If someone asked you what “Your victory, then, is my victory” means, how would you respond? What would your answer be?

Study Question 14

  • In this dictation Victory gives us the following understanding: “…Then, as you begin to live in the consciousness of the throne of power and victory over yourself, you will know the meaning of the words we caused to be put upon the temples of old, the ancient inscription 'Man, know thyself.'" (p. 81)
  • What does “Man, know thyself” mean to you in the context of this teaching?

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