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Week 21

"A Spiral of Christ-Victory,"
dictation delivered by Mighty Victory
December 29, 1974



  • LISTEN: Disc 1 Track 21 of The Mandate of Victory Audio Album
  • READ: Chapter 21 (pp. 183-189), The Mandate of Victory book (also published in the Pearls of Wisdom®, Vol. 43 No. 13, March 26, 2000)

Study Questions

After you have completed the assignment above, answer the study questions below. You can download these study questions as a PDF here.

Study Question 1

  • Many of the statements delivered in this dictation have been written into affirmations and published in Decree 20.02 in the prayer book Prayers and Meditations and Dynamic Decrees for Personal and World Transformation published by The Summit Lighthouse (pages 269-279).
  • Before you read and listen to this dictation, give out loud the opening paragraphs of this decree, reproduced below. By speaking the affirmations aloud, you are practicing the Science of the Spoken Word and drawing forth the Light of Mighty Victory into your chakras and four lower bodies. 
  • Please record what you experienced in your Victory Journal.
Affirmations Taken from "A Spiral for Christ Victory"
by Mighty Victory
(Decree 22.02, excerpt)
Hail, victorious ones from out the Great Central Sun!
Hail, legions of Victory!  Hail, legions of Love!
Come now into this forcefield of Terra!
Come in the flaming consciousness of Victory
And blaze forth that light of Victory
For the kindling fire of Love in every heart!
So is Love the Victory on the Path.
So unless there be Love, there can be no Victory.
Love is an illumination of the fires of the Holy Ghost
And I AM that Love.
I AM the quiescent energies of the Divine Mother
Awakened in the flaming Spirit of the Father.
I AM Wisdom, as the light of the dawn,
Projecting the understanding of Love,                                                                     
Even as Love begets Wisdom;
And I AM in that twofold action of the golden‑pink glow ray
In which the glory of Victory is perceived,
The mark of Victory is perceived.
I AM the fulfillment of letting the man that is within
Come out and express and be the God‑victory,
The God‑dominion of my outer consciousness.
The goal then is seen as the fulfillment of Oneness.
I AM the fulfillment of Oneness.
I AM the fulfillment of Life.
I AM the fulfillment of energy.
I AM the fulfillment of consciousness.
I AM the fulfillment of becoming all that I AM.

Study Question 2

  • Beloved Victory introduces the golden-pink glow ray. What is the golden-pink glow ray and what is its significance to our spiritual path? (p. 183)

Study Question 3

  • What goal does Victory set before us in this dictation? (p. 183)

Study Question 4

  • What is the purpose of Victory's address? (p. 184)

Study Question 5

  • In this dictation Beloved Victory tells us, "Now, I say, behold your God." (p. 184)
  • What prerequisites does the master present to prepare us to behold our God? (p. 184)

Study Question 6

  • The master graced us with several dispensations in this address. The first dispensation is on p. 184. Please describe this dispensation.  Why did Victory release this Light? 

Study Question 7

  • Referring to the turning of cycles, Victory delivered the following teaching:
    "In this hour of victory and cycles turning, there is a new stepping-down of the consciousness and the electronic forcefield of Jesus the Christ, bringing that beloved avatar closer to mankind’s outer awareness. This stepping-down of his Electronic Presence is accompanied by a stepping-up of the awareness of the Christ consciousness in the hearts of the people." (p. 185)
  • Victory warns that mankind will experience certain conditions due to the stepping-down of the consciousness and electronic forcefield of Jesus the Christ. What did he say mankind would experience? (p. 185)

Study Question 8

  • In the second dispensation released by Beloved Victory, he gave us a gift to assist us to affirm our victory. 
  • What gift did he bestow upon us? (p. 185)
  • What has hampered us in affirming our victory? (p. 186)

Study Question 9

  • Continuing with his teaching on affirming our victory, the master said, "There is no more urgent call of the hour than the call to claim your victory." Then he pronounced the following:
    In the name of the living Christ,
    In the name of Jesus the Christ and my own Christ Self,
    In the name of the I AM THAT I AM,
    I claim my victory now.
    I claim my victory now.  [audience joins in]
    I claim my victory now.
    I claim my victory now.
    I claim my victory now. (p. 186)
  • When you come to this section of Victory's dictation in the The Mandate of Victory, stop and reflect upon a situation in your life in which you desire to affirm your victory and recite the master’s words out loud, with great fervor and determination.
  • Record your experience in your Victory Journal.

Study Question 10

  • Beloved Victory continues to dispense gifts and graces. Please identify the third and fourth dispensation released by the master and the purpose of each dispensation. (pp. 186-188)

Study Question 11

  • To further inspire us to affirm our victory, Beloved Victory speaks about a victory on another world. He said:
    "Mankind shall know this year that as the flame of the Holy Spirit is released, so the defenders of victory and angelic hosts come. And do you know, precious hearts, that they come fresh from a victory on another worlds and system of worlds in another galaxy." (p. 187)
  • How did they gain this victory? What did this victory achieve? (p. 187)

Study Question 12

  • In speaking about our God-Reality, what instructions does Victory give to claim our God-Reality on the line of Libra? (p. 188)
  • What significance does the master place on our achieving of this victory? (p. 188)

Study Question 13

  • Please identify and describe the master's purpose for releasing the fifth and final dispensation in this dictation. (pp. 188-189)

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