In the love of your victory, in the love of your victory we come! We come to stay, beloved. Always Victory! Always Victory! Always Victory!
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Week 36

"Always Victory!",
dictation delivered by Mighty Victory
January 2, 1989



  • LISTEN: Disc 2 Track 11 of The Mandate of Victory Audio Album
  • READ: Chapter 36 (pp. 313-320), The Mandate of Victory book (also published in the Pearls of Wisdom®, Vol. 32 No. 7, February 12, 1989)

Study Questions

After you have completed the assignment above, answer the study questions below. You can download these study questions as a PDF here.

Study Question 1

  • What is the requirement for us to win the battle of light for Morya El and all the hierarchy of the Great White Brotherhood? (p. 313)

Study Question 2

  • Both beloved Victory and his twin flame are present during this dictation. What grace did they deliver? (p. 313)

Study Question 3

  • Out of his great love for the Will of God and our souls, this beloved master performed a specific action. (p. 313)
  • What action did he take and what did he say about this action? (p. 313)

Study Question 4

  • The master speaks to us about a rolling stone.

    “There is a rolling stone and it does roll from octaves of light and it does become a boulder that descends.” (p. 314)
  • Please identify what this stone is to accomplish. (p. 314)

Study Question 5

  • Beloved Victory tells us:

    “So, beloved, we come in this year and we demand that it be a year of victory in all quarters, in all areas of life, in every heart where there burns a threefold flame!” (p. 314)
  • Reflect upon the master’s statement and identify one or two areas in your life in which you will accept Victory’s challenge and opportunity. Then record your response in your Victory Journal.

Study Question 6

  • The master informs us: 

    “Our legions charge from the Great Central Sun, from the Sun of Alpha and Omega and your own sun of Helios and Vesta.” (p. 314)
  •  Then he states that the release of the sacred fire of victory from the center of sun systems will implement specific actions. What actions will take place? (p. 314)
 Study Question 7
  • Beloved Victory tells us that the rolling momentum of victory that he brings goes beyond the present time. (p. 314)
  • What vision does the master paint for us? (p. 314)

Study Question 8

  • Victory delivers a magnificent dispensation to the chelas of the will of God. (p. 314)
  • Please describe the dispensation from this beloved master and the grace that is available to us through this gift. (p. 314) 

Study Question 9

  • Then the master releases another dispensation to assist us. (pp. 314-315)
  • What dispensation did he release and how will this dispensation assist us on our path of victory? (pp. 314-315)

Study Question 10

  • The master tells us, “And therefore, the very fire of self-determination of the first ray does intensity.…” (p.315)
  • How does Victory describe this blue ray? (p. 315)
  • What specific action is it to accomplish? (p. 315)

Study Question 11

  • Please describe the electronic presence of beloved Victory and his twin flame. (p. 315)
  • What blessing does their electronic presence release to us? (p. 315)

Study Question 12

  • The master tells us that when we determine to integrate with the momentum of victory that he is releasing through his address, we can expect shifts in our consciousness and a change in our spiritual path. (p. 315)
  • What boon will this momentum of victory bestow upon us? (p. 315)

Study Question 13

  • What is your understanding of the relationship between the flame of illumination and the violet flame? (p. 315)

Study Question 14

  • Several guests joined beloved Victory during his address. (p. 315)
  • Who were the guests?  Why did they join the master?  What part did the guest and the messenger play in their coming? (pp. 315-316)

Study Question 15

  • The master enlightens us with the following words:

    “Blessed hearts, we come with the miracle golden light of victory.  And we are determined with the profoundness of our being that earth through you and all chelas of the will of God shall know, shall know, beloved, the intensity of the light and the fire of that action!” (p. 316)
  • Once we experience this knowingness, what changes will we see upon earth? (p. 316)

Study Question 16

  • Beloved Victory announces:

    “I AM Victory and I salute you with legions of victory… Do you know beloved, that it is very difficult to fail in the presence of millions of legions of victory?” (p. 316)
  • What did the master say will safeguard our victory and not cause us to fail? (pp. 316-317)

Study Question 17

  • The master gives us the following mandate:

    “O let those tapes of golden illumination’s flame roll! Let the momentum of victory roll and that of the bodhisattvas and the disciples and the legions. For, beloved, we desire to see you light up the whole “sky with illumination’s flame…” (p. 317)
  • If we choose to accept Victory’s mandate, how will we assist mankind and expand our state of consciousness? (p. 317)

    Note: At the time of this delivery by Mighty Victory, the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet had released through Summit University Press audio tapes of decrees to the second ray of wisdom and illumination. These decrees are currently available in CD format, “Decrees and Songs of the Second Ray” through The Summit Lighthouse bookstore. It can be found here:

Study Question 18

  • How did beloved Victory describe the action of the blue ray and the violet flame?  (p. 317)

Study Question 19

  • The master announced that heavenly beings appeared to join him and his legions of victory. (p. 317)
  • Please identify the Cosmic Beings that joined Victory and what their joint efforts and presences were to accomplish. (p. 317)

Study Question 20

  • What understanding do you glean from the master’s words, “We are the action of the sacred fire from a to the z….”? (p. 318)

Study Question 21

  • Out of his deep love for our soul, beloved Victory brings us the understanding of the heart of victory. What did he say? (p. 318)

Study Question 22

  • What is the only way to stay the hand of the second ray and cosmic sense of victory? (p. 318)

Study Question 23

  • What blessing awaits us when we accept God’s gift of victory? (p. 318)

Study Question 24

  • The master encourages us, “Make haste, beloved, to run for the Sun.…” (p. 318)
  • What does the Sun represent? (p. 318)
  • What emits from the Sun? (p. 318)
  • What opportunity presents itself when we practice beloved Victory’s visualization of the Sun? (pp. 318-319)

Study Question 25

  • What declaration did Victory make regarding the fallen ones? (p. 319)

Study Question 26

  • What dispensation accompanied the master’s declaration? (p. 319

Study Question 27

  • Beloved Victory gave us a visualization after he delivered the following counsel:

    “May I say to you, beloved, if you will remember me, if you will remember us and if you will remember to say to one another, rather than the proverbial hello, “Always Victory!” “Always Victory!” with your hand shake, with your farewells and with your greetings…” (p. 319)
  • What visualization did the master give to us? (p. 319)
  • What action takes place when we affirm this cosmic salutation? (p. 319)
  • After the master’s explanation of the action, who joined him and his twin flame? (p. 319)
  • In the coming weeks, please greet and say good-bye to your friends on the spiritual path with the affirmation “Always Victory!” Then write your experience in your Victory Journal. 

Study Question 28

  • When we, in cosmic cooperation with the master’s legions of Victory, choose to bear the fire of illumination, what is accessible to us? (p. 320)
  • What is accomplished? (p. 320)

Study Question 29

  • The master speaks again of the salutation “Always Victory!” He tells us this is a mantra to recite to accomplish a specific action. How will this mantra help us integrate with the flame of victory? (p. 320)

Study Question 30

  • The mantra, “Always Victory!” is included in decree 22.05, “Affirmations Taken from Mighty Victory Dictations” which is located on page 292 in the yellow section of the publication “Prayers and Meditations and Dynamic Decrees for Personal and World Transformation” published by The Summit Lighthouse. 
  • Pause now in your study and give decree 22.05. Then in the coming week, please include these affirmations in your morning or evening prayers and record what you experienced in your Victory Journal.
22.05 Affirmations Taken from Mighty Victory’s Dictations (excerpt)
Victory’s impetus is mine this day
For Power, Wisdom and Love in Balance!
I will not be defeated, in the name of God!
And I will fulfill my destiny!
I AM the Spirit of Mighty Victory incarnate!
The I AM THAT I AM of me
Is the Light of Victory in the earth!
Always Victory! Always Victory! Always Victory!
Always Victory! Always Victory! Always Victory! 
Always Victory! Always Victory! Always Victory!

Study Question 31

  • What cosmic Law allows Beloved Victory to assist us on our spiritual path and to integrate with the flame of victory? (p. 320)

  • What compels the master to help us? (p. 320)

Study Question 32

  • After you read this chapter and listen to the audio of Victory’s address, please write a letter to the master and express your gratitude for his profound love for your soul. Thank him for his fiery determination to assist us in becoming the fire of victory. 
  • Keep a copy of the letter in your Victory Journal. Burn the original letter and ask the angels of victory to deliver your letter to the master.

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