O God, give me your victory! Give me your victory! Give me your victory!    
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Week 12

"The Victory Way of Life,"
dictation delivered by Mighty Victory
July 7, 1968



  • LISTEN: Disc 1 Track 12 of The Mandate of Victory Audio Album
  • READ: Chapter 12 (pp. 109-118), The Mandate of Victory book (also published in the Pearls of Wisdom®, Vol. 43 No. 2, January 9, 2000)

Study Questions

After you have completed the assignment above, answer the study questions below. You can download these study questions as a PDF here.

Study Question 1

  • What is the purpose of this message from Mighty Victory? (p. 109)

Study Question 2

  • The master gives us many tips on how to achieve our victory, one of which is to understand “…that man is an offspring of God and as the offspring of God, he ought to open up the portals of consciousness of his heart and of his feeling world to say:
O God, give me your victory!
Give me your victory!
Give me your victory!
(pp. 109-110)
  • During the coming week, when you are tempted to revolve your own human ego states and/or focus on the human ego of others, recite aloud the above fiat to open your feeling world to the spirit of victory.

Study Question 3

  • In this dictation Victory acknowledges that people who have not heard a dictation or realized the thought of prophecy could have some trepidation about the reality of the higher consciousness and manifestations of the ascended masters. (pp. 110-111)
  • What anecdotes does the master give to dispel this sense of uneasiness?

Study Question 4

  • Beloved Victory sprinkles “a twinkle of mirth” in this dictation and tells us the value and importance of having a sense of humor. (pp. 111-112)
  • In what ways does having a sense of humor help you to achieve your victory?

Study Question 5

  • The master gives us a sense of co-measurement when he tells us “...Some of the greatest masters that ever lived, when faced with the most terrible, searing trials of their existence, understood that by a smile and the understanding that it was necessary were able to feel a renewal of the flame of victory within them, of the God-determination that said:
I will not stop!
I will not accept the pressure of this mortal thing!
I will not accept this shroud over my identity!
I AM a son of God!
I am following in the footsteps of the master.
And behold, the master is my example.
I will do as he did
And believe as he believed.
I will act as he acted
And I will feel as he felt.
And there is no power in heaven or earth
That can dissuade me from acting that way.
  • Before you retire at night, recite these italicized statements. Observe your thoughts upon waking. Records your thoughts in your Victory Journal.

Study Question 6

  • What are some ways we can disengage ourselves from “a pool of mortal emotions?” (pp. 112-113)

Study Question 7

  • Beloved Victory paints a picture of past eras where mankind experienced very difficult and trying conditions and tells us “…you cannot expect now or at any time not be tried by fire.” After chiding us for stagnating in “wrong habits, thoughts, and feelings” he asks us, “When will you find your freedom and your victory? When will you accept it? When will you be free?” (p. 113)
  • During the coming week, place your attention on these three questions. Then at the end of the week, record your responses and thoughts in your Victory Journal.

Study Question 8

  • What are some ways that Beloved Victory counsels us to meet our returning karma? (pp. 114-115)

Study Question 9

  • Victory offers the following counsel: “There is a whole lot of joy in living if you understand the victory way of life that I espouse. And I have espoused it not only for the people of Venus but for the people of Earth.” (p. 115)
  • In your own words, compose one or two paragraphs on what “the victory way of life” means to you. Then determine how you plan to make it part of your lifestyle. Record your responses in your Victory Journal.

Study Question 10

  • In this dictation Victory invokes the presence of the Maha Chohan, the Representative of the Holy Spirit.What was accomplished through this invocation? (p. 117)

Study Question 11

  • At one point in this dictation the master releases a dispensation to those “…to whom the Word of God is given….” (p. 117) Identify the dispensation and its purpose.

Study Question 12

  • Beloved Victory chants in angelic tongues and tells us, “Out of the shadows have I called victory.Out of density and darkness has the eternal lily blossomed, the Buddhic manifestation, the budding of man’s divinity.” (p. 118)
  • In what way(s) do his words enrich your understanding of the master’s message, “The Victory Way of Life?” Record your response in your Victory Journal.

Study Question 13

  • Many of the statements delivered in this dictation have been made into affirmations which are included in the publication, Prayers and Meditations and Dynamic Decrees for Personal and World Transformation, published by The Summit Lighthouse (pp. 280-291).
  • Below is an excerpt from these affirmations (decree 22.04). By speaking the words aloud, you are practicing the Science of the Spoken Word and drawing Mighty Victory’s light into your chakras and four lower bodies. Please practice this for a week and record in your Victory Journal what you experienced.
Affirmations Taken from "The Victory Way of Life"
by Mighty Vic­tory (Decree 22.04 excerpt)

I AM the enveloping power of my Victory
That is a marvelous gift
Of infinite capacity to expand—
To expand my thought, to expand my perception to realize
I AM not the limited but the limitless.
By the power of the universal hierarchy,
I AM and I accept not only a sense of Victory
And its buoyancy, but also
The God‑realization that this is the plan
That was conceived from the beginning
By the pure Mind of God.
I AM and I accept the joy of the happy child that I AM
I AM and I accept my return
To that God‑realization of the miracle of Light!
I AM the pulsations of the sun's rays
As a marvelous potion, as a lotion bathing
The body and the mind and the being of man.
In the name of Jesus the Christ,
My own beloved Mighty I AM Presence,
I call to beloved Mighty Victory
To wipe away from my consciousness
All that is less than my Christ‑perfection,
All sense of doubt and fear and tribulation
And human mischief and produce in its place
The God‑realization that I AM Victory.
I AM the God‑realization that I AM Victory.
I AM the God‑realization that I AM Victory.
I AM the God‑realization that I AM Victory.
And in the name of my Mighty I AM Presence,
I understand that this is no ordinary activity;
It is an extraordinary activity
Of my own God Presence, I AM!

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