Are you ready to sculpt the image of your victory?
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Week 7

"Sculpting the Image of Your Victory,"
dictation delivered by Mighty Victory
November 10, 1963



  • LISTEN: Disc 1 Track 7 of The Mandate of Victory Audio Album
  • READ: Chapter 7 (pp. 54-60), The Mandate of Victory book (also published in the Pearls of Wisdom®, Vol. 42 No. 48, November 28, 1999)

Study Questions

After you have completed the assignment above, answer the study questions below. You can download these study questions as a PDF here.

Study Question 1

  • What symbolism does Mighty Victory attach to the laurel wreath? (p. 54)
  • What is the significance of “the golden laurel wreath of victory?” (p. 54)

Study Question 2

  • Under what conditions may simple acts like touching your toes on the floor when you first awake in the morning assist you in creating a momentum of victory? (pp. 54-55)
  • Reflect upon what you personally do day by day to build your momentum of victory? Record your responses in your Victory Journal.

Study Question 3

  • What is the one all-important key that Mighty Victory gives to us to help us gain our freedom? (pp. 55-56)
  • What steps will you take to apply this key? (pp. 55-56)

Study Question 4

  • What is the spiritual significance of Mighty Victory’s comparison of sculpting a work of art to gaining our victory? (pp. 56-57)
  • What skills and virtues are needed to sculpt a work or art? (pp. 56-57)

Study Question 5

  • What explanation does Mighty Victory give for not making proper progress on the path? (pp. 57-58)
  • What role does the Holy Spirit occupy to assist you in making progress on the path? (p. 58)

Study Question 6

  • At the conclusion of his dictation Beloved Victory returns to the subject of “the golden laurel wreath of victory.” (pp. 59-60)
  • Select 2-3 teachings he gives that inspires you to “become the golden man in manifestation for the eternal golden age of living perfection.” Record the teachings you selected in your Victory Journal.

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