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Week 30

"I AM Your Sponsor on the Path of
the Ruby Ray,"
dictation delivered by Mighty Victory
July 6, 1985



  • LISTEN: Disc 2 Track 5 of The Mandate of Victory Audio Album
  • READ: Chapter 30 (pp. 282-285), The Mandate of Victory book (also published in the Pearls of Wisdom®, Vol. 28 No. 35, September 1, 1985)

Study Questions

After you have completed the assignment above, answer the study questions below. You can download these study questions as a PDF here.

Study Question 1

  • What is the prerequisite for having the sponsorship of Beloved Victory? (p. 282)

Study Question 2

  • What is the requirement for joining Victory’s legions of angels? (p. 282)

Study Question 3

  • On page 283 of the book The Mandate of Victory, Victory admonishes us to keep on striving.
  • Why did he include this point in his dictation? (p. 283)

Study Question 4

  • The master chides us to accelerate and be quickened by the Holy Spirit. He speaks of two paths. (p. 283)
  • Please describe and meditate on each path. Then ask yourself, “Which path suits me best and why?” (p. 283)
  • Record your responses in your Victory Journal.

Study Question 5

  • Beloved Victory counsels us to strive to put on the garment and fire of the Holy Spirit. (pp. 283-284)
  • What service awaits us when we put on the fire of the Holy Spirit? (pp. 283-284)

Study Question 6

  • The master reveals to us, “I, then, am your coach and more—joint teacher with Maitreya.” (p. 284)

    Information on Lord Maitreya

    Lord Maitreya holds the office of Cosmic Christ and Planetary Buddha. His name means “loving kindness,” and he focuses the radiance of the Cosmic Christ to the evolutions of earth. Guardian to the planet Earth from Venus, he succeeded Lord Gautama as Cosmic Christ when Gautama became Lord of the World at a Royal Teton Retreat ceremony on January 1, 1956.

    Lord Maitreya and Lord Gautama were the first from among mankind to respond to Sanat Kumara’s magnetic pull to face God and to return to that divine estate in which man had first been created and which he was destined to outpicture in the world of form.
  • Please write a letter to Victory and Lord Maitreya and express your gratitude to them for being your teachers.
  • Then in the coming weeks, ask Archangel Michael to take you to the Retreat of the Divine Mother over the Western Shamballa in western Montana. Ask for Beloved Victory and Maitreya to meet you there and to continue coaching and teaching you at inner levels on the best way for your soul to integrate with the fires of the Holy Spirit and to strengthen your determination to be victorious.
  • Record your inner level memories in your Victory Journal.

Study Question 7

  • How does the sense of victory outwit the enemies of our Christ Consciousness? (p. 284)

Study Question 8

  • The master affirms, “God Victory is the name of Elohim. God Victory—let it be emblazoned on your heart. It is your name.” (p. 284)
  • What did Victory say in this dictation that affirms his statements? (pp. 282-285)

Study Question 9

  • In speaking about the “hour of commitment,” the master offers us a magnanimous opportunity.

    “Therefore, let those who sincerely and with God-determination are ready for the tests of the ruby ray so then give the sign in their hearts at some hour or moment before this conclave is concluded. We must have your word. And if you care to inscribe it on paper and burn that with physical fire and call to the Lords of Karma and to the Royal Teton Retreat, we shall receive it formally.”
  • After you have read and listened to this dictation, meditate on the master’s offer and determine your response.
  • Then act on your decision and record it in your Victory Journal.

Study Question 10

  • Replacing the word “you” with the word “I,” post the following two sentences somewhere where you can recite them daily: (1) “This path is the path which once taken you must not turn back, you must not fear whatever comes. (2) “You must know that you will gain the victory over fear itself and death and hell.” (pp. 284-285)

Study Question 11

  • At the conclusion of his address, the master hurls a challenge to us. What challenge did he present? (p. 285)

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