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Week 29

"The Victory of the Sons of God,"
dictation delivered by Mighty Victory
July 8, 1984



  • LISTEN: Disc 2 Track 4 of The Mandate of Victory Audio Album
  • READ: Chapter 29 (pp. 265-281), The Mandate of Victory book (also published in the Pearls of Wisdom®, Vol. 27 No. 50b, October 19, 1984)

Study Questions

After you have completed the assignment above, answer the study questions below. You can download these study questions as a PDF here.

Study Question 1

  • What quality of victory does the master bring to those prepared? (p. 265)

Study Question 2

  • Victory describes our crown chakra as “golden victorious light blazing bright the glory of Almighty God!” (p. 265)
  • What other description does he ascribe to our crown chakra? (p. 265)

Study Question 3

  • Beloved Victory tells us:
    “I tell you it is a cosmic sight to see these ten thousand-times-ten thousand legions of victory descending to the heart of the earth by the power of the spoken Word and by the fiat of the LORD God!” (p. 266)
  • Please describe the way these magnificent legions descended. (p. 266)

Study Question 4

  • In this dictation, how does the master define victory? (pp. 266-267)

Study Question 5

  • What conditions of consciousness does the golden flame of illumination overcome?  (p. 266)

Study Question 6

  • In what way does the momentum of victory impact our state of consciousness? (pp. 266-267)

Study Question 7

  • Beloved Victory gives us the following inspirational vision:
    “And as you are in the earth, as I AM in the heaven, beloved hearts, so I swear to you in the name of Almighty God as I bow to him in this hour that the presence of victory that is in the Great Central Sun can also be yours in your hearts in this very moment! And you can walk the earth in the power of the Great Central Sun Magnet and in the power of victory! And victory can consume all selfishness. Victory can consume all indeterminate acts and all inactions.” (p. 267)
  • Take these words of the master and place them in your wallet or purse. And when you are tempted to be passive, inactive, or indecisive, take out Victory’s words and read them aloud if you are in a place to do so or recite them silently in your heart.

Study Question 8

  • What benefits will your soul receive when you determine to take Victory’s Holy Spirit message to heart and make it your own? (p. 267)

Study Question 9

  • Statements delivered in this dictation on pages 267 and 276 have been written into affirmations located on pages 293-294 in the yellow section of the publication “Prayers and Meditations and Dynamic Decrees for Personal and World Transformation” published by The Summit Lighthouse. 
  • When you finish reading this chapter, please go to a private place and recite decree 22.07.
by Mighty Victory
Beloved ones of the Most High God,
Victory is the power of Love!
Victory is the power of God’s power itself
And the will to do and to be!
Victory is the absolute presence of the Lord our God with you
For the overcoming of every single splinter of error
On this planetary body and the astral plane!
And I tell you,
When I deliver this message in all worlds
The entire false hierarchy trembles!
For they know that they cannot stand against
The living flame of Victory.
For it is the crown of rejoicing,
And it is the bedrock and foundation of all of your service
And all of your life.
And they know that if you take this message from my heart
And receive it by the Holy Ghost whereby it is given,
That you will nevermore be subject to their preying upon you.
And you will be God-victorious!
And they will be swallowed up by the Light
And they shall be no more!
And Death and Hell shall be cast into the Lake of Fire!
Let it be said:
They knew their potential
And came to the altar
And laid the fruit of past achievement
Before the flame of Cosmic Victory,
Before the flame of Almighty God, and said:
I will be the physical incarnation
Of the movement toward the Victory
Of this Community of the Holy Spirit,
Of this settlement in Montana
Of the emissaries of the Great White Brotherhood.
I will be there.
I will have my physical Victory in this hour.
And there is no victory that is procrastinated,
For procrastinated victory is a certain defeat.
And I know that the only Victory I can know
Is the Victory of the now!
  • What did you experience? Please record your response in your Victory Journal.
 Study Question 10
  • Beloved Victory implores us to take certain actions because the hour has come to fulfill prophecy. (p. 268)
  • What actions did he beckon us to take? (pp. 268-269)
  • Meditate on the master’s request, apply one or two of the actions in the coming week, and record your experience in your Victory Journal.

Study Question 11

  • Statements delivered in this dictation on pages 269-270 have been written into affirmations located on pages 295-296 in the yellow section of the publication “Prayers and Meditations and Dynamic Decrees for Personal and World Transformation” published by The Summit Lighthouse. 
  • Before you read and listen to this dictation, go to a private place and recite aloud decree 22.08.

“I Shall Become the New Day!"

This human consciousness is not acceptable
Unto the Lord our God!
Therefore I move toward the center of the One.
I move as a discoverer of the great New Day
And I shall become that Day.
And I shall leave behind all of those personal preferences
Of my outer personality,
And I shall draw my soul into the center of the living Christ.
And I shall dare to be different!
I shall dare to be outspoken!
I shall dare to challenge and to preach the Word,
For I have nothing to lose except my own ascension
If I fail to do so.
And thus I stand with the living Word
And I fear not to speak into the very teeth of those devils
And to pronounce their judgment
And to give them the warning to cease
From their nefarious and destructive deeds.
And I fear not to challenge
Those forces of the Evil One great and small.
For I AM in the heart of Saint Catherine!
I AM in the heart of Saint Clare!
And I take my stand this day
Against all principalities and powers of fallen angels
Who have attempted to seat themselves
In the seat of authority throughout this planetary body.
I challenge you,
Each and every one who moves against
The Light of freedom and of Saint Germain!
I challenge you in the physical!
I challenge you with the Spirit of Almighty God!
I challenge you by the power of Victory and his legions
And I say: You shall not pass!
You shall not move with this infamy
Against mankind any longer!
You shall not move against the holy innocents!
And I stand in this hour
And I call forth your judgment for your heinous crimes
Against the people, against the little children,
Against the State, and against the Church,
And against all manifestations of constructivism sponsored by
The Great White Brotherhood.
And I stand in the earth.
And when they say, “Who are you?” you may say:
I AM an emissary of the Flame of God.
I AM the representative of Mighty Victory.
I stand in the earth by the authority
Of Jesus Christ and Saint Germain.
And I AM an evangel going before the mighty Archangels
And proclaiming their word and their power.
  • Then recite the affirmations with the master when you listen to the dictation.
  • Please record your experiences in your Victory Journal.

Study Question 12

  • What recommendations does Victory give to reduce the monstrous appearance of the denizens of the astral plane and the invisible forces of darkness? (p. 271)
  • What can we anticipate to see when we follow the master’s instructions? (p. 271) 

Study Question 13

  • Victory states:

    “For there is no greater power of judgment than wisdom itself and the power of God-illumination and the power of wisdom.” (p. 271)
  • What did the master say to affirm this statement of truth? (pp. 271-272)
  • What occurs when we invoke the illumination flame into situations of anti-light? (p. 272)

Study Question 14

  • The master affirms:
    All that the I AM, all that you hear is accessible to you!  All of the Holy Spirit can be upon you. All of the God Presence can be with you.” (p. 272)
  • What actions must you take to affirm, accept, and receive this truth that Victory releases to your soul? (p. 272)

Study Question 15

  • Please identify the dispensation on page 272. Then when you listen to the dictation, meditate on the “Victory Symphony” as the master requested.
  • Record your meditation experience in your Victory Journal.

Study Question 16

  • Following the meditation on the “Victory Symphony” the master told us the purpose of the earlier part of his address. What did he tell us? (pp. 272-273)
  • What did he ask us to reassess and why? (p. 273)
  • As you reflect upon the master’ words, ask yourself, “What will I let go of and what will I keep?”
  • Record your response in your Victory Journal.

Study Question 17

  • The master delivers the following teaching:

    “Do you understand, beloved ones? You are composed of many forces, cosmic forces, and all of the movement of your being and your thrust must be to that one God-appointed direction of the crown chakra realized in the [Great White Brotherhood’s] activity physically manifest on earth.”
  • Then Victory reveals to us “the challenge.” What is “the challenge” that Victory refers to? (p. 273)
  • What strategy and gift did he offer to meet and greet “the challenge?” in the flame of God-Victory?” (pp. 273-274)

Study Question 18

  • What role does the musical piece “Victory Symphony” play in our attainment of God-Victory? (p. 274)

Study Question 19

  • The master counsels us “…to seek the highest teachers and be the best taught among earth’s evolutions. (p. 274)
  • Whom did he recommend we seek out as teachers and why? (p. 274)

Study Question 20

  • Why did Victory dedicate himself fully to be victory—to see only victory? (p. 274)
  • What will you do in the coming weeks to emulate his purpose?
  • Please record your response in your Victory Journal.

Study Question 21

  • From what position in cosmos did the masters strategize to draw together The Summit Lighthouse? (p. 274)

Study Question 22

  • What meaning do you glean from the statement, “Many are called, but few are chosen?” (p. 274)

Study Question 23

  • What is your understanding of the following statement about attracting more chelas like yourself to The Summit Lighthouse:

    “As you send forth, so you draw in; this is the line of the fisherman.” (p. 275)

Study Question 24

  • Victory asked us to call to Beloved Sanat Kumara. What specific call did he request we give? (p. 275)

Study Question 25

  • In this dictation the master reflects upon the many lifestreams in previous embodiments who stood against the forces from within and from without as well as those who fled in the night and said, “I cannot do it. I cannot face such a crisis. I must go where there is peace.” (p. 275)
  • What state of consciousness was acting in those who were unable to stand and still stand—in those who felt they were incapable of bearing the burden? (p. 275)

Study Question 26

  • Victory tells us during the time of battle we have two freewill choices. What are these choices? (p. 276)
  • What is the secret to making the highest choice? (p. 276)
  • What choice does the master recommend? (p. 276)

Study Question 27

  • The master gives us the following beautiful vision:

    “Beloved ones, we consider the causal bodies of those who are already a part of this worldwide movement and we say that within your lifestreams there is the sufficient attainment and ability and momentum of victory for the task at hand this year.” (p. 276)
  • What freewill choice must we make to make this vision come alive in us? (p. 276)
  • If we choose not to integrate with this vision, Victory expressed what will be said of us.  Please write his statements in your Victory Journal and read them aloud when your human consciousness tempts you to engage in the consciousness of anti-victory. (p. 276)

Study Question 28

  • What can we expect when we choose not to release  the coil of victory? (p. 276)

Study Question 29

  • The master extends his tremendous gratitude for your service by acknowledging “your finest hour in all the history of your embodiment.” (p. 277)
  • When you listen to his words of appreciation and you are in a private place, please stand and receive his heartfelt gratitude and comfort and applaud yourself and one another.

Study Question 30

  • What explanation did the master give for telling us, “Thus you must come to the point of self-worth and not only the education of the heart but self-worth to be worthy of one’s own Christhood of past ages”? (p. 277)

Study Question 31

  • Beloved Victory states that the masters have called us to a mighty task. (p. 277)
  • What task have we been called to and why? (pp. 277-278) 

Study Question 32

  • What role are we to play to magnetize others to stand firmly with us and not choose to compromise their Christhood? (p. 278)

Study Question 33

  • The master reflects and speaks about the members of the community of Camelot—King Arthur, Guinevere, Sir Lancelot, Merlin, and the knights and ladies of the flame. (pp. 278-279)
  • What did you learn about Mark Prophet’s sense that he had been deprived of the horsemanship that he had achieved in his embodiment of Lancelot? (pp. 278-279)
  • When we look at the lives of those in Camelot, what state of consciousness helped them to fulfill their mission then and for us fulfill our mission today? (p. 279)
  • What significance and impact did their decisions make then and apply to us today? (p. 279)
  • What elements of Camelot led to the destruction of that community and what steps can you take to ensure these states of consciousness are not repeated? (p. 279)

Study Question 34

  • Victory asked us to remember the call of the transfiguration. Why did he ask us to remember this call? (pp. 279-280)
  • What import does the transfiguration have upon your individual spiritual path? (pp. 279-280)
Note: A torrent of rain and thunder began when Victory said, “Remember the call of the transfiguration.” The downpour continued until the end of the dictation.

Study Question 35

  • In this dictation the master makes the following two statements: (1) “What one has done, all can do.” (2) “And this is Church Universal and Triumphant.” (pp. 280-281)
  • In what ways do these two statements inspire you to leap into the arms of the flame of Victory? (pp. 280-281)
  • What do you expect as a return current of energy when you make your determination to be God-Victorious? (p. 280)
  • What is at stake at the macrocosmic and microcosmic levels” (p. 280)
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