We are determined, blessed hearts!  And I tell you, rare is the moment when heaven has opened itself to reveal to the children of the light just how determined we are that you will win in this fight! -Mighty Victory
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Week 27

"The Sign of the Golden V
Drawn in the Cradle of the Inner Retreat,"
dictation delivered by Mighty Victory
July 5, 1981

Before you begin your study of Chapter 27, we want to tell you about the Inner Retreat.

The Ascended Masters have spoken of the Inner Retreat in southwestern Montana as the Place of Great Encounters and have revealed at least 31 dispensations for the Inner Retreat.

Images of the Inner Retreat

On April 18, 1981, Gautama Buddha arched the flame of Shamballa to the Inner Retreat as the Western abode of the Buddhas and the bodhisattvas and the bodhisattvas-to-be who are the devotees of the Mother light.

Beloved Jesus announced on May 31, 1984, that to this Inner Retreat, this "Place Prepared," Lord Maitreya had come again to re-open his Mystery School, which had been withdrawn from the physical octave just prior to the sinking of Lemuria.

In the tradition of the world's religions, seekers come for truth, to retreat, meditate, commune with nature, attend Summit University seminars, participate in quarterly conferences, or participate in community life.  Some stay for six weeks or a year, others a lifetime. Professionals of all ages, families, the retired and the young call this "Inner Retreat" home.

We hope to see you soon at the Inner Retreat!



  • LISTEN: Disc 2 Track 2 of The Mandate of Victory Audio Album
  • READ: Chapter 27 (pp. 237-253), The Mandate of Victory book (also published in the Pearls of Wisdom®, Vol. 24 No. 37, September 13, 1981)

Study Questions

After you have completed the assignment above, answer the study questions below. You can download these study questions as a PDF here.

Study Question 1

  • For what purpose did Victory come and who accompanied him? (pp. 236-238)

Study Question 2

  • Beloved Victory said:
    "…For why do we then hold a conference for the entering in to the inner retreat of the heart? Why do we gather together the hosts of the Lord and the sons and daughters of God?" (p. 237)
  • What was the master's answer? (p. 237)

Study Question 3

  • What cosmic purpose did Victory want to achieve by taking us into the past, present, and future victories? (p. 237)
  • What is the significance of "…the mighty arch of Chamuel and Archangel Michael?" (p. 238)

Study Question 4

  • Beloved Victory tells us:
    "We must increase—we must increase momentum, we must increase the vibratory action of all life upon this planetary body!" (p. 238)
  • Why did he make this statement and what example did he give to motivate us to accelerate? (pp. 238-239)

Study Question 5

  • In what way did the master describe the psychology of the ascended masters? (p. 239)

Study Question 6

  • For what purpose did beloved Victory take us to his heart and open his council chambers? (p. 239)

Study Question 7

  • What can we learn and apply to our circumstances in life from the master's description of his legions of angels? (p. 239)

Study Question 8

  • Why did the master include the concept of "timing" in his address? (pp. 239-240)

Study Question 9

  • What does the V represent and when is it formed? (p. 240-241)

Study Question 10

  • For what reason did the master make the statement, "…the V for victory is a triumph already won?" (p. 241)

Study Question 11

  • What does the double V represent? (p.241)

Study Question 12

  • What import does the master give to the spoken word and its impact on the victory of twin flames? (p. 241)

Study Question 13

  • What counsel did Victory give especially in cases when our twin flame is ascended? (p. 241)

Study Question 14

  • What significance does the master place on twin flames and the Inner Retreat? (p. 241)

Study Question 15

  • The master said he yearned for us to place our feet upon the soil of the Inner Retreat.  Why did he have this deep desire for us? (pp. 241-242)
  • What did touching of the earth signify? (p. 242)

Study Question 16

  • What did Victory say was the key to open the door to the Inner Retreat and to our God self? (p. 242)

Study Question 17

  • From earth's sister star Venus, Sanat Kumara and Lady Master Venus released a beautiful dispensation of the light. What blessing was released by these twin flames and hierarchs of Venus and what was it to accomplish? (p. 242)

Study Question 18

  • Following the dispensation from Venus, beloved Victory also blessed us with a great gift.  What gift did he give us? (p. 242)

Study Question 19

  • Victory passed us the vision of the many joys of acceleration that await us at the Inner Retreat. What conditions warrant these joys of acceleration? (p. 243)
  • What conditions eclipse them? (p. 243)

Study Question 20

  • The master admonished us regarding community. What did he say? (p. 243)

Study Question 21

  • In the framework of community, Victory addressed the importance of the Messenger among us. What was his counsel? (p. 243-244)

Study Question 22

  • The master speaks of the Messenger behind the messenger. What is the meaning of this concept? How will this concept apply to your life? (p. 244)

Study Question 23

  • What was the thinking behind of having the messengers in our midst? (p. 244)
  • What purpose did establishing councils of the Great White Brotherhood in heaven and earth fulfill? (p. 244)
  • Please record your responses in your Victory Journal so that can return to your responses.

Study Question 24

  • This dictation by beloved Victory focuses on the Inner Retreat. What is the foundation of the Inner Retreat based upon? (p. 244)
  • Following this teaching the master clarifies that which endures. What did he say? (p. 244)

Study Question 25

  • Beloved Victory tells us:
    "... For, blessed hearts, many times two million right decisions will be made by you collectively at the Inner Retreat."
  • Then he asks each one of us, "Have you ever thought about the very concept that it would be impossible for one individual in embodiment—namely, the messenger, — to make all of those decisions or review all of the plans and projects and all of the administering of such an endeavor?"
  • He adds:
    "You see, therefore, that there is a need for the light of your own Christ-discrimination to shine, for you, yourself to rise into positions of responsibility and leadership whereby, through a gradual vestment of your lifestream with a limited authority, that authority might be increased greater and greater authority." (p. 244-245)
  • In the coming weeks please reflect upon these timely words from beloved Victory. Write letters to him or other ascended masters seeking their guidance. Then reassess your current circumstances in life and determine what is the need of the hour for your path of Christhoodis it to take a leadership position in your local community, teaching center or study group, or is it to fill a need at the Inner Retreat?
  • Record the alchemy of this process and outcome in your Victory Journal.

Study Question 26

  • What purpose was the dispensation of the messenger to accomplish? (p. 245)

Study Question 27

  • Beloved Victory tells us, "...let us dedicate the Inner Retreat to [PLEASE FILL IN THE BLANK]." (P. 245)

Study Question 28

  • The master takes us to his heart and shares a profound vision of the Heart of the Inner Retreat that he gave to the messenger. What vision did he extend to those attending this dictation? (p. 246)

Study Question 29

  • In this dictation beloved Victory calls to the seven archangels to come. For what purpose did they come? (p. 246)
  • What cosmic happening took place in response to the master's call to the archangels? (p. 246)
  • At the cosmic moment of this event, what was transpiring on inner levels? What knowledge did the master reveal? (pp. 246-247)
  • What impact did this cosmic event have upon the lightbearers and the planet? (p. 247)
  • In what way(s) does this cosmic event influence your desire to attend the four quarterly conferences at the Inner Retreat? (p. 247)

Study Question 30

  • The master gave us a specific reason why we are not able to contact our causal body.  What did he tell us? (p. 247)

Study Question 31

  • During this dictation the master allowed the lightbearers to enter a mode of contemplation. What purpose did he intend to accomplish with this opportunity? (p. 247)
  • When the master resumed his message, he referred to "a string of crystal beads for a Golden Crystal Age." What did each crystal contain and complete?

Study Question 32

  • Often lightbearers bear the burden of the lack of self-worth because of mistakes they have made in their lives. How does beloved Victory dispel this unreality? What does he tell us? (p. 248)

Study Question 33

  • In what way did the master relate our lessons in life to the descent and the ascent of the V? (p. 249)

Study Question 34

  • The master extolled upon the oneness of our hearts. These are his words:
    "Blessed ones, I would like you to know that this movement, this love, this trust—altogether here—is an achievement of considerable import! You must understand that very few groups are formed anywhere in the world today that can boast of this number of lightbearers who are in harmony, in love, and consecrated to one central purpose." 
  • Then he adds: "Blessed hearts, we give credit where credit is due…" (p. 249)
  • Where and to whom did the master give credit? (p. 249)

Study Question 35

  • Beloved Victory tells us that victory of the Inner Retreat is dependent upon certain elements. (pp. 249-250)
  • Describe what the victory depends upon and why. (pp. 249-250)

Study Question 36

  • Explain what the master means when he says, "…this community has a heart!" (p. 250)

Study Question 37

  • Victory tells us that even though the hour is late, he desires to remain with us to release a specific dispensation. (p. 250)
  • What dispensation did he release and for what purpose? (p. 250)

Study Question 38

  • After Victory extends his appreciation and love for being with us and for providing a place where he is welcome, he seals the Inner Retreat. (pp. 250-251)
  • When you come to this part of the audio of this dictation, please find a quiet place away from the tugs and pulls of your daily responsibilities and enter the secret chamber of your heart and receive the magnificent presence of beloved Victory. 

Study Question 39

  • The master described the action that took place following his invocation for the sealing of the Inner Retreat. (p. 251)
  • What action took place? (p. 251)

Study Question 40

  • We hear the following encouraging words from Beloved Victory, "In case you didn't know it, I AM your champion." (p. 251)
  • What specifically is he championing in us? (pp. 251-252)

Study Question 41

  • Beloved Victory tells us:
    "I am dedicated to the victory of earth and the freeing of earth from all holds and strongholds of the fallen ones. Our legions move with the mighty archangels and the Elohim. Our legions move with the forces of light and we are determined to wrest this entire planetary home from every force that is anti-Christ and anti-light. We have set our God-determination to this task." (p. 252)
  • After you read and listen to this dictation, select an issue in the news or an issue that is dear to your heart. Then in the coming weeks enlist the seven archangels, Elohim, and Mighty Victory to assist you in addressing these issues through the Science of the Spoken Word.
  • Record your observations in your Victory Journal.

Study Question 42

  • Towards the end of this dictation Victory asks us to write a letter to Alpha and Omega for a specific purpose. Then he tells us why it is important for us to write this letter. (p. 252)
  • Follow the master's instructions, write the letter and burn it.
  • What import did Victory give to writing the letter to Alpha and Omega? (p. 252)

Study Question 43

  • How did the master end this dictation? (pp. 252-253)

Study Question 44 - Optional

  • Throughout this dictation Victory spoke of specific actions needed for the victory of the Inner Retreat. (pp. 237-253)
  • Please review these actions and determine which action you will take up for the ongoing victory of the Western Shamballa and planet earth. 

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