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Week 25

"Victory's Star,"
dictation delivered by Mighty Victory
June 3, 1979



  • LISTEN: Disc 1 Track 25 of The Mandate of Victory Audio Album
  • READ: Chapter 25 (pp. 214-223), The Mandate of Victory book (also published in the Pearls of Wisdom®, Vol. 43 No. 17, April 23, 2000)

Study Questions

After you have completed the assignment above, answer the study questions below. You can download these study questions as a PDF here.

Study Question 1

  • Victory opened his dictation with several reasons for his coming.  Please identify the master’s reasons. (p. 214)

Study Question 2

  • Following the announcement of his coming, the master delivered an endearing message to our souls. Please read this aloud; then write this message down in your Victory Journal to anchor the flame of the master’s words into your consciousness. (p. 214)

Study Question 3

  • What golden opportunity does the master bring to us in this dictation? (p. 215)

Study Question 4

  • Legions of light and angels of Archangel Michael's band join Victory.  Where did these legions originate from? What is their purpose for joining the master? How were they arrayed? (pp. 215-216)

Study Question 5

  • What ascended master came during this dictation to reinforce our determination and boldness to fight the good fight against the forces of darkness? (p. 216)
  • What grace did he bestow upon us? (p. 216)

Study Question 6

  • Beloved Victory paid tribute to two ascended masters whom he acknowledged as "heroes of the age." Who are the two masters?  What did they model for us? (pp. 216-217)

Study Question 7

  • Continuing with honoring "heroes of the age," beloved Victory applauds the Messenger, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, and the chelas. Why did the master pay tribute? (p. 217)

Study Question 8

  • Beloved Victory announced a remarkable dispensation from the Cosmic Council. What dispensation did he release? (p. 217)
  • In what specific way may we invoke this dispensation? (p. 217)
  • How will this dispensation assist you to move through the cycles of your tests and initiations? (pp. 217-218)

Study Question 9

  • On p. 218 Mighty Victory begins to speak about the ruby ray. The ruby ray is an intense and holy love that is developed through the path of sacrifice, surrender, selflessness, and service to uplift all sentient life. The ruby fire separates out what is real from what is unreal in our beings.
  • To introduce the teachings on the ruby ray, beloved Victory gives his heart’s gratitude to beloved Sanat Kumara, also known as the Ancient of Days. Then he acknowledges the positive impact of The Summit Lighthouse when he states: 
    "Not in a decade has there been such hope and such promise through this activity and through the hosts of the Lords as there is this day, my beloved." (p. 218)
  • Then he asks us to seize the opportunity at hand and provide the masters with information so they can spring into action on our behalf.   
  • What information did the master ask us to gather? (p. 218)  
  • In the coming week select an issue in the news, act on one or two of Victory’s requests, observe the impact of your calls, and record your observations in your Victory Journal.
Notes: To learn more about the ruby ray, visit: 

Sanat Kumara is known as the Ancient of Days. He is the Great Guru of the seed of Christ throughout cosmos, hierarch of Venus and one of the seven holy Kumaras (Lords of Flame who represent the seven rays on Venus). He initiates us on the path of the ruby ray, which he sets forth in his book The Opening of the Seventh Seal. He held the hierarchical position of the Lord of the World since the darkest hours of earth’s history when her evolutions fell to the level of cavemen and lost contact with the God flame and the mighty I AM Presence.
When the earth was at the point of being dissolved because there was no one who was keeping the flame of the Christ consciousness alive, Sanat Kumara came to earth, a voluntary exile from his planet Venus, to keep the flame until sufficient numbers among mankind would respond and begin once again to maintain the focus on behalf of their brothers and sisters. One hundred and forty-four thousand souls volunteered to assist Sanat Kumara in his mission and accompany him with legions of angels.

Study Question 10

  • What did you learn from Victory's description of the angels of the Ruby Ray? (p. 218)

Study Question 11

  • Victory speaks of beloved Sanat Kumara’s teachings on the Ruby Ray. Victory authorized the messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet to publish these teachings earlier than planned. They were published as Pearls of Wisdom® and later in the book, The Opening of the Seventh Seal.
  • Why did Sanat Kumara want to have these teachings on the Ruby Ray published? (p. 219)
Note: The Pearls of Wisdom® are personal messages from the heart of the ascended masters, the sages East and West, directly to your heart. In the Pearls® the Masters share their wisdom, guidance and practical techniques for rekindling our spirituality and meeting the challenges of our time. The Pearls® are an unparalleled source of insight, inspiration and renewal.
Go to
and receive a free introductory series of electronic Pearls of Wisdom® (ePearls) by the ascended master El Morya.

Study Question 12

  • What specific action does the Ruby Ray release to humanity? (p. 219)

Study Question 13

  • Beloved Victory encouraged us to give invocations to the Ruby Ray along with our daily decrees. (p. 219)
  • Why did he ask us to include these invocations? (p. 219)
Please Note: Invocations to the Hierarchy of the Ruby Ray booklet published by The Summit Lighthouse contain many invocations that you can include in your daily decrees. 
If you have the booklet, Invocations to the Hierarchy of the Ruby Ray, please include one of the invocations with morning decrees. Call Member & Guest Services for further information: 1-800-245-5445 or 1-406-848-9500.
Invocations to the Hierarchy of the Ruby Ray booklet published by The Summit Lighthouse contain many invocations that you can include in your daily decrees. 

Study Question 14

  • By the authority of Sanat Kumara, Beloved Victory made a powerful invocation that included a dispensation to help anchor the flame of victory. (p. 220)
  • What specific action and dispensation did his invocation include?  What purpose is it to accomplish? (pp. 220-221)

Study Question 15

  • Why did beloved Victory release his dispensation? (p. 220)

Study Question 16

  • With the coming of 100,000 angels of Victory, the master asked us to stand and give "The Prayer of the Legions of Victory" on pages 221 and 222.
  • Give this prayer out loud by yourself, or when you listen to the audio of this dictation, give it with the angels of Victory. Then record what you experienced in your Victory Journal.

Study Question 17

  • Towards the end of his dictation, Victory bestowed a gift upon us.  What did he give us? (p. 222)

Study Question 18

  • It is important that we remember the blessings the masters release to our souls. So after you read and listen to this dictation, make a list of the blessings Victory released to anchor the flame of Sanat Kumara, the Ruby Ray and the flame of Victory.
  • Record this list in your Victory Journal for future reference.

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