Out of the sun of victory I have come. And there is no other sun but Victory, for every Son is a God-Victory. Be, then, the light of a world!
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Week 35

"Illumination's Power Restored,"
dictation delivered by Mighty Victory
July 5, 1988



  • LISTEN: Disc 2 Track 10 of The Mandate of Victory Audio Album
  • READ: Chapter 35 (pp. 308-312), The Mandate of Victory book (also published in the Pearls of Wisdom®, Vol. 31 No. 75, November 6, 1988)

Study Questions

After you have completed the assignment above, answer the study questions below. You can download these study questions as a PDF here.

Study Question 1

  • What “wow” opening did beloved Victory bless us with? (p. 308)

Study Question 2

  • What did the master say awaits us when we are “diligent and shun the dullard consciousness?” (p. 308)

Study Question 3

  • Victory came for a purpose. What was his purpose? (p. 308)

Study Question 4

  • What descriptive words did the master use for the display of fireworks on the Fourth of July? (p. 308)

Study Question 5

  • Beloved Victory said that we will make a great discovery if we make a halfhearted attempt to embody the light of victory. What is this great discovery? (p. 309)

Study Question 6

  • With a twinkle of mirth, the master tells us:

    “I AM the house of Victory. I AM the house of Victory. I AM that house, beloved, and in my house there is not a mouse.” (p. 309)
  •  What meaning do the master’s words have for you?

Study Question 7

  • Beloved Victory illumines us on “the principle of devouring time.” What did he say? (p. 309)

Study Question 8

  • Continuing with his dictation the master gives us the following loving words of encouragement and comfort:

    “Being so loved, beloved ones, being therefore so tenderly cared for, you must surely know that if you will merely put one foot before the other, you can arrive at the gate.  We are determined that no folly or foolishness of fallen ones nor brashness nor despot should ever, ever again compromise the beloved of the light.” (p. 309)
  • Please write the words from this beloved master someplace where it is easily accessible for you to see and read them in the coming weeks to remind you of how much Victory loves you.

Study Question 9

  • In this dictation Victory tells us there is a convergence on planet earth of those who embody illumination’s flame and that they come for a specific purpose. (p. 309)
  • For what purpose did they congregate? (p. 309) 

Study Question 10

  • Beloved Victory once again articulates his reason for coming. What did the master say? (p. 309)

Study Question 11

  • In this dictation the master identifies an arch of seven stars appearing in the sky even though we may not see them. (p. 309)
  • What does this arch represent? (p. 309)

Study Question 12

  • Victory then conveys to us that hierarchy is determined that all who desire the path of personal Christhood will be mentored by magnificent beings of light. (p. 310)
  • Who are these magnificent beings of light and which of the seven rays do they bring with them? What did they come to accomplish? (p. 310)

Study Question 13

  • The master tells us that his address is a cosmic and rare moment. What teaching did he give to validate his statement? (p. 310)
  • Then he reflects on how he is blessed. How did he describe his blessings? (p. 310)

Study Question 14

  • What opportunity did beloved Victory give us to increase wisdom’s flame? (p. 311)
  • What visualization did he provide? (p. 311)

Study Question 15

  • The master gives us a unique perspective of reversing the clock. (p. 311)
  • Please identify the master’s perspective. Also, who did he identify as the reversers of the clock? (p. 311)

Study Question 16

  • What solution did Victory give to change the consciousness of the people and redirect their consciousness to victory? (p. 311)

Study Question 17

  • The master confides in us, “May you prize our presence as a unique moment in your fiery destiny—one you have long awaited and anticipated.” He then tells us exactly when we anticipated the hour of his coming with wisdom’s flame. (p. 311)
  • What explanation did Victory give? (p. 311)
  • How did we respond? (p. 311)
  • Please record your responses in your Victory Journal.

Study Question 18

  • In reflecting upon how we had been tricked by the forces of darkness, beloved Victory reminds us of the great gift of the increment of illumination’s flame that we have received. (p. 312)
  • How did he expect us to respond to this magnificent gift? (p. 312)

Study Question 19

  • Victory states in this dictation that the ascended masters are very purposeful in delivering their messages. (p. 312)
  • What did the ascended masters who were in attendance during the July Freedom Conference when this dictation was given seek to accomplish through their dictations? (p. 312)
  • In appreciation for their great love for our souls, please offer your prayers of gratitude to them before you go to sleep tonight.

Study Question 20

  • After you read and listen to this dictation, please construct five affirmations to help you in the coming week to internalize this beloved master’s message. Then recite your affirmations through the week.

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