Love is my way.  Love is my victory.  Love is the ray of victory that I AM.
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Week 26

"Victory to Those Who Love!"
dictation delivered by Mighty Victory
July 3, 1979



  • LISTEN: Disc 2 Track 1 of The Mandate of Victory Audio Album
  • READ: Chapter 26 (pp. 224-235), The Mandate of Victory book (also published in the Pearls of Wisdom®, Vol. 43 Nos. 18-19, April 30 and May 7, 2000)

Study Questions

After you have completed the assignment above, answer the study questions below. You can download these study questions as a PDF here.

Study Question 1

  • Beloved Victory tells us:
    “I come as a champion of the outworking in the heart of the chela of the very light of love. Love is my way. Love is my victory. Love is the ray of victory that I AM.”  (p. 224)
  • Then the master continues to expound on the virtues of the chela. What virtues does he speak of? (p. 224)

Study Question 2

  • The master speaks of the music of Beethoven, chela of the Great Divine Director, as an expression of eternality. How did Victory describe Beethoven’s music? (p. 225) 

Study Question 3

  • Victory further enlightened us when he said, “There is one initiate called of God who will one day appear in Matter to deliver the conclusion, the finale, of the six other symphonies that continue the path of the initiation of the ruby ray.” (p. 225)
  • What conditions must be met before this one will appear? (p. 225)
  • Once these conditions are met, what grace will appear in Matter? (p. 225)

Study Question 4

  • At what point will evil be no longer be within our solar system, according to Mighty Victory? (p. 225)

Study Question 5

  • What is the significance of the nine symphonies of Beethoven? (p. 226)

Study Question 6

  • What is the significance of harmony to your freedom? (p. 226)
  • What is the impact of inharmony on freedom? p. 226)
  • What are some telltale signs of an inharmonious individual? (p. 226)
  • What explanation does beloved Victory give for a case where a seemingly peaceful and harmonious individual erupts and claims, “I have the right to be inharmonious!”? (p. 226)

Study Question 7

  • Beloved Victory states, “We see that for the freedom of the earth, God Harmony is an irreplaceable, indispensable cosmic being.” 
  • Why is God Harmony critical to our spiritual path? (pp. 226-227)
  • The cosmic being God Harmony is also known as the Great Tenor. He represents the cosmic consciousness of God’s harmony and the law of God-harmony as it manifests in music, in science, in art, in society and in the four lower bodies of man. God Harmony serves on the six o’clock line of the cosmic clock (the line of God-harmony) with Serapis Bey. This is the line of the Divine Mother.

Study Question 8

  • What threat does the pollution of the astral plane and physical plane impose upon freedom? (p. 227)

Study Question 9

  • The master enlightens us with the following words: “No need to wonder who I am. Listen to my message and you will know.” (p. 227)
  • What is Victory’s explanation of this statement? (p. 227)
  • How will he be known and how will we be known? (p. 227)

Study Question 10

  • Beloved Victory reveals to us the following:
    “The name I AM THAT I AM is also a vibration of the victory of being and of life. It all depends how you read the word. Some read it as power, some as love, some as wisdom some as the white light of purity. I have always read it as victory.” (p. 228)
  • Take some time in the coming weeks and arrange a quiet time to meditate on and talk to your Mighty I AM Presence and get to know the vibration of your God Presence. Then record what you learned in your Victory Journal. 

Study Question 11

  • How will the discordant ones that Victory speaks of be overturned? (p. 227)

Study Question 12

  • Beloved Victory counsels us:
    “Thus, beware of those who come speaking of freedom’s song but harboring in the folds of their garment a wrong, wrong vibration. They are for freedom that they may have the freedom to impose bondage upon others.” (p. 228)
  • Look at the religious and political leaders of today or of times past, who falls into the category that the master speaks of and why. Record your findings in your Victory Journal.

Study Question 13

  • For what purpose did Beloved Victory release these timely and powerful dispensations during this dictation? What did he want to achieve? (p. 228)

Study Question 14

  • In the book The Mandate of Victory, what deadly force did the master identify that is the antithesis of God-Harmony? (p. 229)
  • Once Victory identified the force, how did he promise to help to remove this negativity? (p. 229)

Study Question 15

  • Beloved Victory also made the following promise to us:
    “I AM here and I AM come and I will match your vow. You have considered how you would make your vow. Well whatever vow you make I vow to match, as long as it is in accord with the will of God. You see, I will come and I will give a spin to everyone who is determined to win and to accelerate.” (p. 229)
  • Before you go to bed, reflect on this gift from the heart of the master. Then determine if you are ready to make a vow to guard your harmony. If you are, please write your vow in your Victory Journal. Then make a copy and post it where you can read it every day.
  • If you are not ready to take the vow, ask for your Holy Christ Self to show you the steps to take for you to prepare to make this vow, if you so desire. Record the guidance of your Holy Christ Self in your Victory Journal.
  • You may also choose to recite decree 10.18 “Sweet Surrender to Our Holy Vow” by the Ascended Master El Morya before you go to the retreats at night. This decree is on pages 207-208 in the blue section of the publication Prayers and Meditations and Dynamic Decrees for Personal and World Transformation published by The Summit Lighthouse. 
Please note there is no rightness or wrongness as to whether you make the vow now or prepare yourself to make the vow, or simply feel not ready for it at all. 

Study Question 16

  • At one point in this dictation beloved Victory asks us to rise for a specific purpose and initiation. What initiation is he preparing us for? (p. 229)
  • Into what states of consciousness did the master direct his fiery heart of victory? (pp. 229-230)
  • When you listen to the audio, please rise to receive the maximum release of light to release these states of consciousness from yourselves.     

Study Question 17

  • Victory comes with and releases the blue flame during this clearance and initiation. What is the action of this blue flame? What ascended masters did he enlist to perform this action? (pp. 229-230)
  • Why did he acknowledge that this action of the blue flame was a gift from his heart? (p. 230)

Study Question 18

  • What blessing did the master announce for those who invoke the white light? (p. 230)

Study Question 19

  • Beloved Victory challenges two types of energies that lure souls into unreality and the arena of karma making. What energies does he confront? (p. 230-231)
  • As you listen to the audio of this dictation, please rise and receive the release of light that the master invokes to remove these energies of unreality from our souls and four lower bodies.

Study Question 20

  • Continuing with his clearance calls, beloved Victory calls forth the judgment upon segments of darkness and unreality. What pockets of unreality does he confront? (pp. 231-232)
  • Then the master states, "This is the hour of decision—to the right or to the left."  In the context of testing and initiation, what did the master mean by this statement? (p. 232)

Study Question 21

  • Victory speaks of the strategy of "our triangle of victory." What is the triangle of victory? (p. 232)

Study Question 22

  • When you read and listen to this dictation, the force of the energy released through Mighty Victory is for the raising of the Mother flame from the base of the spine chakra into the seat of the soul, solar plexus, throat, and third-eye chakras.
  • What did the Mother flame rising into the heart seek to clear? (pp. 232-233)
  • What did the Mother flame rising into the throat seek to clear? (p. 233)
  • What did the Mother flame rising into the third-eye chakra seek to clear? (p. 233-234)

Study Question 23

  • Victory lets us know that the Great Law will not allow this clearance to clear the entire clearing of the third-eye chakra. However, he can give us a gift. What is the gift that he gives and how will the gift help us? (p. 234)

Study Question 24

  • In what ways does beloved Victory warn us that imposters of his flame and name will come to us? (p. 234)
  • How will we recognize imposters of Victory? (pp. 234-235)

Study Question 25

  • Beloved Victory tells us, "...not in the name will the game be won." (p. 234)
  • How will the game be won? (pp. 234-235)

Study Question 26

  • At the conclusion of his dictation, beloved Victory tells us why he has come and affirms the actions he will take. (p. 235)
  • Why did he come and what did he affirm? (p. 235)

Study Question 27

  • In this dictation beloved Victory releases the full essence his great God Presence to rescue the chelas from the enemies that oppose the rising of the Mother flame from the base of the spine chakra. In return, what does he expect from us? (pp. 234-235)

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