One victorious, powerful, God-free angel of Victory--this I send to you! Call upon your angel. Then call and call and call upon the LORD God.
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Week 40

"Go Forth and Deliver the Fire,"
dictation delivered by Mighty Victory
July 7, 1996



  • LISTEN: Disc 2 Track 15 of The Mandate of Victory Audio Album
  • READ: Chapter 40 (pp. 344-349), The Mandate of Victory book (also published in the Pearls of Wisdom®, Vol. 46 No. 20, May 18, 2003)

Study Questions 

After you have completed the assignment above, answer the study questions below. You can download these study questions as a PDF here.

Study Question 1

  • Victory opened his dictation with a dispensation. Please describe the dispensation. (p. 344)

Study Question 2

  • The master expressed his heartfelt gratitude for the opportunity to assist us to be God-victorious.   (p. 344)
  • What did he say? (p. 344)
  • What spiritual practices did he suggest? (p. 344)

Study Question 3

  • Victory made the following statement:

    “…Blessed ones, it is important to do something rather than nothing.  Let your somethings be very worthwhile, always toward the good of your fellowman, also toward your honor in caring for your families and your nation.” (p. 344)
  • Please meditate on the master’s words. Then determine what actions you will take in the coming week in response to his comments. 
  • Record your actions in your Victory Journal.

Study Question 4

  • Victory delivered a message from El Morya. Please write this message in your Victory Journal and describe what you experienced when you read and heard El Morya’s message. (p. 345)
  • What significance does El Morya’s message have upon your spiritual path and your profession? (p. 345) 
  • Then take some time in the coming weeks and reflect on a decision or direction in your life you have been praying about but have not acted upon. 
  • Give one of the spiritual practices recommended in this dictation and determine the steps you will take for the unfolding of God’s plan for you.

Study Question 5

  • With great urgency, the master tells us the following if we are uncertain of our destiny, “Well, I will tell you, your destiny is to become an ascended master.” 
  • What options did Victory offer to help us recognize our destiny? (p. 345)

Study Question 6

  • What meaning does Victory give to the concept of “determination?” (p. 346)

Study Question 7

  • What is one way the master recommends uncovering our passion? (p. 346)

Study Question 8

  • Victory identifies ways to apply the Science of the Spoken Word. (p. 346)
  • What two ways did he state? (p. 346)

Study Question 9

  • What is one way you can move through your resistance to reach out and talk to people? (p. 346)
  • In the coming week act and take the first step to displace your resistance with purposeful action.  Record your actions in your Victory Journal.

Study Question 10

  • What valuable teaching did Victory give on the Mercurians? (p. 346)

Study Question 11

  • The master speaks about Saint Germain’s technology. 

    “So, beloved ones, as we return to the power of the spoken Word, the written word, the communications, that which you can receive on email, that which you can do with your computers, realize that there is no place on earth that you cannot reach when you have that connection.” (p. 347)
  • What is one way you will use Saint Germain’s technology to reach out and share a teaching of the ascended masters?

Study Question 12

  • What did Victory suggest you do when you encounter an individual or people who have difficulty receiving the love you have for them? (p. 348)

Study Question 13

  • After you read the teaching on the fallen ones on page 348, please make it a point this week to identify a political or religious figure who demonstrates the misuse of the first ray, the blue ray of power.

  • Then for one week include this person in your decrees and ask Archangel Michael to remove the consciousness that works through them.

  • Record your observations in your Victory Journal.

Study Question 14

  • What is one state of consciousness that is inherent in the fallen angels? (p. 348)

  • How did Victory describe this state of consciousness? (pp. 348-349)

Study Question 15

  • What warning did the master give us about the fallen ones? (p. 349)

Study Question 16

  • Please describe the dispensation Victory received from the Great Central Sun. (p. 349)

    Please Note: The Great Central Sun also called the Great Hub, is the center of cosmos; the point of integration of the Spirit-Matter cosmos; the point of origin of all physical-spiritual creation; the nucleus, or white fire core, of the Cosmic Egg. The God Star, Sirius, is the focus of the Great Central Sun in our sector of the galaxy.
  • Give one of the spiritual practices recommended in this dictation and determine the steps you will take for the unfolding of God’s plan for you.

Study Question 17

  • Receive this beloved master to your heart and call upon him daily to assist you to be God determined to express the flame of victory in all your endeavors.
  • Then write a letter of gratitude to Victory, his twin flame, and his legions of victory for giving you this opportunity to be in their Presence and to receive the magnet of their love for your soul. Burn the letter and ask your angel of victory to deliver it to him. 
Always Victory!

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