Thus endure, I say. Thus endure your karma! Do not be moved by anything! You are more powerful than your astrology, than your psychology, than your karma... You and the God within you are above all of this!
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Week 39

"Becoming More of God Day by Day,"
dictation delivered by Mighty Victory
June 30, 1994



  • LISTEN: Disc 2 Track 14 of The Mandate of Victory Audio Album
  • READ: Chapter 39 (pp. 335-343), The Mandate of Victory book (also published in the Pearls of Wisdom®, Vol. 37 No. 32, August 7, 1994)

Study Questions

After you have completed the assignment above, answer the study questions below. You can download these study questions as a PDF here.

Study Question 1

  • At the beginning of Victory’s dictation, the congregation gave a rousing welcome and standing ovation.  (p. 335)
  • Who did they applaud and welcome? (p. 335)

Study Question 2

  • Following the joyous greeting, the master delivered a magnificent dispensation. (pp. 335-336)
  • What blessing did the congregation receive and what was its purpose? (pp. 335-336)

Study Question 3

  • Victory made the following statement:

     “…For we know that none can have the Victory, beloved, except they have enlightenment. For the forces of fallen angels, in all of their machinations, do move against the lightbearers and prey upon their willful ignorance.” (p. 336)
  • Why is the flame of illumination a key to your path of personal Christhood? (p. 336)

Study Question 4

  • In this dictation the master spent time reflecting on those in the past who have been present to receive his messages. He pondered why some had made progress while others had not by asking three questions. (p. 336)
  • What two questions did he ask? (p. 336) 

Study Question 5

  • Continuing with his reflections, Victory stated a cosmic law. What cosmic law did he state? (p. 336)

Study Question 6

  • What counseling did the master give to help us “to keep on keeping on?” (pp. 336-337)

Study Question 7

  • Victory releases his fiery determination of victory and those of his legions to impress upon us the crucial need to enlighten all servants of God. (p. 337)
  • Why does the master and his legions have the sense of urgency for our souls and the planet to be enlightened? (p. 337)

Study Question 8

  • What is the significance of the request from Victory, Jesus Christ, and Beloved Maha Chohan to postpone our preferred desires? (p. 337)
  • Why did they make this request? (p. 337)
  • Please reflect on your desires, needs, and wants; then determine one single desire you will surrender for the greater good. 
  • Write a letter to Beloved Victory, Beloved Jesus Christ, and Beloved Maha Chohan to assist you and burn the letter.
  • In the coming weeks observe and shifts in your consciousness and record your observations in your Victory Journal.

Study Question 9

  • Victory announces:

    “I come, then, in the full light of the presence of the flame of victory that burns on the altar of the Court of Sacred Fire, where Alpha and Omega await your Homecoming. That flame of victory, beloved, must be lowered deeper and deeper into the channels of the earth.” (p. 337)
  • What are some ways you can be an instrument for the fire of victory to penetrate deeper and deeper into the earth? (pp. 337-338)

Study Question 10

  • The master comes with the following opportunity:

    “Blessed one, I ask you to challenge the forces of an addictive materialism as well as those who are attached to them, those who perpetuate them, those who have come from other systems of worlds to be on this planet only for the pursuit and enjoyment of materialism as an end in itself.” (p. 338)
  • What spiritual antidote does Victory give to remove these forces? (p. 338)

Study Question 11

  • The master speaks about students from previously sponsored spiritual organizations of the Great White Brotherhood who have selfishly kept the teachings they received from these organizations hidden and/or kept to themselves. (pp. 338-339)
  • What does the master tell us about Maitreya's Mystery School and students who currently follow the teachings of the 19th century adepts? (p. 339)

    Additional Information:    

    The Great White Brotherhood
    The Great White Brotherhood is a spiritual order of  Western saints and Eastern adepts who have reunited with the Spirit of the living God and who comprise the heavenly hosts. They have transcended the cycles of karma and rebirth and ascended (accelerated) into that higher reality which is the eternal abode of the soul. The word “white” refers not to race but to the aura (halo) of white light surrounding their forms.
    ‚ÄčMaitreya’s Mystery School
    The Garden of Eden located on Lemuria near where San Diego is today, was the first mystery school on planet earth after the Fall of man. It was founded by Lord Maitreya to train Sons and Daughters of God to become spiritual adepts, initiates of the highest order, that they might go forth from the mystery school to raise the consciousness of the children of God and to make the teachings of the spiritual path available to them and eventually to all mankind.

    In his May 31, 1984, Ascension Day Address delivered in the Heart of the Inner Retreat, beloved Jesus announced the dedication of the Inner Retreat as the Mystery School of Maitreya in this age.

    Note: The Fall of man is recorded in the third chapter of Genesis. It was through this fall that maya and an existence based upon materialism and egocentric desires became more important than pursuing a spiritual existence while in physical embodiment.

Study Question 12

  • Why does the master recommend that we study the messengers’ teaching on Taoism? (p. 339)

Study Question 13

  • Beloved Victory tells us, “Thus you have discovered the key.  Keep it, beloved.  Keep it.” (p. 339) 
  • What is the master referencing by making this statement? (p. 339) 
  •  What significance does the key have for your spiritual path? (p. 339)
  •  How are you determined to keep the key?

Study Question 14

  • The master enlightens us on how people and organizations descend into personality cults. (p. 340)
  • What opportunity is lost when people and organizations become personality cults? (p. 340)

Study Question 15

  • What purpose is to be accomplished with Victory and his legions coming to the summer session of Summit University? (p. 340)

Study Question 16

  • When you support the activities of the Great White Brotherhood what can you expect to occur for ongoing generations? (p. 340)

Study Question 17

  • What are the prerequisites for parents who seek El Morya’s sponsorship to have children? (p. 341)

Study Question 18

  • Victory continues to speak of the preparation of parents to bring in highly advanced souls. He said,

    “…you must know that one of the priorities of the Lords of Karma is not to allow souls to embody through parents who either cannot or will not be accountable for them, who do not have the spiritual strength to sustain their own marriages, let alone harmony with their children.” (p. 341)
  • Under what circumstances will the Lords of Karma approve for advanced souls to embody? (p. 341)

Study Question 19

  • What God-solution is proposed by the Lords of Karma and the legions of victory to permit highly evolved souls to come to a darkened planet? (p. 342)

Study Question 20

  • Please ponder the sobering message from the Lords of Karma and Beloved Victory. If you are so inspired, write a letter to them and ask how you can be a member of a team to implement their God-solution. 
  • Burn the letter, observe the outplaying of events in your life, and record them in your Victory Journal.

Study Question 21

  • The masters tell us, “Now, beloved, as we turn to the problems of the decade across the earth, keep yourselves informed and make the calls…” (p. 342)
  • Take this message from Beloved Victory to heart, keep your eye on the events in your local community and the world, create a simple call to challenge all that opposes the integrity of the youth, the right mindfulness of our leaders in church and state, etc. Include the call in your daily spiritual practices.
  • As a reminder, when you create and make a call, you begin with following words “In the name of my Mighty I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self, I call” and then make your call and adjust your call to the will of God.

Study Question 22

  • Before concluding his message, Beloved Victory delivered a precious dispensation. (p. 343)
  • Please describe the dispensation and the purpose it is to accomplish? (p. 343)


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