Receive me to your heart that I might abide with you as the impetus to the balance of your threefold flame. Just call to me and say: "Victory's impetus is mine this day for power, wisdom and love in balance!"
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Week 33

"The Victory of Freedom,"
dictation delivered by Mighty Victory
July 6, 1987



  • LISTEN: Disc 2 Track 8 of The Mandate of Victory Audio Album
  • READ: Chapter 33 (pp. 301-304), The Mandate of Victory book (also published in the Pearls of Wisdom®, Vol. 30 No. 42, October 18, 1987)

Study Questions

After you have completed the assignment above, answer the study questions below. You can download these study questions as a PDF here.

Study Question 1

  • At the onset of his dictation Beloved Victory states his reason for coming. 
  • What did the master say was the purpose of his address? (p. 301)

Study Question 2

  • After stating his purpose for coming, the master enlists a certain band of angels.
  • What band of angels did he enlist? (p. 301)
  • What did this band of angels bring with them? (p. 301)

Study Question 3

  • Beloved Victory states:

    “Therefore, the capstone of Freedom is Victory. And freedom without victory is no freedom, beloved.” (p. 301)
  • What understanding do you glean from the master’s statement? 

Study Question 4

  • Beloved Victory released a wake-up call for those who exist in the doom and gloom consciousness. (p. 301)
  • What did he release to a civilization that is not free? (p. 301)
  • What burden does this type of civilization live under? (p. 301)

Study Question 5

Study Question 6

  • In this dictation the master probes “the folds of our garments” for a specific purpose. (p. 302)
  • What grace did the master’s action deliver to us? (p. 302)
  • Which of the seven rays did his actions express? (p. 302)

Study Question 7

  • How did the master describe “Victory’s light”? (p. 302)

Study Question 8

  • What benefit do we receive when we are filled with the presence of victory? (p. 302)

Study Question 9

  • Beloved Victory affirms, “I AM Victory, come for the battle.” (p. 302)
  • Then he asks us, “Will you join me in the mental belt now, my beloved?” (p. 302)
  • Reflect upon how you will respond to the master’s invitation and record your reflections and response in your Victory Journal.

Study Question 10

  • What is Victory’s legions’ greatest desire for us? (p. 302)

Study Question 11

  • How does the master describe the fallen ones? (p. 302)

Study Question 12

  • What instruction did Victory give to remove from us the fallen ones and the forces of darkness? (p. 302)
  • What arena of society did he say they occupy? (p. 302)

Study Question 13

  • Beloved Victory admonishes us, “Heart, I say! Take heart! Educate heart in the twelve lines of the clock."* (p. 302)
  •  What understanding did the master give on educating the heart?  (pp. 302-303)

    * The twelve lines of the clock refer to the science of charting the cycles of the soul’s karma and initiations on the twelve lines of the clock. You can find more information on how to anticipate your returning karma in the books The Great White Brotherhood in the Culture, History, and Religion of America and Predict Your Future:  Understanding the Cycles of the Cosmic Clock by Elizabeth Clare Prophet. These books can be purchased from or the Summit Lighthouse bookstore

Study Question 14

  • Beloved Victory tells us, “My legions come to seal in your beings, then, all given at this conference.” (p. 303)
  • What gifts were given during the conference? (p. 303)

Study Question 15

  • After the master announced the sealing of all that was given, he delivered four additional sealings. (p. 303)
  • Please identify these four sealings. (p. 303)

Study Question 16

  • In this dictation Beloved Victory refers to a new civilization. These are his words:

    “O my beloved, I AM Victory in the heart of the earth, in the heart of you and in this cradle, yet, of a new civilization. I say it, beloved.  I embrace you. You are our own.”  (p. 303)
  • What new civilization is the master referring to? 
  • What role do you see yourself taking in building this new civilization?
  • Record your comments in your Victory Journal.

Study Question 17

  • Beloved Victory and his legions of victory each released a dispensation to assist us in the victory consciousness. (p. 303)
  • What dispensation did each release? (p. 303)
  • What was each dispensation meant to accomplish? (p. 303)

Study Question 18
  • The master gave us the following call to enlist his assistance and the assistance of the Maha Chohan [2]:

    “Victory’s impetus is mine this day for power, wisdom, and love in action.” (p. 303)
  • To affirm the light of victory in your threefold flame, make this call regularly in the coming week. This affirmation is also written into decree 22.05 on page 292 in the yellow section of the publication Prayers and Meditations and Dynamic Decrees for Personal and World Transformation published by The Summit Lighthouse. 

    [2] The Maha Chohan is the representative of the Holy Spirit. The one who holds this office in hierarchy represents the Holy Spirit of the Father-Mother God, of Alpha and Omega, to the evolutions of this planet and to the elemental kingdom.

    The retreat of the Maha Chohan, the Temple of Comfort, is located on the etheric plane with a focus in the physical at the island of Sri Lanka, where the flame of the Holy Spirit and the flame of Comfort are anchored. His twin flame is Pallas Athena, Goddess of Truth.

    Maha Chohan means “Great Lord;” the Maha Chohan is the director of the seven chohans of the rays.

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