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Week 17

"Victory: A Cycle and a Flame,"
dictation delivered by Mighty Victory
October 12, 1973



  • LISTEN: Disc 1 Track 17 of The Mandate of Victory Audio Album
  • READ: Chapter 17 (pp. 151-160), The Mandate of Victory book (also published in the Pearls of Wisdom®, Vol. 43 No. 9, February 24, 2000)

Study Questions

After you have completed the assignment above, answer the study questions below. You can download these study questions as a PDF here.

Study Question 1

  • Victory’s legions descended to planet for a specific purpose. Please describe their purpose. (p. 151)

Study Question 2

  • Beloved Victory asks the question, "Did you ever see an army or a player win a fight without the sense of victory?" Then he tells us how to espouse the sense of victory. (pp. 151-152)
  • What counsel did he give us? (pp. 151-152)

Study Question 3

  • What did the master tell us is the greatest guarantor of our life's destiny? (p. 151)

Study Question 4

  • Beloved Victory speaks of the crucifixion of the feminine ray. What examples of this crucifixion do we vividly see in the world today? (p. 152)

Study Question 5

  • What does the master tell us is the prerequisite for the Divine woman to appear in all mankind? (pp. 152-153)

Study Question 6

  • Victory refers to the teaching of the laborers in the field where one is taken, and the other is left.  Who were the two laborers that he referred to in his dictation?  What insight does this teaching give us? (p. 153)
  • What specific act is necessary for us to pass the initiation of the "test of the ten?" (p. 153)

Study Question 7

  • What key does the master give for our personal salvation, to eternal life, and to the salvation of the nations? (p. 154)

Study Question 8

  • Beloved Victory said, "…learn that for your messenger it was not necessary in the sense that there was a human ego that should die, but that the mortal, the corruptible image, might put on incorruption." (p. 154)
  • What footprints in the sands of time did the Messenger Mark L. Prophet leave for us to follow? (p. 154) 

Study Question 9

  • Victory points out that we are to study and analyze cycles for ourselves and for planetary events.
  • What significance does he attribute to the hundred-year allotment of energy? (pp. 154-155)
  • What importance does he attach to the first 33 years of life? Whose life demonstrated this cycle? (pp. 154-155)
  • What cycles are individuals and nations to pattern themselves after? (p. 155)

Study Question 10

  • What lessons can we learn from the 1929 crash of the stock market? (p. 155)
  • What opportunity was forfeited by this event? (p. 155)

Study Question 11

  • What connection does Victory make with the law of cycles and the 1976 anniversary of the birth of America?

Study Question 12

  • Beloved Victory cautions us on the cycle of the eleventh hour. What specifically does he alert us to? (p. 156)
  • What impact does the cycle of the eleventh hour have on the feminine ray and America? (p. 156)

Study Question 13

  • Victory tells us, "The Divine Mother must appear in America as the crown of glory." (p. 156)
  • Who does Beloved Victory identify as the archetype of the woman of the New Age. (pp. 156-157)

Study Question 14

  • Beloved Victory refers to two crowns in his teaching on "the woman of the new age." (pp. 156-157)
  • Please identify the two crowns, who wears each crown, and what each crown symbolizes; then record your response in your Victory Journal. (p. 157)
  • The master continues, "This, then, is our desire: to train you to master both crowns." What spiritual practice does Victory encourage us to apply to master both crowns? (p. 157)
  • How does this spiritual practice support the cycles accessing the consciousness of victory and the victory of the feminine ray? What is the significance of this spiritual practice? (p. 157)

Study Question 15

  • In this dictation Victory said: "Precious hearts, as a nation, America is destined to be the great example of victory. As Jesus Christ was the avatar for the Piscean age, so America is the pilot nation selected by the ascended masters… so that the Constitution of America, written by Saint Germain as a divine document, might find parallel in the constitution of all nations upon earth." (p. 157)
  • Much that we see in the news today clouds the divine destiny of America released from the heart of Saint Germain. What explanation does the master give for the aborting of the destiny of America? (pp. 157-158)
  • What solutions does Victory give to restore America to her destiny? (p. 158)

Study Question 16

  • Beloved Victory calls us to "lead with the flame of victory" and to assist us in this calling, he delivered a magnificent dispensation and a call to Beloved Hercules, Elohim of the First Ray. 
  • Please identify his dispensation and the purpose this dispensation is to accomplish. (p. 159)
  • Then write a brief insert that you can use daily to access the master's dispensation and the call to Beloved Hercules the master released. (pp. 158-159)
    Note: To begin your insert you would say, "In the name of my Mighty I AM Presence and Beloved Holy Christ Self I call forth [Recite the dispensation and the call to Hercules]."                                                                  
    Then you would adjust your call to the Will of God by saying, "I ask that my call be adjusted to God's Will."

Study Question 17

  • Towards the end of his dictation Beloved Victory once again reminds us, "You must, then be aware of cycles. Beware of the infliction of darkness upon the centers of light in your being." (p. 159)
  • Then he released another timely dispensation. Please describe this dispensation and its specific purpose. (pp. 159-160)

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