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Week 38

"Break the Spell of Non-Victory!"
dictation delivered by Mighty Victory
June 28, 1992



  • LISTEN: Disc 2 Track 13 of The Mandate of Victory Audio Album
  • READ: Chapter 38 (pp. 329-334), The Mandate of Victory book (also published in the Pearls of Wisdom®, Vol. 35 No. 28, July 12, 1992)

Study Questions 

After you have completed the assignment above, answer the study questions below. You can download these study questions as a PDF here.

Please Note: This dictation by Beloved Victory was delivered in the Heart of the Retreat in Montana during the ten-day FREEDOM CONFERENCE 1992, “Joy in the Heart.”

Study Question 1

  • The master opens his address with, “Ho, legions of the Great Central Sun! Ho, legions of the Great Central Sun!” Then he announces the purpose of his address. (p. 329)
  • What did he say? (p. 329)

Study Question 2

  • Who did Victory respond to in this dictation? (p. 329)

Study Question 3

  • Beloved Victory and his twin flame delivered a much-needed dispensation to dispel the forces of anti-victory. (pp. 329-330)
  • Please identify the dispensation and what is in intended to accomplish. (pp. 329-330)

Study Question 4

  • In what ways can we enhance our receptivity to the dispensation from Victory and his twin flame? (p. 330)
  • Then select one suggestion from the master and implement it in the coming week. Observe any changes in your consciousness and record them in your Victory Journal.

Study Question 5

  • The master informs us of why he released his dictation with speed and quickness. What did he intend to accomplish by doing this?  (p. 330)
  • What historical background did he cite to encourage us to receive the fire of Victory? (p. 330) 
  • What vision did he paint to inspire us to listen and to receive his plea? (p. 330)

Study Question 6

  • Victory lets us know the vision he holds for each of us. (p. 330)
  • Please describe the images he holds for you and record the master’s words in your Victory Journal. (p. 330)
Study Question 7
  • The master admonished and directed us to take specific actions to expel the forces of non-victory in our consciousness. (p. 330)
  • What directions did he give and why? (p. 330)

Study Question 8

  • Victory conveys to us, “Beloved ones, come into balance. Come into balance, I say! And cherish nothing in this world more than your own individual equilibrium—your equilibrium in your own tree of life, in your own mighty I AM Presence.” (p. 331)
  • Why did the master make this poignant statement and how is it related to the victory consciousness? (p. 331)

Study Question 9

  • The master explains:

    “This is an hour of cycles turning. Whether we can turn them around depends on the response of every lightbearer on this planet to my message given this day!” (p. 331)
  • Then he makes several requests. (p. 331)
  • Please select one or two of the master’s requests and incorporate them in your spiritual path.

Study Question 10

  • In what way can you make a difference in the world when you join others of like mind and heart to affirm your God-Reality through your spiritual practices? (p. 331)

Study Question 11

  • What did Victory tell us about the status of the earthquake that occurred in California and the volcanic release in Alaska? (pp. 331-332)
  • What role did the congregation play in these two events? (pp. 331-332)

Study Question 12

  • The master instructs us, “I say, become fiery electrodes of Light!” (pp. 332-333)
  • What suggestions did he give us to “…become fiery electrodes of Light!” (pp. 332-333)
  • Meditate on the suggestions from Victory and determine which one you will implement in your spiritual practices in the coming week.
Please Note: In the dictation given June 27th, Saint Joseph asked that those in attendance make the call that night to be taken to the Royal Teton Retreat and from there angels would escort us to Yugoslavia. Prior to Saint Joseph’s dictation, the Messenger, Elizabeth Clare Prophet and the congregation gave the Ashram Rituals, “Sacred Ritual for Soul Purification” and the “Sacred Ritual for Transport and Holy Work.” 
These two rituals assist the soul in performing world service while out of the body during the hours of sleep.  The rituals are published in Ashram Notes by El Morya. The Ashram Notes is a series of 39 letters, including six Ashram Rituals, from El Morya to his students worldwide. These six Ashram Rituals are spoken meditations designed to be given simultaneously to “link hearts worldwide for the union of consciousness” and to reduce world suffering. 

Study Question 13

  • What had to occur to allow Victory to deliver his dictation during this conference? (p. 333)
  • Why had his previous requests to address us been denied? (p. 333)
  • What can we do to lay the foundation for future dictations from the master? (p. 333)

Study Question 14

  • The master counsels us, “Consider, then, all those areas of your life in which you desire to be victorious.” Then he gives us specific instructions on how to focus on one area in our lives in which we desire to gain our victory. (p. 333)
  • After you read and listen to this dictation, determine a specific area on which you want to focus in the coming weeks. Then, in the name of your Mighty I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self, call for the momentum of victory from Beloved Victory and his twin flame as you intertwine decrees to the second ray of illumination with decrees to the violet flame to create the chalice of victory in the area you selected.   
  • Record the changes that you observed in your consciousness in your Victory Journal.

Study Question 15

  • Before concluding his address, Victory and his twin flame delivered a dispensation. (p. 334)
  • What blessing did they release? (p. 334)


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