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Week 28

"The Mighty Circle of Victory,"
dictation delivered by Mighty Victory
March 31, 1983



  • LISTEN: Disc 2 Track 3 of The Mandate of Victory Audio Album
  • READ: Chapter 28 (pp. 254-264), The Mandate of Victory book (also published in the Pearls of Wisdom®, Vol. 26 No. 26, June 26, 1983)

Study Questions

After you have completed the assignment above, answer the study questions below. You can download these study questions as a PDF here.

  • The dictation “The Mighty Circle of Victory” by Victory was delivered through the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Palm Sunday, March 31, 1983. As you study this dictation, please reflect upon Victory’s teachings in the context of the events of Jesus’ life from Palm Sunday to the hour of his crucifixion.  
  • You also may come across ascended master concepts that have not been included in previous chapters of the book The Mandate of Victory. To help you in your studies, we have included some notes at the end of the study questions.

Study Question 1

  • Beloved Victory announces his purpose for coming. What did he say? (pp. 254-255)

Study Question 2

  • The master speaks to us about the crucifixion of the Christ in Jesus and about those who crucified the great light in him. (p. 254)
  • What current-day examples do you see around you or in the news of the Christ being crucified?
  • In your decrees and prayers ask for Victory to release his might golden flame of illumination into these matters.

Study Question 3

  • In your own words record in your Victory Journal the profound understanding the master gives regarding our ability to walk the path that Jesus walked. (p. 255)

Study Question 4

  • “Practice makes perfect” is an adage that many have heard. How does this adage apply to you in the context of being in the presence of the adversary? What lessons can we learn by applying this adage to our spiritual path? (p. 255)

Study Question 5

  • Regarding the action of Jesus’ disciples in the master’s hour of intense testing, Victory reminds us: 

    “Is it not written that they all fled? —all of them? And these were the closest to his heart. Did he not in that moment think of his mother and of Magdalene1? (p. 255) 
  • Why do you suppose that Jesus turned to his mother and Magdalene?
  • Who do you turn to in times of testing and initiations and why?

Study Question 6

  • Even though Jesus’ disciples fled from him, how did he pass his initiations? (p. 256)
  • What strategy does the master give to help us not to flee as the disciples did and to pass our initiations? (p. 256)
  • What temptations will we face that may cause us to flee? (p. 256)

Study Question 7

  • What did Beloved Victory ask us to create to help us ward off the temptations that come to us in the hour of our initiations? (p. 256)
  • How will you respond to his request? 
  • What dispensation did the master release for those qualified to act upon his request? (p. 256)

Study Question 8

  • Victory tells us: 

    “…these dark ones are in fact setting themselves against the circle of light and against the initiatic ring guarding the point of the One, guarding the descent of Sanat Kumara in form.” (p. 256)
  • What occupies the center of the circle? (p. 257)

Study Question 9

  • What stance does the ego take and say when we do not express loving obedience when we make a sacrifice? (p. 257)
  • What does the lack of loving obedience in our sacrifices lead to? (p. 257)

Study Question 10

  • How does the master describe the psychological control of one’s ego? (p. 257)

Study Question 11

  • Victory gives us the following counsel:

    “…to fulfill the mandate of the Law becomes the delight of that one, and he meditates in the law of God. And in that meditation, it is as though he were one with Manus, the great Lawgivers of the races.” (p. 257)
  •  When we are one with God’s Law, what graces await us? (pp. 257-258) 
Study Question 12
  • What explanation did Victory give regarding the lack of staying power of Jesus’ disciples? (p. 258)

Study Question 13

  • What did the master say was the grand purpose of Jesus’ crucifixion, resurrection and ascension? (p. 258)
Please Note: The judgement is a release of divine love and mercy that separates the unreal self from the Real Self. It is not to be feared, but to be greeted as a divine opportunity to express more of the Christ consciousness through our free will choices.

Study Question 14

  • What is the prerequisite for challenging the fallen ones2? (pp. 258)

Study Question 15

  • What is the significance of Mary bearing the Christ child? Why was this event important? (pp. 258-259)

Study Question 16

  • Beloved Victory provides further insight as to why Jesus’ disciples did not remain in prayer with him for one hour and why Judas betrayed him. What explanation did the master give? (p. 259)

Study Question 17

  • What parallel did Victory draw with Jesus standing in the midst of his disciples and the union of hearts in the fifty states of the United States of America? (p. 259)

Study Question 18

  • What do we observe when an avatar repeatedly is left to stand alone? (p. 259)
  • What outcome do we consistently notice when there is harmony, love and wisdom among the faithful? (p. 259)

Study Question 19

  • Victory enumerates on how the fallen ones and the Watchers3 compromised the victory of the people in World War II. (pp. 259-260)
Note: Please read footnote number 9 on page 363 for further information on the actions of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Prime Minister Winston Churchill, and Joseph Stalin.
  • Please describe the master’s teaching on the tactics of the compromisers of victory and record your response in your Victory Journal. (p. 260)
  • Why is it important to gain understanding of these forces of anti-victory? (p. 260)
  • Now apply your understanding of the master’s teaching and look at current world conditions and ask yourself, “What tells me that the victory of the people is being compromised?”  
  • Then record your responses in your Victory Journal.

Study Question 20

  • What strategies does Victory propose to help us discern the compromisers of victory? (pp. 260-261)

Study Question 21

  • What remarkable announcement did Victory make that we can draw forth when we affirm the sense of victory with the Ascended Master Lanello? (p. 261)
  • The statements and affirmations we give with Lanello in this dictation is published as decree 10.21 in the blue section of the publication “Prayers and Meditations and Dynamic Decrees for Personal and World Transformation” published by The Summit Lighthouse. (pp. 212-213)
  • When you come to the statements and affirmations that begin on page 261 in the book The Mandate of Victory, please leap to your feet and recite them aloud if you are in private place. 
  • When you listen to the audio of the dictation, find a private place to recite the decree with Beloved Victory; then leap to your feet and shout your mantras of victory.
  • Record what you experienced in your Victory Journal.

Study Question 22

  • On page 263 Victory tells us:

    “Feel the I AM in your heart!  Feel the I AM Presence of you now in the beating of your own heart and in my golden flame for the age. For my legions bear illumination for that path of Christhood, and it alone shall be the path illumined.” (p. 263)
  • What can we experience when we elect to step onto the path of illumination with Victory and his legions of angels? (pp. 263-264)

Study Question 23

  • Please describe what will occur with the stepping down of ascended master Lanello into this octave? (p. 264)


  1. Mary Magdalene was an embodiment of Ascended Lady Master Magda, twin flame of Jesus. She was the first one to see Jesus after he had risen from the tomb. She also was the woman from whom Jesus cast out seven devils. 
  2. The fallen angels are those who followed Lucifer in the Great Rebellion and whose consciousness therefore “fell” to lower levels of vibration and awareness as they were by law “cast out into the earth” at the hand of Archangel Michael–constrained, by the karma of their disobedience to God and his Christ and their blasphemy of his children, to take on and evolve through dense physical bodies.  
  3. Author Elizabeth Clare Prophet explains in her book The Forbidden Mysteries of Enoch: The Untold Story of Men and Angels and discusses the fall of two separate groups of angels—the Nephilim and the Watchers. The Nephilim (“those who were made to fall”) are those who were “cast out” of heaven because of their prideful rebellion (Rev. 12:7-9). The Watchers, as revealed in the Book of Enoch, descended of their own accord through inordinate lust for the daughters of men.

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