The question is not if we win; the statement is when we win...
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Week 20

"Spirals of Victory for the Golden Age,"
dictation delivered by Mighty Victory
October 11, 1974



  • LISTEN: Disc 1 Track 20 of The Mandate of Victory Audio Album
  • READ: Chapter 20 (pp. 176-182), The Mandate of Victory book (also published in the Pearls of Wisdom®, Vol. 43 No. 12, March 19, 2000)

Study Questions

After you have completed the assignment above, answer the study questions below. You can download these study questions as a PDF here.

Study Question 1

  • Beloved Victory came to give us a specific message. What was his purpose in delivering this dictation? What role did the angels of victory play? (pp. 176-177)

Study Question 2

  • Regarding winning our victory, Victory states, "The question is not if we win; the statement is when we win." How does our free will impact winning our victory? (p. 177)

Study Question 3

  • Victory acknowledges and honors Saint Germain's role in gaining our victory. What specifically did Victory say about Saint Germain? (p. 177)

Study Question 4

  • In this dictation Victory admonishes us to not be overcome by our human consciousness.
    He said, "…be not disillusioned with the outer consciousness and its patterns. Be not overcome by the human consciousness, by darkness and the perversions of the flame of life and of the Holy Spirit in the hierarchy of Libra." (pp. 177-178)
  • Then standing with Archangel Michael he made a call and invokes light to challenge the carnal mind.
  • As you watch the news this week, write down situations of dishonesty, corruption and darkness enacted by individuals, organizations, etc.  Then address these issues in your morning decrees to Archangel Michael. Ask him to stand with you as you recite Victory’s call located on pages 178-179 of The Mandate of Victory to challenge the carnal mind.

Study Question 5

  • Victory tells us, "With the dispensation of the new year, the Lords of Karma are at this very hour contemplating releases of karma to the fallen ones and to the wicked on the planet." (p. 179)
  • What danger does Victory bring to our attention when our energies are tied to the fallen ones and corrupted organizations? (p. 179)
  • What counsel does he gives to avert this danger? (p. 179)

Study Question 6

  • Regarding the issue of abortion, Mighty Victory makes very clear the action we are to take. He states, "I say, let your consciousness be stirred this night! I am determined that you go forth in the flame of Archangel Uriel to challenge the proponents of abortion in this land. I am determined that you take his dictation and distribute it to all who are involved in this crime against the deity." (p. 180)
  • Record in your Victory Journal what action you yourself can take to promote the sanctity of life as taught to us by the ascended masters—and then do it!  

Study Question 7

  • In this dictation Beloved Victory challenges Lucifer and calls for his judgement. Then he gives the teaching on how we are immune from Lucifer’s interference. What is the teaching he gives?  (p. 180)

Study Question 8

  • What did Beloved Victory tell us regarding the immunity of the messengers from the acts of intrusion of Lucifer? (pp. 180-181)

Study Question 9

  • What are the conditions in which percentages of energy are removed from Lucifer, and what specifically is this percentage of energy concerned with? (p. 181)

Study Question 10

  • Beloved Victory speaks about the scales of justice in the weighing of humanity.  What did he say about the scales of justice? (p. 181)
  • What dispensation did he release to assist in purging of our carnal mind? (p. 181)
  • Invoke this dispensation in the coming week and observe the circumstances that come to your doorstep. Record your experiences in your Victory Journal.

Study Question 11

  • Please record in your Victory Journal Victory's counsel to ensure your victory over the forces of darkness. (p. 182)

Study Question12

  • After you read and listen to Victory’s dictation, please create 3-5 affirmations from his message. (pp. 176-182)
  • Give these affirmations when you wake up or before you go to sleep.
  • For future reference, please record these affirmations in your Victory Journal.

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