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Week 31

"Conquer in the Name of Victory,"
dictation delivered by Mighty Victory
March 23, 1986



  • LISTEN: Disc 2 Track 6 of The Mandate of Victory Audio Album
  • READ: Chapter 31 (pp. 286-292), The Mandate of Victory book (also published in the Pearls of Wisdom®, Vol. 29 No. 38, August 10, 1986)

Study Questions 

After you have completed the assignment above, answer the study questions below. You can download these study questions as a PDF here.

Study Question 1

  • Opening his address, Beloved Victory lets us know how Lanello gained his victory. (p. 286)
  • What was the key to Lanello’s victory? (p. 286)

Study Question 2

  • What foundation did those in attendance build that opened the door for Beloved Victory’s address to us? (p. 286)

Study Question 3

  • The master delivered a tremendous release of fire in the format of affirmations on pages 286-287 in the book The Mandate of Victory.
  • When you come to this section of the book and you are in a private place, please rise and give these affirmation with the full fire of your heart.
  • Then when you listen to the dictation, recite these affirmations with the master.
  • After you have recited them by yourself and with master, please record what you experienced in each of the recitations.

Study Question 4

  • Victory describes the results and the grace released through the recitation of the affirmations on page 287. What did the light released through the affirmations create and what grace was given? (p. 287)

Study Question 5

  • The master made specific reference to the action of the flame of the resurrection. What did he say about the resurrection flame? (p. 287)

Study Question 6

  • Beloved Victory said, “And this hour of the Palm Sunday is for the celebration…” (pp. 287-288)
  • What did he say the celebration of Palm Sunday was for? 

Study Question 7

  • The master gives a teaching regarding the spreading of the palms. (p. 288)
  • What teaching did he give? (p. 288)
  •  Who accompanied him in spreading the palms? (p. 288)

Study Question 8

  • Victory delivered a warning regarding the delivery and application of the teachings of the ascended masters. (p. 288)
  • Please open your Victory Journal and write this warnings in your journal. 
  • Then to anchor the master’s teachings in your consciousness, read the warnings in the coming week aloud when in the morning. 

Study Question 9

  • The master transmits to us the understanding of an ancient order of priest and priestesses. (p. 288)
  •  What is the name of this order? (p. 288)
  •  What role did we play in this order? (p. 288)
  •  What caused us to not pass our initiations and why is this knowledge important to our spiritual path today? (p. 289)

Study Question 10

  • Victory talks about the door of the East:

    “Thus in this spring equinox, I tell you that the entire movement of the Keepers of the Flame, who function in the capacity of the thirteenth tribe of Christed ones in the center of the circle within the City Foursquare, must in this hour and in this cycle of the fourteen months of the blue sphere of the Will of God pass the initiation of the entering in through the door of the East…” (p. 289)
  • What does the door of the East represent and what import does its meaning have for your spiritual path? (p. 289)
  •  What everyday item did the master use to describe the teaching on the door of the East? (p. 289)

Study Question 11

  • Continuing with his address Beloved Victory conveys the following message on self-mastery:

    “Therefore, let the light prevail, as you may know, beloved hearts, that your initiation must be under the hierarchy of the sun—the sun of Helios and Vesta in the sign of Aries.  And by these initiations of this sign of Absolute God-Control, you must also come to master the signs of the cardinal points of Capricorn, Cancer, and Libra.” (p. 289)
  • What understanding did you glean from this teaching from the master? (pp. 289-290) 

Study Question 12

  • After the master affirmed his identity “I AM Victory,” he made a magnificent announcement.  What did he announce? (p. 290)

Study Question 13

  • Beloved Victory asked that all teaching centers be notified of the tremendous dispensation he was releasing in this dictation. These are his words:

    “Therefore, let the centers around the world be called immediately following my release. For I am extending a grid of fire, resurrection flame—now the pure gold and ruby and the purple fires mingling—across the planetary body.” (p. 290)
  • What specific action was this grid of fire to accomplish? (p. 290)
  • Who was assigned the task of positioning the grid of light? (p. 290)
  •  How would the world benefit from this grid of light? (pp. 290-291)
  •  What significance does this dispensation have upon the Order of Melchizedek, your spiritual path, and the forces of darkness? (pp. 290-291)

Study Question 14

  • The master tells us that victory may be won on earth on inner levels. (p. 291)
  • What requirement did he place before us to accomplish this victory? (p. 291)
  • What will you do to facilitate this victory? Please record your response in your Victory Journal.

Study Question 15

  • In this dictation Victory implored us to feel the summoning of his heart to fulfill two purposes. (p. 291)
  • What two purposes did he identify? (p. 291)

Study Question 16

  • How is it that the master could acknowledge and state, “May all things desired in this heart become possible?” (p. 291)

Study Question 17

  • The master summoned a specific order of servants to put on their Christhood. (p. 291)
  •  What order of servants did he call? (p. 291)
  •  Which ascended master reinforced Victory’s summoning? (p. 291)

Study Question 18

  • Please create affirmations or an insert from the following statements from Beloved Victory. Record the affirmations or insert in your Victory Journal. Then include the affirmations or insert in your daily prayers.

    “O ye who are the body bulbs, O ye who have the sacred fire of Zadkiel, remember the power of Saint Germain from the beginning unto the end. By the seventh ray of victory, by the legions of the seventh ray, therefore, tarry here and conquer in the name of Victory. I say conquer in the name of Victory!” (p. 292)


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