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1st Image: Hosts Southern California  |  2nd Image: Moloney & Kelly  |  3rd Image: Conceptours  |  4th Image: Eshet Incentives & Conferences  |  5th Image: Hosts Las Vegas  |  6th Image: Hosts Chicago  |  7th Image: Hosts Southern California  

What. A. Year.

Welcome to Hosts Global's "The Design Edition". Here we get to talk about all design trends, color schemes, extraordinary entertainment, unexpected culinary treasures, and more of what goes into an event. As we say, you know, the fun stuff. 

This year has been quite the ride. Our members have been busier than ever putting on events that have fueled our Hosts Design Edition with all the ferociously creative eye candy we have been sending out each month. December always brings a time of reflection. With 2023 quickly approaching, let's take a minute to see what made 2022 fueled with creativity and intention, and one for the books. 

Hosts Southern California shows off its sunny side in this arrangement. Hosts Global Member Moloney & Kelly create art in dessert form. Conceptours Greece delights with light bites. Eshet Incentives and Conferences creates the most idyllic setting for a holiday event in Jerusalem. Hosts Las Vegas, Hosts Chicago, and Hosts Southern California entertain while serving guests. 

1st Image: Juice Studios  |  2nd and 3rd Images: COTC Events  |  4th Image: Hosts Southern California  |  5th Image: Juice Studios  |  6th and 7th Images: Hosts Washington DC  |  8th Image: Hosts Texas  |  9th Image: Hosts Las Vegas  |  10th and 11th Images: Spaintacular  |  12th Image:  COTC Events
Turns out, it IS easy being green... or any color you may want to be!

March was our inaugural Hosts Design Edition and we talked about spring being just around the corner and how many destinations were starting to see the new life spring brings. So in March, Hosts Global went green!  From florals and tables capes, to outdoor venues and green decor. This issue was all about that green. We also noted all the green vibes St. Patrick's Day influences in many destinations
See how Hosts Global Members  Juice Studios, COTC Events, Hosts Southern California, and Hosts Washington DC, and Hosts Texas took their events outdoors (and brought the outdoors in - we see you trending floral walls) and used the natural elements around them to help build their theme and provide a perfect color palate for these events.  When your entertainment matches your color scheme - you can expect your event to go to the next level. Here you will see some ferociously creative entertainment that blends perfectly into their event backdrop. Living art is the name of the game and Hosts Global Members Hosts Las Vegas,  and Spaintacular are champions at it.
1st image: Cacique  |  2nd Image: COTC Events  |  3rd Image: Portfire Events  |  4th Image: Hosts New Orleans  |  5th and Cacique Image: Cacique  |  7th Image: Hosts Chicago  |  8th and 9th Image: Juice Studio   |  10th Image: Spectra UK 
Events and flowers go together like peanut butter and jelly...  

In the many of the spring Design Editions we talked all about florals. Flowers paint the earth with pinks, yellows, purples, oranges, greens, blues, and shades of white. Floral arrangements, centerpieces, and installations can do almost everything for an event. They can create a theme, bring the drama, provide the color palate, dress the table, create an ambiance, make a statement, create a natural element, be a backdrop, and work as art. Our Hosts Global members, Hosts Southern California, COTC Events, Portfire Events, Hosts New Orleans, Cacique, Hosts Chicago, Juice Studios, Experience Holy City and Spectra UK- understood the assignment with these bold and beautiful centerpieces. 
1st Image: COTC Events  |  2nd Image: Group Services Inc  |  3rd Image: DePalm DMC  |  4th Image: Juice Studios  |  5th Image: COTC Events  |  6th Image: Lafayette DMC  |  7th Image: Juice Studios 

Vitamin Sea  

Summertime + Sea, they are the best of friends. In our summer Design Editions we touched on how Seaside events bring a certain magical element. Ocean in the distance, waves crashing melodically, and a color palate of blues, browns, white and creams, and maybe a splash of color to match some local flowers. Nautical palates are a classic for a reason. Clean and crisp, they take their cues from nature. 

COTC's seaside event brings a water-like curved table and twinkle lights for glow. Intimate beach dinners with toes in the sand all the way for these gorgeous set ups. Group Services Inc pulls turquoise blues as inspiration for their seaside tablescape.  DePalm DMC set's up waterside on the beach- no shoes required here. Juice Studios can make any venue chic- waterside by oceans crashing or even under a pier!  Lafayette's guests are surrounded by water and tranquility being pool side and ocean side in Monaco. Who's ready to hit the beach for their next event?   
1st Image: 4th Dimension Italy  |  2nd Image: COTC |  3rd Image: Experience Houston  |  4th Image: Juice Studios  |
5th Image: Spaintacular  |  6th Image: Operation Altitude  |  7th Image: World Events Consulting

Airy Architecture  
With soaring ceilings these venues not only draw the eye up, they also highlight the details in the architecture. Beams, cornices, arches, plaster decals, lights, even fish from an aquarium, and a ship! These venues put the "U" in unique and make for a great place to host your event. 
These Hosts Global Members understood the "WOW" assignment. 4th Dimension Italy raises the bar - and ceiling, in this moody set up with lighting showcasing an expansive room. 
COTC knows that an aquarium not only provides an amazing backdrop- but it also provides decor, color schemes and entertainment all in one. Experience Houston takes us to a venue where rustic meets trendy and the ceiling is a focal point. Did someone say focal point?? Juice Studios uses a venue where the beams are also art- and projections are up, down, and all around. If you didn't immediately say "IS THAT A REAL SHIP" when you saw Spaintacular's impressive and avant garde venue- then you weren't looking long enough. The funky and fun ceiling in Operation Altitude's venue is an eye catcher. And the classic architecture of World Events Consulting's featured venue will have you stepping back in time.   
1st image: Hosts Las Vegas  |  2nd Image: Hosts Texas  |  3rd Image: E2 Destination & Event Management  | 4th Image: Hosts Chicago  |  5th Image: Roberts Event Group  |  6th, 7th and 8th image: Hosts Las Vegas  |  9th Image: Group Services Inc

Avant Garde and Ferociously Creative...
When your entertainment is a statement piece, it's something no one will forget. Here you will see some ferociously creative entertainment that wows every guest. Living art is the name of the game and Hosts Global Members Hosts Las Vegas, Hosts Chicago, Roberts Event Group in Pennsylvania, and Group Services Inc in Puerto Rico are champions at it.
All Images: Moloney & Kelly 
A Winter Classic...  
Hosts Global Member Moloney & Kelly recreated an iconic literary adventure by creating "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe". Total fantasyland.     
1st & 2nd Image: Portfire Events  |  3rd Image: Cacique  |  4th Image: Experience Holy City  |  5th Image: World Events Consulting  |  6th & 7th Images: Eshet Incentives and Conferences  |  8th Image: Lafayette DMC  |  9th Image: Juice Studios  |  10th Image: Connect DMC  |  11th Image: Group Services Inc  |  12th Image: Hosts Chicago
Somewhere Over the Rainbow...  
One thing is for certain food can bring in so many vibrant colors for your event. Color-themed food can be within company colors, an event color scheme, or just bright, light, and airy, or dark, intense and moody! Colors are what we see first when it comes to the food spread. As the health experts say - the more colorful your plate... the tastier it is... Ok, they might actually say "the healthier it is" but we believe our Hosts Global Members had it right with tastier.

Hosts Global members painted their plates all the colors of the rainbow. Portfire Events painted their plates pink for these mouthwatering dishes. Cacique makes the rainbow look delicious, and healthy in these coconut fruit bowls. Experience Holy City knows that Southern staples like chicken and waffles provide the perfect golden hue. World Events Consulting salmon bites are both pretty and poppable. Eshet Incentives and Conferences brings in the color with their natural spices and toppings to these authentic Israeli dishes. Lafayette DMC provides the French staples- bread, cheese, and wine. Juice Studios believes tacos are more fun when they are colorful. Connect DMC in the Dominican Republic partnered with renowned Chef Saverio Stassi who uses high quality local products dishes and finishes with a Dominican rum tasting watching the sun go down. Talk about your color spectrum. Group Services Inc had brightly colored salads and linens that provided an extra pop of color - making this salad look brilliant. Hosts Chicago serves a deconstructed bruschetta in a jar for an extra pop. 
1st Image: Juice Studios  |  2nd Image: Hosts New Orleans  |  3rd-4th Images: Juice Studios  |  5th Image: World Events Consulting  |  6th Image: Hosts Louisville  |  7th Image: Juice Studios  |  8th Image: COTC Events  
Cocktails and Dreams...  
Themed drinks have been on the rise in the event world. Cocktails and mock-tails, seltzers and spritzers, craft beer, draft beer and wine with fruit mixers. (Dr. Seuss: the Design Edition) It's called happy hour for a reason. Networking events bring out a more relaxed vibe. Some appetizers, charcuterie boards, and clever cocktails seem to get a conversation flowing a little easier. And when those drinks with quippy titles and logo color schemes come into play, your event has reached a certain level of "cool". But not all happy hour featured drinks have to be solely alcohol focused. The ever-popular mock-tail has been growing on the scene of many happy hours. Providing tasty and pretty non-alcohol versions for guests to drink is just in good taste... see what we did there?

Hosts Global Members are making mixologists day dream with some of these ferociously creative, and cool, cocktails and mock-tails. Maybe it's because of their logo colors - but Juice Studios knows how to rock pink and orange(ish) drinks. Hosts New Orleans also has some moody pretty in pink vibes. World Event Consulting's drink paired with desserts is giving us a sweet tooth. Hosts Louisville knows that The Kentucky Bourbon Trail tasting is a Midwest delicacy. 
Thank to you to our contributing Hosts Global Members for a wonderful year of ferociously creative event design. Stay tuned in 2023 for more Design Editions featuring more members and beautiful decor and event tips from our Ferociously Creative team! We'll see you in 2023!

What's Next for Hosts Global?

We have lots more announcements coming soon!  Follow us and see.
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