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Our mission: To plan and enable building a great Calgary

Calgary is a great place to make a living and a life. Planning & Development continues to support our local economy and the aspirations of landowners by processing planning applications and building permits. We've remained open for business throughout the pandemic, with a continued focus on providing great service for our customers and building great communities together.
We've created a number of fee relief measures and process changes to support our business and industry customers during these challenging times. For a complete list of Planning & Development service changes, visit


Land Use Bylaw amendments support economic recovery

Recent amendments to Calgary’s Land Use Bylaw support business owners through fewer, simplified processes and reduced costs required to comply with the bylaw. They also provide increased flexibility for business operations, and eliminate some change of use applications. These amendments are one more example of The City’s efforts to modernize regulations in support of economic recovery and vibrant communities. 

The updated bylaw is now in effect. Amendments include:
  • Absorbing Market uses into Retail and Consumer Service use. 
  • Consolidating Cannabis Counselling, Counselling Service, Health Services Laboratory – With Clients and Medical Clinic into the new use of Health Care Service
  • Clarifying the screening requirements for mechanical equipment, and providing a visual guide for applicants and City staff. 
  • Reducing the number of restaurant uses down to two – 1) Restaurant: Licensed and 2) Restaurant: Food Service Only. We also moved the public area size maximums out of the use definition to the applicable district, and doubled the minimum restaurant size to 150 square meters. 
  • Updating the table for Setbacks from Road Rights-of-Ways and changing the title to Public Realm Setbacks. 
  • Adding Child Care Service to the list of commercial multi-residential uses. 
  • Amending Home Based Child Care facilities by eliminating Class 2 and enabling Class 1 to have one non-resident employee, in alignment with Provincial changes made in February.  
  • Extending the expiry date of the Centre City Enterprise Area by two years, to July 1, 2023.
  • Allowing RVs to park on front driveways for 36 hours, up from 24, in alignment with the Traffic Bylaw.
  • Changing reference to “Subdivision and Development Appeal Board” to Appeal Body, in alignment with Provincial changes to the Municipal Government Act. 
For more information on these business-friendly amendments, and more, visit


Pandemic off-site levy payment relief program deferred $33M in development fees

A pandemic off-site levy payment relief program Planning & Development (PD) created to provide temporary financial relief has officially come to an end. The final deferred payments and reduced late fees have been received in full.

The voluntary program allowed developers and builders to apply between July and December last year for a six-month extension to pay outstanding levy charges, with a reduced late payment penalty fee. 

With Council’s approval, the program allowed PD to extend the due dates on approximately $33 million in off-site levy fees, associated with approximately 225 hectares of land development. This money was able to remain active in the development industry for an additional six months. Approximately $2.5 million in permanent relief was provided through credits associated with the reduced late payment penalty. 

For more information on how PD has supported the industry and small business owners throughout the pandemic, visit To learn more about levies, visit


City proposing updates to wireless equipment installations supporting 5G+

The City is updating the protocols that guide installation of wireless equipment on public and private infrastructure, to further support the evolution of 5G and beyond in Calgary. This is the first protocols update since 2014. 

City administration, Council, Wireless Service Providers (WSPs) and community associations have a long history of working collaboratively on wireless installations, through what’s called a concurrence process. The protocols we’re updating, which guide that process, are contained in the Telecommunications Antenna Structures Siting Protocols document.

The updates will address small cell technology that supports new generation platforms such as 4G and 5G. It’s important to note that small cell antennas are exempt from public consultation and land use authority review under federal approval processes*. Based on learnings during the pandemic, the updates also propose the option of allowing virtual open houses where required by the protocols for certain antenna types. 

When a WSP applies for concurrence, The City advises on the placement and visual impact of the wireless infrastructure, and reviews the submission with a focus on design and location. Public input may be considered for certain submission types. 

Visit to learn more about the proposed changes and next steps.

*The federal government provides approval for all telecommunications installations, including small cells. Likewise, health safety concerns related to radiofrequency exposure fall under national Health Canada guidelines.
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