when the pulse of life is interfered 
independent interdependence ~ honoring Satao

by Charlotte Fuller

a brief on VIRGIN (7 min film)

give yourself ~ you are the gift 
by Cristina Russo


funeral for lost species
what is missing?
Extinction Symbol 

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When the pulse of life
is interfered
over and over again

brutally hacked away 
shipped off 
boxed up, acquired, deadened
and displayed 

there exists the left behind
ghosts that must be acknowledged
and mourned 
they float, disperse and slip slide.

~Charlotte Fuller 7.5.14



Dear Friend,
I am still at a loss for words with Satao's death and am infinitely grateful for ex·tinc·tion wit·ness members who are coming forward with offerings.

Below, you can read more of Charlotte Fuller's witness for Satao in her deep creative and profoundly beautiful process of independence day introspection.

Please also see the short video of an orphan rescue thanks to The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Orphan's Project shared here by Carol McClelland.

Satao. Gentle giant. If he cannot reach us, shattering the walls around our hearts to restore our wealth within, ending this mad dash for something shiny without, no one can.

And no one can. It's in every one of us to be wise.

Please support WildAid ~ When the buying stops, the killing can too.

Also in this letter and in keeping with the emphasis on personal transformation, Cristina Russo reflects on the healing power of dance in Give Yourself ~
You are the Gift

Please see an edited version of the ~7 minute short film a brief on VIRGIN that is less monotonous than the original. The dana campaign has four days left, closing at 11:59 PM Thursday 7.10.14.

We have cut travel expense and shifted plans for filming in Calaveras so that funds will go toward further storyboarding, editing, and marketing the film once it is complete. Can you help by making a gift today? www.dana.io

I've been privileged to write several poems on commission and offer this service at a discount for the $144 dana level through the close of the campaign.

My regular request is $324 for personalized poems, which require a 45 minute phone conversation and 8 to 18 hours of focused attention to complete the writing. You can read samples of my commissioned work on my personal web.

In 2005, Janisse Ray asked a room full of environmental studies professors and students, including myself, when it is that we will all pause and become real with ourselves and one another in light of what is real with this world we adore.

For me, 
ex·tinc·tion wit·ness is this pause ~ the breathing life of all revealed.
The project arises from the question who am I? That is, the fundamental question that surfaces in times of personal emergency so that perhaps one may emerge true to a unique and unified purpose.

In this global emergency, humanity asks who are we? and thus may emerge collectively true and unified in purpose. May it be so. May Satao be remembered as the bell who sounded our great pause.

I am stunned. Satao has called me home to Africa.

Infinite gratitude for all you be and do.
Much love and many blessings

When you want to lay yourself open for the divine
like a snare that is hollowed out to its depth
like a canopy that projects a shadow
from the divine heat and light
into your soul, then

Go into your inner place physically
or to that story or symbol
that reminds you of the sacred.

Close the door of your awareness
to the public person you think yourself to be.

Pray to the parent of creation with your inner sense
the outer senses turned within.

Veiling yourself, the mystery
may be unveiled through you.

The breathing life of all reveals itself
in the way you live your life.

~Neil Douglas-Klotz
interpretive version of Matthew 6:6
The Hidden Gospel:
Decoding the Spiritual Message

of the Aramaic Jesus


"True independence
and freedom
can only exist
in doing
what's right."

~ Brigham Young


Independent Interdependence  
Honoring Satao
by Charlotte Fuller 7.5.14

It appears Satao lived fifty years because he learned to hide himself and his enormous tusks behind bushes when humans were near.

Satao could not show himself, he could not share his majesty because of human greed and exploitation.

Satao had something valuable and powerful in himself he couldn't show.

Every child living with violent instability, every child of sexual exploitation, abuse, every group or individual discriminated against, impoverished by greed, every one of US perhaps feels something of Satao's story.

This Independence Day 2014, I am reminded of the elephant ghost in the room. Our Interdependence, Our Spirit's ability to Connect, Our Diverse Beauty, and Our Ignorance, Our Disconnection, Our Failure, Our Shame transferred.

It's hard for US to see and understand here. Technological progress and brilliant business ideas seemed to make things so easy for US for a while. Until they didn't. We didn't know perhaps way back that the shiny surfaces of new appliances leave hidden ghosts.

What will become of US?

When the pulse of life is interfered over and over again, brutally hacked away, shipped off, boxed up, acquired, deadened and displayed. There exists the left behind remains. Ghosts that must be acknowledged and mourned. They float, disperse and slip slide.

The Tar Sands exploitation continues, dust clouds are reaching toward an overheated, overburdened atmosphere that can’t take it anymore. 

As 50,000 child refugees, run for their lives over our borders, finding themselves cut loose from parents desperate to provide a chance at life and safety, it looks like they may never find refuge in US?

I grieve for Satao's brutal murder and a whole lot more. I want to acknowledge it’s interesting how this piece of news hit me especially hard, from across the globe. Perhaps it is safer somehow to see horror and majesty from a distance?

Yes, I feel my own heart explode with some kind of grief and rage at the exploitation, the killing and maiming of what is beautiful.

I celebrated independence day by drawing elephants and feeling interdependence. Satao helped me remember the hard way. The aspiration for peace and freedom and justice lives on in US. We can feel heartbroken and grateful for that. 

 see An Obituary for Satao at The Dodo

Give Yourself ~ You are the Gift
                                   by Cristina Russo

I discovered the cathartic power of dancing when I was 5 years old. I used to spin around in my parents lounge, holding my portable LP player and listening to my favorite 45s.

I see dancing as a path of transformation, a contemplative action to reconnect myself in harmony with Mother Earth and the cycles of Nature. It is a chance to explore the space, affirming my identity, my right to be.

As a poet, I found dancing like visual poetry, which liberates the secret words from our body. Dancing is a practice to feel our direction through the extension of our thoughts and feelings towards our movements.

When I was 17, my dance teacher told me to choose a point in the room and direct all my energy to that point, stretching all my body in that direction, imagining to be able to touch that point.

I felt my body breathing like a tree in a forest. I was empowered by my own imagination. In that moment, I realized that I am free and wherever I will go, if I listen to my dreams, I will always find the right direction.

If you have a dream, your dream will feed your roots like a river. Dreaming is the possibility to let your inspiration become your chant, your energy be your dance, let it flow, connecting your path with others, bringing vision to the world.

"The best gift you have to give
is that of your own self-transformation."
                                                                                      ~Lao Tsu

With this guidance, I started to develop the idea of connecting all artists together from many creative fields with different backgrounds and nationalities in order to support good causes and make a difference, bringing harmony, peace and respect to the world through arts and spreading the sense of community. Humus 4 Change was born.

We all live under the same sky, the circle only has one side. So let's dance together in the circle of change.

a brief on

    includes some of the poetry
featured in VIRGIN and a brief
on the intent of this production
at vimeo

Brazilian officials warn of ‘imminent’ death
of uncontacted Indians ~ 26 June 2014

please read Survival 

please see aerial footage

invitation to pause is a 3.5-minute film
introducing ex·tinc·tion wit·ness
and some of the collaborating artists

Please see invitation to pause here
for the life of myriad beings 
and climate stability
we must protect
what remains of intact forest
and help expand 

the many who work tirelessly
toward this end
range in size from large individuals
to large groups and corporations 

here is a list of those
more or less familiar to ex·tinc·tion wit·ness
please check them out

gratitude and love moves with all 

Center for Biological Diversity
Earth Reforestation Project
Pachamama Alliance 
Julia Butterfly Hill 
Native Forest Council 
Conservation Congress 

 Feral Theatre's
    Funeral for Lost Species 

Please see this short film for highlights from a performance and sculpture installation at St Peter's Church, Brighton Fringe Festival, May 2011. Many artists contributed to this innovative exploration of extinction and ecological grief, in which audiences and participants engaged on a visceral and emotional level with humankind's power to destroy and create.
See 'Funeral for Lost Species' on Vimeo
what is missing?
is Maya Lin's 
last memorial project 

it is a stunning site that allows
you to explore and share stories
of those being and becoming extinct
while engaging with grand conservation efforts

please visit www.whatismissing.net
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this Extinction Symbol is NOT
an ex·tinc·tion wit·ness creation 

and ex·tinc·tion wit·ness encourages
the placement of this symbol
in public spaces 

you may even tattoo this on your skin

per the request of the artist
who is based in the UK
please DO NOT commercialize
the extinction symbol

ie please DO NOT print the symbol on t-shirts
mugs or other products for sale

please create this symbol
in your own way
in a special place
preferably in view for all to see

Thank You!

more at Extinction Symbol 

join in at  flickr group

with the exception of a few
this list of sources shifts monthly
in keeping with the specific group
ex·tinc·tion wit·ness attends to

July 2014 is to elephant

When the buying stops, the killing can too.

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust
Orphan's Project

Ashes and Snow

by Gregory Colbert

National Geographic
Trauma for Rangers on the Frontlines  6.27.24

Eye in the Sky: Forest Holocaust
~ a brief on global deforestation

Julia Butterfly Hill speaks well
to how disposability is a limited
and limiting way of thinking
about the world in Disposability Consciousness

What is mass extinction?
with Elizabeth Kolbert
author of The Sixth Extinction

Project Drawdown the possibilities
for reducing greenhouse gases

The Sacred Work of Grief with Francis Weller at Wisdom Bridge

The Work that Reconnects with Joanna Macy

Bioneers restoring people and planet

Radical Joy for Hard Times
creating beauty for the wounded

Humus 4 Change
artists promoting universal human rights 
traditional cultures, ecological awareness, 
and animal welfare
read ex•tinc•tion wit•ness

IMAGE CREDITS in order of appearance

bull and baby 
pastel, ink, acrylic on paper
by Charlotte Fuller

earth skin
credit Charlotte Fuller

first draft bull and baby 
ink and charcoal
by Charlotte Fuller

branch and hand touch
credit Gabriele Modena

uncontacted Indians

'smoke signals'
painting by Bryan Holland

abstract stills from VIRGIN
credit Tree Ring Productions 11.13
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