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This mass extinction event can be allayed.
Biodiversity and associated cultural diversity can be revived. 
A Place To Stand by Bryan Holland /
Dear Friend, 

Eight years ago today, US Airways Flight 1549 collided with a flock of Canada geese, some of whom were sucked into the plane's engines, killing the engines and geese, who fail to be counted in the number of fatalities reported at 0 since all 150 human passengers and 5 flight crew members survived an emergency landing in Hudson River. The story was dramatized in Sully (2016). I haven't watched Sully but for the trailer, which brought tears as I imagine the fear during descent, gratitude and aftershock upon landing.

Until this morning, I was clueless to the fact that birds are regularly killed in attempt to prevent such collisions. That 70,000 birds have been shot and trapped around New York since 2009 provides me 70,000 more reasons to question flying. Some of the details counted in 1,235 Canada geese captured and gassed at 17 locations across New York City and 1,739 goose eggs coated with oil to smother developing goslings are cruelties born of irony inspiring anger beyond translation in text.

The irony being that birds are killed to make the skies safer for humans to fly in planes. North America's birds struggling as they are, air quality what it is, and my own behavior the one thing within my control, I question flying for any reason and choose to fly only if absolutely necessary. I question what is necessary and want to look in the eye of a bird - any and every bird - with certainty that I did what I could to value their presence in the global community. When not valued through a show of care and concern for their needs, birds, like anyone, will eventually go away. The cost of neglect measured in so many already vanishing.

As begins the Vow 2 Act, Life is not solely about me and what I want. I exist because the global community exists. Just because I have money to afford something, doesn't mean others or the community can afford me this. United States consumption patterns are traced globally in ongoing genocide and rapidly decreasing biodiversity. Extravagance has always been too expensive.

To point to another's behavior as the culprit of common woes is generally unwise. More so if I am somehow and in any way continuing to participate in and benefit extensively from that behavior. Transitioning from fossil fuels, hyperactivity, and extravagance involves personal systemic change that fosters communal change. When necessary, change is forced if not willed. What doesn't work, doesn't last long.

As darkness closes in through so real images of a living hell kindly tweeted to me, I want to encourage a gaze that is complete. Please go to the impoverishment with integrity of spirit, no assumptions, and without complaint. What can be missed in images documenting sheer darkness is light that makes the images possible. 

Lots of love,

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Biodiversity is social diversity.
Her Face - giant sequoia / RIGHT WORK
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no one is to blame. everyone is responsible.
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DRAWDOWN (ˈdrôˌdoun) n. 
The point at which concentrations of greenhouse gases
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Blindspot Think Tank, UK
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     a system of government by the whole population
     or all the eligible members of a state, typically
     through elected representatives.


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A Place To Stand
by Bryan Holland

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