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Self-care isn't just for teachers.
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Dear Friend,


I am thrilled to announce The Healthy Happy Sane Teacher: Sustainable Self-Care for a Successful School Year Home Study Program.  I wanted to share it with you first because many of you approached me about wanting to take the program last summer when we taught it live and either you weren't available during our session or (*gasp*) you aren’t a teacher.


You ask and you shall receive, friends! The Home Study Program is the exact self-care program on your timeline. And we aren't checking for teaching credentials...(so if you non teacher types wanted to sign up...)


What is The Healthy Happy Sane Teacher you ask?


The Healthy Happy Sane Teacher is a five week self-guided self-care workshop taught by me and Rosie Molinary, author of Beautiful You: A Daily Guide to Radical Self-Acceptance.


In The Healthy, Happy, Sane Teacher program, we teach educators -- from elementary teachers to college professors, support personnel to administrators -- the best practices for self-care, how to let go of the pressure for perfection, how to know what adjustments to make when things get tough, how to identify personal boundaries and communicate them, and the power of claiming what you want in your life.


Each week there is a lesson in healthy, a lesson in happy and a lesson in sane - along with a workbook to help you incorporate the week’s lessons into your daily life.  Rosie and I also spend a hour each week talking about the week’s lessons.


The Home Study program includes both the audio recording, the workbooks and a secret Facebook group where we can build a community of people dedicated to making our lives healthier, happier and saner.


If you are interested in The Healthy, Happy, Sane Teacher Home Study program please sign up for our mailing list and if you know anyone who would benefit from some guided self-care instruction, please send this message to them.

In health, happiness and sanity,




Sunday Snooze is on for this Sunday at 4:30 at It's All Yoga. Please register early to save yourself a bolster.

Have you heard of the It's All Yoga Road Trip?

For the next two weeks, visit our three "destinations" (types of classes — Flow, Grounding and Restorative), get your Road Trip card marked off and you'll be entered to win a home practice yoga video.

So why might you go to each type of class?

To build strength, stamina and flexibility, increase your breath capacity and control, take your body through full, fluid ranges of motion and loosen any place you feel "stuck" in your body or life.

To increase strength and flexibility, fine-tune alignment and pose subtlety, slow down and tap into a sense of landing and acceptance.

To allow the nervous system to rest and reset, tune into the deeply meditative quality of each moment, counterbalance the harried pace and intensity of our culture and ultimately increase your strength and flexibility by taking the body off guard.

It's easy to stay with one type of practice, but it's important to vary what we do in the body and balance activity and rest.
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