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Autumn is upon us, nature's energy is packing up and leaving and alas we're still living with covid.  So how do you intend to spend the coming months?  Pack up likewise and hunker down till spring?  Quietly feed your head to fertilise your imagination and create a ground for inspiration?  Or plan to exhibit and work like a dog?  Whichever way it is, we all look forward to seeing  the results.

As always, be creative.     Kia auaha   
featured art (manipulated):  Caroline Gartner "Rainy Night"
The President's Report March 2022

A Happy New Year to you all. It seems a bit late to say that but the last newsletter was prior to the New year so I hope it’s going well so far!

Jan Thomson’s exhibition, “Woolsheds to Wilderness”, was our first exhibition in the McKee Gallery this year  . Wonderful acrylic and watercolour paintings. Her expressive choice of colour realistically depicts the high country. Not only the buildings and animals but the inhabitants, their work and even their gumboots. This exhibition can be viewed on line at Woolsheds to Wilderness online. She sold nine works, a great start to the year and congratulations to Jan.

Our current exhibition is “Shades of Feminine” by Jane Duncan. Beautiful detail and colour in her work of females in various stages of life; the maiden, the mother, the huntress, the lover, the sage/Crone, the Mystic and the Queen. Her work is symbolic and spiritual and shows her love of nature. Well worth a visit.

The red light traffic system has imposed on all of us.  However, although you need the usual vaccine pass and a mask, the gallery is open and welcomes you to the exhibitions.

Philippa Eberlein
NSAS President/Treasurer
President's Report NSAS AGM 2021-2022     
Welcome everyone; artist members, general members, and supporters of the Nelson Suter Art Society to the 2022 AGM. 

Despite the Covid lockdown, exhibition restrictions and no international visitors we have had a good year. We have had fourteen exhibitions with sales to $94,500;  219 artworks sold, giving $66,000 back to the members; close to $19,000 commission was paid to the NSAS, and close to $10,000 to the Suter Gallery. We have had  eight new members and three returning ones. 

Along with the wonderful variety of 2D and 3D work at our Autumn and Spring exhibitions we held a watercolour exhibition in honour of Barbara Morrison who bequeathed us a sum of money and was a member for 25 years. It’s taken a while but we finally got there!  Her coastal and garden scene paintings loaned from the family were complemented by NSAS watercolour members.

We also held a Preloved Reloved Exhibition which was well received by the public. The work was hung in a salon style which gave the cosy feel of the Louvre or Royal Academy. Altogether, 107 works from talented artists, local, national, and international, along with acclaimed names adorned the walls.  

In my absence, thanks to Ynes, Paul, and Kirsten for selecting the NMIT Graduate Award 2021 winners. They are Kirsty Cooper with a series of geometric, abstract paintings and graphic etchings, Rachel Hampton with a series of ten photographic portraits, presented as five pairs, and Emma King with five works on primed, sand-sealed plywood board. We look forward to their exhibition in the Gallery later this year.

Thank you to the Suter staff, particularly Julie catchpole and Sarah McClintock, your input is greatly appreciated.

A big thank you to the volunteer committee who maintain the high standards of the society. We are dedicated to nurture, develop and promote art in the region. We are here to support our artists and their exhibitions within the community.

We are sad to see four committee members retire this year; Peter Copp, Claire Bywater, Francie Heathfield, and Ynes Guevara.  Thank you for all your time and support.  Thank you to all the committee who are staying and particularly to Nick and Kate for their longstanding contribution. Also, our Patron Gabriele Coote.

Thank you to all of those who volunteer outside the committee, the artists who exhibit, and those who visit and purchase the wonderful work.
Philippa Eberlein
2022 Annual Summer Cash and Carry Exhibition

A coat of paint saw the McKee gallery spruced up ready for our Summer Cash and Carry Exhibition. This exhibition of smaller works attracted art from 58 members. The opening was well attended, and we enjoyed a glass of wine from our sponsors, Appleby Vintners.

The Exhibition ran from 5th December through to 6th February. Replacing work as each one sold and rotating those displayed with those stored created an ever-changing display. Fifty-nine pieces of art valued at $14,000 found new homes locally and nationally. The average price was less than previous years, so the takeaway is, don't undervalue your work. 



              Jane Duncan                                                                          28 February – 20 March
              2020 NMIT grads Georgia Elliston/Andrew Robertson          21 March – 5 April
              Autumn Exhibition, guest artist Charlotte Giblin                      13 April - 1 May
              Lauren Kitts & Jill Seeney                                                        2 May  - 22 May
              Ruby Coast Arts                                                                      23 May - 12 June

Autumn Exhibition 2022
Guest Artist: 
 Charlotte Giblin


‘Home’ is a brand-new collection of landscape paintings by Charlotte Giblin, a full-time contemporary fine artist, writer and art tutor living in New Plymouth.


A two-time finalist in the Adam Portraiture Award, Charlotte does occasional portrait commissions but prefers the creative language of landscapes, which carry more personal weight: each painting is autobiographical, and each new series chronicles the specific period of time in her life in which it was painted.


“My landscapes are entirely imagined, however they are rooted in three-dimensional structure and realism which is a by-product of my years as a drawing tutor and my keen eye for detail. I work in acrylics, mostly with a palette-knife, and my paintings are storytelling symphonies of colour, texture and light.

Each of these new paintings tells a story of hope: more than ever we are in need of comfort, reassurance and warmth; a place to rest, rejuvenate and “be ourselves”, and nowhere symbolises that more than Home. This collection is strongly reminiscent of the power of Fairy-tales and stories of adventure, yet the viewer is standing in the light, and the path Home is well lit: these are tales of confidence and optimism, and within each painted journey is always the option to choose which path you take.”

Kudos:  NSAS member Paul Deacon

The American Society of Marine Artists (ASMA) is presenting the 1st International Online Marine art exhibition. sharing the finest contemporary marine art from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, France, the United Kingdom and the United States. Over one hundred and fifty artists from around the world are represented in the exhibition which is available online until June 2022 at

The works herein show the best in marine art from around the world and the concept of an international 'online' exhibition was to strengthen ties and build bridges between fellow societies at a time of uncertainty as COVID disrupts so much. The artworks range from the traditional through to abstract covering a very broad range of nautical subjects beyond that of seascapes and ships.

Australian Society of Marine Artists (ASMA) his painting of HMB Endeavour with accompanying Maori waka was accepted for this online exhibition and represents New Zealand which currently does not have its own Society of Marine Artists. 

Kudos:  NSAS member Nicola Reif


Well done Nicola Reif for becoming one of only two New Zealanders to be accepted to the American-based Society of Animal Artists as an associate member. 


Nicola:  "I’m a self-taught artist and my subjects are animals and birds - especially wildlife. My background in science and biology influences my style which is detailed yet artistic. Choosing to work in pastel allows precision, stunning clarity and depth of colour along with the ability to render the lightness of feathers and the softness of fur. It is a medium that complements natural subjects beautifully."

The direct gaze of her birds and animals arrests you.   "When I paint, I pay particular attention to the subject’s eyes and I strive to capture a little of the animal’s soul which is reflected there. I want viewers to really see the animals in my paintings and feel their vulnerability, their power and their emotion. If the viewer comes away with a feeling of connection with, and respect for, the animals I paint then I feel I have achieved my objective."

The SAA is "an organization comprised of members who produce the best animal art in the world. The mission of the Society of Animal Artists is to promote excellence in the portrayal of domesticated and wild animals in art."  As such it is the world's most prestigious art society devoted to animals, with very exacting standards.  The jurors ask questions like is this fine art?  Is it well drawn? Does the artist have mastery of the medium?  Is the anatomy correct?  (This question produces the most rejections.) Does the work rise above portrait to tell a story in a context?

Nicola has made the cut in a very tough muster.  Congratulations.

Kudos:  NSAS member Vicki Charles


Congratulations to Vicki Charles whose submission "Trinity and the Green Rain" (above) has been accepted as a finalist in the Richard T Nelson Awards for Sculpture competition. These awards, valued in total at $20,000, aim to recognize excellence in NZ sculpture and seek to foster a market for smaller scale sculptures so private collectors can enjoy at home. In total 68 artists and 90 artworks have been selected this year, and all will be exhibiting at the NZ Art Show (at the TSB Arena in Wellington) over Queen's Birthday weekend. 

Vicki had been sculpting for over 30 years, the last seven of them professionally. Last year also she had the honour of being a finalist, and both her works sold at the show.  Fingers crossed for this year.

Vicki Charles:  So proud for this sculpture to be selected for the Richard T Nelson Competition.
Note: Vicki will be exhibiting in the McKee Gallery in 2023.

New Member Profile: 

My work is inspired by notions of self, stability in the sense of home and belonging, and critical self-reflection. Increasingly, I am also drawing inspiration from the tangled and often awry thoughts and thought processes we have in the more difficult moments of the human experience.



Samantha Allen

I am a self-taught acrylic painter based in Nelson. I take note from the surrealist, cubist and abstract art movements.

I have always painted, but I really started developing my style in my University years studying Gender Studies and Sociology, and then onto law. After I finished my law degree in 2016, I continued to paint as I lived in Wellington, Tauranga and Nelson, balancing painting with forging my litigation career in family and then criminal law.



Instagram: samallenhere 


New Member Profile:   

Katie Wright

Kia ora, my name is Katie Wright and I have just moved here from Christchurch, where I completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Hons, painting) at Ilam School of Fine Arts. I mostly paint with oils, but love trying out other mediums too. My style could be described as realist – I particularly like to paint images focusing on architectural spaces and light. In my work, I enjoy exploring themes of solitude and isolation through elements such as light and composition, and am interested in the concept of ‘Non-Places’ – spaces which people pass through, designed to be as anonymous and impersonal as possible, such as shopping malls, airports, and gas stations.

I am inspired by artists such as Edward Hopper, as well as cinematography and the environment around me. I am excited to be involved in the Nelson Suter Art Society, to meet other artists and learn about their work, and to work towards further development of my paintings.


Mapua Art Group  Annual Exhibition  2022
The Mapua Art Group held their annual exhibition that ran for ten days over the new year in the Mapua Hall.
Thirty members of the group exhibited and although income was down compared to previous years, no doubt the influence of covid, 78 works were sold. Just over a 1000 visitors viewed the exhibition and according to the their feedback comments visitors were impressed by the set up and the quality of the works displayed.  MAG (Mapua Art Group) has a membership of 39 and meets on Thursday mornings in the Bill Marris room at the Mapua hall.   New members are always welcome.

Two Extra Benefits for Members!

One:  Free Display Space

Will your art fit on an easel?  Ask to have it displayed for a month for free (usual commission taken on any sales) by contacting the Society.  The NSAS office window overlooks the pond with the path outside being part of the popular Suter Sculpture Walk.  Passers-by will get a chance to enjoy a rotation of members' work.

Two:   DIY Advertising Subsidy

When you exhibit in the McKee Gallery, ask about a 30% subsidy from the Society for having your approved flyer appear in the newspaper (the Nelson Weekly).  Contact the Exhibitions Officer (see below).

Currently  Displaying  -   NSAS Window

NSAS has a member's picture constantly on display in the office window at the back of the McKee Gallery, visible from the walk along the pond.  

Showing now is Bee Van Pallandt's  "Untitled--Series III"  (ink on paper), an intriguing composition of seeming scribble that with decreasing density resolves into discrete figures of animals, humans, and human artefacts. It buzzes with a positive and optimistic energy.

Currently  Displaying  -   SBS Bank Window

NSAS also has a member's work from the current (i.e. at the time of issue of this newsletter) exhibition on display in the window of the SBS bank in Trafalgar St.

Now showing is Jane Duncan's In The Blue Bubble (oil on canvas).  Floating in the bubbles are the words freedom and compassion, appropriate for these most interesting of times.  Though not part of the series now showing in the gallery, it is indicative of her style.  Her exhibition, Shades of Feminine, runs until March 20.

Note:  All window displayed art is for sale.  Please contact the Society (see below).
A Moment in Time

In the 1966 NSAS Autumn Art Exhibition, the guest artist was the "well-known abstract artist, William Jones" (1923 - 1983).  The prices are still in guineas.   In 1966!



Photo News
Dreaming of Exhibiting?

This could be you.

Get the accolades (and sales) you and your work deserve.  If you haven't exhibited before, take the plunge and submit a proposal.  We are keen to exhibit the work, both 2D and 3D, of all our members.  Fresh faces are very welcome.
Request now for space in 2023 and remember you don't have to go it alone.  Exhibit together with a fellow member or two, or three.  If you don't have a potential group of your own, ask to join one.  Discuss all matters re exhibiting with our Exhibitions Officer (see below.)                         
Endowments, Bequests
We appreciate your contributions in support of local artists and the furtherance of the visual arts in the community.  If you are thinking of NSAS in your estate planning, please contact the president (see below). 
Advertising Rates

An ad here costs $30.  Send your copy, preferably landscape, as a jpg file, 1mb max, size up to 1 x A4, to the newsletter coordinator (see below) or directly to

The next issue is June10 with a deadline of June 1.

2022 Committee Members 

President: Philippa Eberlein
Vice President: Nick Duncan
Secretary: Kate Coote
Treasurer: Philippa Eberlein (acting)
McKee Exhibition Officer: Jill Richards
Exhibitions Hanging Team:  Paul Deacon, Nick Duncan
Membership Coordinator:  vacant
Social Coordinator: Akky Leurink
Newsletter Coordinator: Clare Williams
Facebook Coordinator: Joanne Kouwenhoven
Marketing: vacant

General Committee:
Glenis Ambrose
Kirsten Baldwin
Rahel Brodi-Sharrock
Kaye Farrer

Gary Gibbens
Ronnie Martin
Paul Nankivell

Julie Catchpole, Suter Director
Barry Driver, NSAS website updates


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