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It's the last newsletter of 2021.  We've made it through another covid year and few of us are unscathed.   But while soldiering on remember to stop and smell the roses.  The future is unreadable so seize the day:  sketch that scene, paint that picture, throw that clay and shape that wood and stone.

Season's greetings, be healthy, and be creative.     Kia auaha 
featured art (manipulated):  Pauline Watts "Explosion of Gulls"
The President's Report December 2021
Ongoing disruption in the world, in New Zealand, in the NSAS McKee Gallery!

The well-coordinated New Members exhibition, Pigments, Pots and Pearls, hung in the McKee gallery from 16th August and was extended to 26th September but could only be viewed in person by the public for the last three weeks. With visitors being in short supply, four sales were most welcome. The talented Artists could not have an opening due to the Covid restrictions and this has been a recurring theme over the last few months.

A reorganising of the exhibitions followed and a big thanks to the NMIT graduate members, Georgia Elliston and Andrew Robertson, for agreeing to defer their exhibition until next year. We next welcomed Rob Knowles exhibition We do Awkward. Not only is Rob an artist but also an organic farmer and for the last 21 years a member of the Motueka Men’s Support group. The group meet once a week, sit around a fire in a tipi and discuss life’s struggles and how to solve them. The exhibition encompassed a series of portraits of the Motueka men’s group members and took over four years to complete. Rob took many photographs and captured the essence of each member. Transferring it to canvas and adding a touch of plaster gave a 3D effect. After four years he found he needed to update some of the earlier works! Rob donated the portraits to the members. 

The Spring Exhibition Moving Forward saw work by 80 artists fill the McKee and Potton Galleries. A range of size and themes covered the walls and an eclectic mix of 3D work in stone, wood, pottery, glass, and fibre covered plinths throughout the two galleries. We sold ten stunning works. A local artist, Christian Lichtenberg, was our guest with his fascinating body of work. It referred to the story of Icarus but was part of an extended body of work called “Cosmix”. Oscillating between chaos and emptiness, narrative and abstract. He used photography, video, sound and painting to present his work. (See below for more on Christian). We ran a people’s choice award. The overall winner was Danielle Yealands with “Glenduan” a wonderful moody landscape. She has received a $100 voucher to spend in Impression Art supplies. We thank Impressions for supporting this award.

Just finished in the Gallery was Ynes Guevara's Divas. Beauties photographed in the 1920’s were reproduced in acrylic. The backgrounds were floral designs and patterns by the renowned New Zealand modern abstract artist Gordon Walters.  A limited colour palette made a striking exhibition. (See more below.)

As always, a big thank you to the volunteer committee for supporting the membership and seeing to the smooth running of the exhibitions.

Philippa Eberlein
NSAS President/Treasurer
Bob Knowles  We Do Awkward


Note: all schedules subject to change due to the uncertainty of lockdowns. 
Details on flyers may be incorrect.

          SUMMER EXHIBITION ‘Cash & Carry’                                  7 December – 6 February
          Jan Thomson                                                                          7 February –  27 February
          Jane Duncan                                                                          28 February – 20 March
          2020 NMIT GRADS: Georgia Elliston/Andrew Robertson     21 March – 5 April


Summer Exhibition Cash and Carry Opening
Despite the covid restrictions a good number of participating artists and friends turned up for the opening of the annual Cash and Carry exhibition.  Pictured above are some of the volunteer committee members.  There was also a strong showing of 3D work.


Spring Exhibition 2021
Guest Artist: 
 Christian Lichtenberg  

Christian was born in Switzerland and spent much of his early childhood in Africa. He has worked in Japan, USA, South America, Asia and Europe. More recently he spent 6 years in Bali but now lives and works in New Zealand. His work covers mixed media, photography, video, audio, painting, books and installations. He has received international awards and his work is represented in museums and galleries around the world.

He uses the camera to view things differently and can create a series of artworks from the mood of the image. He uses all his senses to understand a place and the emotions that arise start a creative process leading to a new work. More about Christian and his work can be found on his website:
                     Free Fall 2

The Spring Exhibition People's Choice

The People's Choice Award went to Marlborough artist Danielle Yealands with "Glenduan" (encaustic and oil).


Covid didn’t stop us!  Sadly there was no grand opening for this year’s Tasman National Art Awards and Exhibition but the display of art from all corners of New Zealand went ahead as scheduled for two weeks in Māpua Community Hall.
Three independent judges deliberated for half a day before making the final selection of paintings that received awards.  These were as follows:-
     Supreme Award:  Wendy Lineham of Nelson for “Sunday 3pm Lockdown 2020 NZ”
     Merit: Priscilla Clare of Arthur’s Point for “Greenstone II”
     Merit: Jane Duncan of Upper Moutere for “Still Point”
     Merit: Ruth Killoran of Christchurch for “Tree Stories”
     Merit: Sierra Roberts of Wanaka for “Rosa with Peonies”
     Best Portrait: Maia Hetariki of Nelson for “Ruby”
     Best Watercolour: Siobhan Rosenthal of Auckland for “The Picnic I”
     People’s Choice Award: Jana Branca of New Plymouth for  “Jay”

It was touch and go whether the exhibition would go ahead but the committee is delighted that it came to fruition.  Visitor numbers were high and twenty three artists are very happy to have sold their paintings, an amazing outcome.  Many thanks to everyone who visited, enjoyed, bought raffle tickets and voted in the “People’s Choice Award”.  It would have been disappointing without you!
A new committee will soon be forging ahead to organise the Tasman National Art Awards and Exhibition 2022.  Any interest in being involved or for more information please contact Glenys Forbes on 03 540 3388 or by email at
Sue England

Supreme Award
Wendy Lineham
Sunday 3 pm Lockdown 2020 NZ

People's Choice

Jana Branca

New Member Profile:  Pauline Watts

Hello, I am delighted to be part of the NSAS as a working artist and will try to give you a brief outline of my artistic journey. Having graduated from Bath Academy of Art in 1968, majoring in Sculpture, you will realise that this has been a long journey. My work was pretty intermittent, primarily painting, which then became commissioned work around horses and dogs. For a time I was a copyist of Alfred Munnings work. 

I also trained as a nurse (general and mental) which I took up as a career retiring from that in 2009, after working in addictions for 16 years. From here on I was able to put my heart into my painting and try and make up for the ‘lost’ years. I had one exhibition in Chichester, UK, before we emigrated to New Zealand in 2014, to be with family.

With a new house and studio it has been a gradual move into the Art world here. I have had the opportunity to go on two Residencies in Golden Bay, set up by the GB Arts Council. So Farewell Spit and The Cobb have provided inspiration for my work in landscapes. Also a major inspiration has been Milnthorpe Park, with its huge variety of trees. I continue to be interested in the human form and have some work through life classes here in Collingwood.

I use acrylics, pencils,(various), pastels and collage, often my own photos. I like variety and am always looking to evolve what I do. Sculpture being a more lengthy process never satisfied my need for a swifter expression in my art. So this is me today, never too old to learn or embark on a new adventure.


New Member Profile: 
Rebekah Hall



I am an emerging ceramic artist, originally a Mental Health Nurse from the UK, I moved to New Zealand with my family in 2005.   Whilst working as a nurse I undertook studies in sculpture, design and life drawing at Hungry Creek Art School, Puhoi and a Diploma in Ceramic Art, Auckland Studio Potters, 2013.  On moving to Marlborough, I decided to reconnect with my art practice, and I now work from The Kauri Tree Studio at my home in Picton.

For me, the creative process is always a slow one, it is about taking time to connect with the natural world surrounding me, exploring a little deeper, listening to the emotional response that this observation and connection ignites.   My inspiration comes from pattern, texture and colours found within the landscape of the Marlborough Sounds. More recently I am intrigued by beauty found in decay, whether natural or manmade forms, changing colours over time from weathering, disintegration of material returning to the earth and shadows created by the skeleton left behind.


These works encourage you to get close, explore from different viewpoints and hopefully enable the viewer to connect with me in a shared story of place.

Working with a select range of clays, primarily porcelain, I strive for my pieces to be an elegant, simple, restrained nod to the original inspiration rather than a direct copy. Often incorporating local clays and sand into the work references their humble beginnings and gives my work and myself a sense of place.

instagram: @thekauritreestudio
The Kauri Tree Studio
Hampden Street, Picton, 7220
New Member Profile:    Erica Leather

From ice crystals forming on the lid of the bin as I put the recycling out, the pattern on the inside of paint tray when its peeled away or the marks caused by dripping water left on a hot water cylinder, I am constantly searching for beauty in the ordinary and mundane.

I’m often known to be caught photographing the random detail on an old signpost at a local beauty spot with a stunning landscape behind me! (I'll still take a picture of the view too, but they are rarely the images that end up in a frame.)

I see the world through a macro lens as I know there is so much inspiration to be found in the most unlikely places.  

My love of colour and texture comes through in my photography often bringing a vibrancy to my work that can be really striking when enlarged and displayed on the gallery wall.

I have been taking pictures for as long as I can remember. As a shy child and young adult I found comfort and solace behind the camera rather than in the thick of the action.

I have also always loved looking at old photographs and first learnt to develop my own during my boarding school days in North Wales.  Many hours were spent in the comforting red glow of the darkroom and it was the only subject apart from art that I was all that interested in.

My distinctive style which is mostly abstract or highly textured details has developed over the years, starting out somewhere in the grungy backstreet of Bolton in the North of England, often oblivious to the curious looks I was getting as to why I was squatting down photographing a rusty old car.

I studied photography in Nottingham, England for three years but found that I always struggled with having a brief, and often found myself completely at a loss at what to take pictures of when it was for a specific project.  As I've got older I realise that my inspiration comes from what I see around me, and I never know when that inspiration is going to be triggered.  

For a while after uni I found myself quite uninspired creatively and it was only after leaving the UK that I naturally started taking photos again.

I spent time in Thailand, Australia and Fiji before deciding that New Zealand was the place I wanted to settle. I have now been here for 15 years, and after several years in Wanaka working as a painter and decorator (another job where perfectionism and attention to detail is crucial) I moved to Nelson at the top of the South Island seven years ago.

I spent several years working for a picture framer in Tasman, now I operate my own framing studio in Nelson offering a custom framing service, alongside selling my photographs through my website. 


Currently  Displaying  -   NSAS Window

NSAS has a member's picture constantly on display in the office window at the back of the McKee Gallery, visible from the walk along the pond.  

Currently you can see Ynes Guevara's Naked Man (acrylic on canvas) shown in association with Divas.  In the photo the (clothed) model stands by her work.

Currently  Displaying  -   SBS Bank Window

NSAS also has a member's work from the current exhibition on display in the window of the SBS bank.

Currently you can see well known marine artist Paul Deacon's Boatyard Framework  (oil on canvas) .

Note:  All window displayed art is for sale.  Please contact the Society (see below).
BAM Awards Ceremony 

NMIT's Bachelor of Arts and Media awards ceremony took place on Friday, November 19The BAM show is the culmination of three years of study for the NMIT Arts and Media students, so it’s a significant  exhibition and every year NSAS selects three artists of particular merit for an award. The selection process took place at the exhibition gallery before the opening night with NSAS Committee members and practicing artists Kirsten Baldwin, Ynes Guevara and Paul Deacon being the selectors this year.

The 2021 recipients are:

           Kirsten Cooper - a series of geometric, abstract paintings and graphic etchings
           Rachel Hampton - a series of ten photographic portraits presented in five pairs
           Emma King - five works on primed, sand sealed plywood board

Each student will be given a one-year free membership to the NSAS, and will include a two-week gallery space available for their collective exhibition. Paul Deacon was delighted to present the awards with a speech to each one of the winning artists, giving a brief resume on their art work completed and handing them their certificate.  “It’s an opportunity for them to generate and present their best work—it draws from their creative zest for their particular discipline, whether it’s photography, painting, film, screen printing, textiles, fashion or installation art.”  He thanked all the artists for their hard work and participation.

It was a great hot summer evening, full of creativity and very happy students.

BAM Award Winners



Ynes Guevara Opening Night    Divas
The opening of the Divas exhibition on November 13 was a very fun night with people invited from NSAS  and the artist's ’ friends and family enjoying nibbles and wine.

There was a lot of interest about the work produced and questions to the artist. 

NSAS President Philippa introduced Ynes and formally opened the exhibition. Then the artist took over with a brief explanation of her work, and the time and effort that it took to complete, explaining that she was working full time then and had to manage her art career and produce her art in the spare time after that.  Ynes then thanked NSAS for the opportunity to show, which is a great step towards becoming a recognised artist in New Zealand, and also expressed gratitude for all the help received from the committee team members.


A Moment in Time

Tas McKee (1960s)
Tasman McKee (1911 - 1973) established the McKee Trust in 1969.  NSAS was one of its beneficiaries.

                                                                                               Alexander Turnbull Library
Dreaming of Exhibiting?

We can help with that.   Get the accolades (and sales) you and your work deserve.  If you haven't exhibited before, take the plunge and submit a proposal.  We are keen to exhibit the work, both 2D and 3D, of all our members.  Fresh faces are very welcome.
Request now for space in 2023 and remember you don't have to go it alone.  Exhibit together with a fellow member or two, or three.  If you don't have a potential group of your own, ask to join one.  Discuss all matters re exhibiting with our Exhibitions Officer (see below.)                         
Endowments, Bequests
We appreciate your contributions in support of local artists and the furtherance of the visual arts in the community.  If you are thinking of NSAS in your estate planning, please contact the president (see below). 
Advertising Rates

An ad here costs $30.  Send your copy, preferably landscape, as a jpg file, 1mb max, size up to 1 x A4, to the newsletter coordinator (see below) or directly to

The next issue is March10 with a deadline of February 28.

Committee Members 

President: Philippa Eberlein
Vice President: Nick Duncan
Secretary: Kate Coote
Treasurer: Philippa Eberlein
McKee Exhibition Officer: Jill Richards
Membership Coordinator:  Francie Heathfield
Social Coordinator: Akky Leurink
Newsletter Coordinator: Clare Williams
Facebook Coordinator: Joanne Kouwenhoven
Marketing: Ynes Guevara

Kirsten Baldwin
Claire Bywater
Peter Copp
Paul Deacon

Julie Catchpole, Suter Director


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