Door Step School kids explore wonders of science through experiments:2nd April 
At Door Step School we ensure that children get exposure of how things work.In order to give exposure about science subject,teachers conducted small experiments in the class room to make children familiar with basic concepts of science. Children enjoyed the experiments and raised many questions. This experiments were done as a part of their class activities which culminated into a Science Exhibition which was organised by the children themselves in Indira Nagar community project which is supported by BP Foundation. The young ones confidently exhibited to their fellow classmates and parents in the community.Parents were overjoyed to see their children explaining so confidently. Parents expressed that they learnt many new things from the kids.                                                   
I drank 200 ml juice says Sonu at the NFE class:4th April
A very unique activity was taken with children in A ward on measurements and units. Children were given information on measurements and units to measure through a play way method.Children enjoyed the activity as they were asked to measure their weight and height. Every child had a card in his hand where his weight and height was written after measuring the same.The fruit juice which was given to children as refreshment drink was also measured using a milk measuring set. Children could actually see the quantity in milliliters of juice which was served in their glasses.
Harshad's father said that "We never measured our height and weight before.Because of this unique activity we came to know our height and weight."
Cleanliness is next to godliness is the new mantra for parents of Indira Nagar:11th April
Dr Richa and her team from Bhatia Hospital conducted health and hygiene session with parents in Indira Nagar community as this community has lot of unclean environment.They gave information on cleanliness, health and nutrition which is very essential for healthy living.
A review session for the goal setting process of children was conducted with the teachers and Coordinators by the training cell members to understand the children's progress in context to the goals which were set for their academic progress. 
Yoga and meditation session was conducted for Door Step School Teachers by Jeevan Vigyan Academy.Teachers learnt yoga exercises, breathing and meditation techniques. It was a very relaxed environment for the teachers who often work round the clock in the slum communities. 
Door Step School kids attended Marathi Vigyan Parishad and explored different scientific experiments in playful manner. Children also were also given an opportunity to try their hands at different experiments. 
School on Wheels kids step out of the National Park hamlets to visit the Museum for learning about Indian history:9th April
Children from the Sanjay Gandhi National Park, School on Wheels project supported by Rotary Club of Kandivali visited Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj museum in the downtown of Mumbai. The tribal children who hardly ever get chance to step out of the remote hamlets in the National park enjoyed their train journey from Borivali to South Mumbai. Some of the kids were travelling in the train for the very first time and quizzed their teachers about trains and the speed at which they move. At the museum, children were astonished to see dioramas in the glass shelves and some even thought that the animals were alive. Later Mr Vagel informed all the kids that those animals are dioramas of animals along with the message of protecting animals.They also saw artifacts from ancient Harappan civilization which they only read in their textbooks. Many of the children expressed that life in the metro city was so busy and fast paced as opposed to their peaceful and relatively slow paced life in the hamlets of National park.
Community helpers Exhibition on School on Wheels:10 April
Community helpers play important role in our day to day life. Teachers on School on Wheels incorporate different informative activities which demonstrate the importance of helpers in our day to day life to children. As a part of the activities children were encouraged to meet the helpers and speak to them about their professions and collect information on the same. Children without any inhibitions enthusiastically collected all the information and tried to replicate the equipment in the class. An exhibition was organised on the bus where children presented all the creatively designed charts and the equipment they had prepared.Fellow classmates,teachers, passerby were impressed with the children's confidence and the detailed research process they followed to gather and present the information.