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Week of December 12, 2022

State Board of Education Updates


The State Board of Education voted 10-7 to adopt Member Mike Toal’s
Resolution to Oppose the Proposed Changes to Title IX and to Affirm Parental Rights and Local Control of Ohio K-12 Education.

The resolution was amended once more before passage, removing the preamble.
The intent and impact of the resolution remain harmful and hateful toward Ohio's LGBTQ+ students. It continues to perpetuate falsehoods and misinformation about gender identities, and will create unsafe school environments for our kids. 

Beloved community, our hearts ache with you over the extremist and
politically-fueled adoption of Shea and Toal's anti-LGBTQ+ resolution.

We stand in solidarity with the students, families, educators, school leaders,
legal and medical experts, and advocates who fought month after month
for the dignity, rights, and safety of Ohio LGBTQ+ students.

The fight is NOT over! 

Video and photos of the December meeting below.

Today's Statehouse Schedule


The House Primary and Secondary Education Committee will hear ALL testimony for SB178 TODAY Tuesday, December 13 at 1pm, including proponent, opponent, and interested party. The bill is likely to be passed in tomorrow's session in a full floor vote TODAY OR TOMORROW; full sessions for today and tomorrow are scheduled for 1:00pm.

Other bills being heard today and tomorrow include House Bill 151 (to ban transgender youth from sports teams), House Bill 497 (to eliminate the retention requirement in the Third Grade Reading Guarantee), and House Bill 458 (eliminates August special elections, some access to ballot drop boxes, and some access to early voting hours). 
  • HB 458 - Eliminate August special elections, except US House Nominations, 6th hearing
  • HB 294  - Voter restrictions and barriers, PV, PA, PSB
  • HJR 6  - Require 60% vote for initiated constitutional amendments, PV, PA, PSB


2022 Lame Duck Session Home Stretch
It's not too late to take action.
Follow fast-moving legislation with our Lame Duck Tracker

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SB 178
Testimony Hearing & Possible Vote
All Testimony: Proponent, Opponent, Interested Party
TODAY Tuesday, December 6, 2022, 2pm, Room 114

House Primary and Secondary Education Committee
Agenda | Watch the LIVE hearing

Final Vote
Watch on the Ohio Channel

The House Primary and Secondary Education Committee will hear ALL testimony for Senate Bill 178 on Tuesday, December 13, at 2pm, including proponent, opponent, and interested party. The bill is also flagged for possible vote in the full House sessions this Tuesday or Wednesday. 

Senate Bill 178 would create the Department of Education and Workforce (DEW) and shift oversight of the Department of Education and State Board of Education to the governor and their appointments. The bill also strips the State Board of Education of significant educational responsibilities, including the development of academic standards and model curricula, and reduces its role to oversight of educator licensure and conduct, school territory transfers, and appointment of the state superintendent.

Learn more about SB 178 Read analysis of bill | Read Honesty's Statement

Senator Reineke introduced SB 178 in May 2021, but the bill did not move until November after voters elected three new members to the State Board of Education.  

SB 178 would rename the Department of Education as the Department of Education and Workforce (DEW) and shift oversight of public education from the State Board of Education to an appointed director from the governor's office. Highlights below.

  • Creates a governor-appointed Director of Education and Workforce to oversee DEW
  • Creates the Division of Primary and Secondary Education and the Division of CareerTechnical Education, each headed by a deputy director
  • Transfers most of the powers and duties of the State Board of Education and the Superintendent of Public Instruction to the DEW director, including the adoption of education standards and model curricula and assessing student achievement and school district performance
  • State Board of Education duties reduced to appointing the state superintendent, school territory transfer, decisions about licensure and staff conduct

Tell the House to STOP SB 178
Email Members of the House of Representatives HERE


Bill Info  

Sponsor: Senator Bill Reineke (R-Tiffin) 
Committee: House Primary and Secondary Education Committee


December 12 & 13, 8am

Watch yesterday's hearing and today's vote HERE
Meeting Agenda HERE 

Honesty for Ohio Education coalition members and community members were present and vocal at yesterday's testimony hearing on the Shea/Toal anti-LGBTQ+ resolution. The same was not true of all State Board of Education members.


Members Mike Toal, John Hagan, Kirsten Hill, Diana Fessler, and Brandon Kern did not return after lunch to hear final testimony from more than 50 scheduled witnesses. 
See Dispatch reporter Anna Staver's tweet on this HERE.

This did not deter our coalition, who were well represented by educators, family members, advocates, allies, and community members. See the full list of more than 90 submitted testimonies HERE.

Watch Honesty team members testify:

At today's meeting, the State Board of Education voted 10 to 7 to adopt Member Mike Toal's Resolution to Oppose the Proposed Changes to Title IX and to Affirm Parental Rights and Local Control of Ohio K-12 Education.

Members Walt Davis, Diana Fessler, Sue Hackett, John Hagan, Kirsten Hill, Jenny Kilgore, Paul LaRue, Charlotte McGuire, Brendan Shea, and Mike Toal voted in favor of the resolution. Member Mark Lamoncha abstained. Member Brandon Kern was absent.

See Honesty's press statement about the vote HERE

Learn more about this resolution HERE


Important Information about Appointed 2023 Board Members

The terms of four appointed State Board members will expire on December 31, 2022:
Mark Lamoncha - reappointed
Paul LaRue - reappointed
Walt Davis - reappointed
Mike Toal  - will not be reappointed

Replacing Mike Toal is James Mermis of Upper Arlington. His term will begin January 1, 2023 and end December 31, 2026.

Per Ohio law, the governor appoints, or reappoints, members to the Board and the Senate confirms those appointments. Traditionally, the governor appoints the new members ahead of the first meeting of a newly elected Board in January. We anticipate Governor DeWine will swear in the new members before the January 9 & 10 Board meeting.

See more Governor's appointments HERE


The hateful and harmful rhetoric from State Board of Education Members MUST STOP. This is not the behavior of education leaders who are fit to care for the safety and wellbeing our children. 

We condemn the weaponization of the racialized terror of the Jim Crow South to justify the targeted discrimination of LGBTQ+ students.

Elected President Charlotte McGuire talking about Jim Crow in the October 31 Executive Committee meeting

We condemn calling all educators and administrators who work to affirm every student in their schools, and the depth and variety of their experiences, identities, and families, as "groomers" and "trying to normalize" pedophilia.  

Elected and Outgoing Board Member Kirsten Hill on Buckeye School Podcast

We condemn the insertion of white supremacist ideas and language into any debate over the right way to respect and affirm all of Ohio's students. 

Elected Board Member John Hagan says "anti-racism is racism" on All Sides with Ann Fisher


We thank the many local schools and school districts who spoke out bravely and with love on behalf of our LGBTQ+ students at the State Board of Education. Your leadership shows your students that they too can be empowered by using their voices, even in adverse circumstances.

Check out a few of these powerful testimonies:

The Ohio Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (OACTE) is an organization comprised of Ohio public and private higher education institutions engaged in educating teachers who are highly effective in promoting student learning. Our mission is to advocate for and provide leadership in the state of Ohio by working collaboratively toward our common purpose. OACTE and The American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (AACTE) collaborate to strengthen their advocacy efforts, share experience and expertise, and expand their members' professional development opportunities. Find more HERE.

The Northeast Ohio Friends of Public Education is a nonpartisan group of activists who believe in the value of a strong public education system fostering a strong democracy. Find more HERE.

Supporting the LGBTQIA+ Community in Schools
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