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Sharing 2 Important Events

State Board of Education 

Tuesday, October 4, 6pm
Hosted in close partnership with Equality Ohio


SPEAK OUT for LGBTQ+ students by submitting and presenting testimony condemning Board Member Brendan Shea's proposed
resolution endangering students and striking down
Title IX protections.

Workshop attendees will learn how to write, submit, and present testimony at the State Board of Education.

Equality Ohio will answer questions about the resolution and offer tips and best practices for compelling testimony.


EDUCATION is on the Ballot:
State Board of Education 

Reporter Roundtable
Thursday, October 6, 7pm


Five State Board of Education seats are on the November ballot: Districts 2, 3, 4, 9, and 10.

These seats will help shape the future of public education for nearly 1.7 million students in 600+ school districts
across the state of Ohio.

Join our reporter roundtable to learn about the important role of the State Board, the current issues and priorities facing the Board, and who is vying to fill those five open seats.

Roundtable includes:
H.L. Comeriato, Staff Writer, The Buckeye Flame
Laura Hancock, Reporter,, The Plain Dealer
Morgan Trau, Reporter, WEWS, Ohio Capital Journal

SAY NO! to extremist attacks on LGBTQ+ students that peddle national political agendas in our classrooms and endanger Ohio children.


Member Shea's resolution will be on the October State Board agenda for consideration and a vote on October 12.

There are steps you can take right now to
stop this harm in its tracks!


October State Board of Education Meeting
Tuesday & Wednesday, October 11 & 12, 2022
Public Comment on October 12, 8am

LGBTQ+ students have a right to a safe, welcoming learning environment that fosters growth and development. Recent changes to Title IX protect these rights and shield LGBTQ+ students from harmful discrimination. 

Some State Board of Education leaders do not agree. On September 20, Board Member Brendan Shea introduced his so-called Resolution to Support Parents, Schools, and Districts in Rejecting Harmful, Coercive, and Burdensome Gender Identity Policies, which attempts to invalidate federal Title IX protections in schools for LGBTQ+ youth, spreads harmful falsehoods about LGBTQ+ people, and advocates that local school districts ignore the law. 

His resolution proposes requiring schools to out LGBTQ+ children to their parents no matter the circumstances, ban transgender youth from participating in sports or using facilities that align with their gender identity, and advocates that state lawmakers allocate state taxpayer dollars to pay for any penalties incurred by school districts for ignoring Title IX legal protections.

This resolution will be considered and likely voted on during the October State Board meeting on October 12.


Specifically, the resolution:
  • Opposes recent changes to Title IX regulations, released by the US Department of Education on June 23, 2022;
  • Sides with a lawsuit filed by Ohio Attorney General David Yost and 21 other state attorneys general opposing rules connecting federal nutrition funds to the adoption of Title IX sexual discrimination policies;
  • Requires the Ohio state superintendent  to send a letter directing all Ohio school districts to oppose recent Title IX changes, disregard the Title IX guidance, and not amend district policies;
  • Asks the General Assembly to provide stopgap funding to schools not complying with recent Title IX regulations; 
  • Asks the General Assembly to pass legislation prohibiting classroom instruction on sexual orientation and gender identity in grades K-3;
  • Requires Ohio schools to report student identities, alternative names, and pronouns to families regardless of possible risk for youth;
  • Prohibits trans youth in sports and school facilities;
  • Rejects “harmful, coercive, and burdensome gender identity policies”; and
  • Repeats harmful stereotypes and incorrect scientific assertions including that transgender girls are predatory and that gender-affirming care is medically harmful.
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