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Week of November 14, 2022

Thank you for SHOWING UP at State Board!
Next Meeting: December 12 & 13

At this week's State Board of Education meeting,
more than 70 people submitted and presented in-person testimony
opposing the anti-LGBTQ+ resolutions. After hours of discussion, Board members moved Mike Toal's second resolution to the December 13th voting agenda.
Details about the upcoming meeting below.

During testimony, Lisa Vahey, Honesty co-founder,
read a petition signed by more than 1,400 people - Watch HERE

President Beryl Brown Piccolantonio, Gahanna-Jefferson School Board,
read a letter signed by more than 80 local school board members

Watch Meeting HERE

Friends, the fight for LGBTQ+ rights at the State Board is not over.

We MUST fight again in December. 

While it is agonizing and grueling to fight the hate and transphobia at the State Board AND Statehouse,
we MUST continue advocating for the lives and dignity of
LGBTQ+ students and families.


 Thank you to...

The LGBTQ+ students, adults, families, allies, advocates, and State Board members for continuing to show up and speak out for LOVE over hate.
Equality Ohio for boldly and expertly defending the rights and safety
of all LGBTQ+ Ohioans
TransOhio, KYC, Equitas HealthPLEXUSPFLAG, GLSEN, and numerous LGBTQ+ advocacy organizations compassionately serving Ohioans across cultures and zip codes
ACLU Ohio for defending and amplifying the rich, beautiful lives of
transgender and gender-diverse Ohioans
Buckeye Flame 🔥 for intelligent and consistent coverage of
LGBTQ+ stories and issues across Ohio
To our Honesty Coalition members who testified in defense of our community, including YWCA Columbus, Red Wine & Blue, Ohio Education Association, Children's Defense Fund Ohio, and others. THANK YOU!

House Bill 454 Hearing is TODAY @ 10am
Watch LIVE on The Ohio Channel 

The House Families, Aging, and Human Services Committee will hear
opposition testimony against HB 454, another targeted attack on
LGBTQ+ students that bans gender-affirming care for minors.


THANK YOU to everyone testifying and attending the hearing
in support of LGBTQ+ rights!



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Legislative Calendar HERE
Legislation Tracker HERE

2022 Lame Duck Session Has Begun!

Lame duck is the period right after a general election and before the new legislature begins. It is a fast-moving, unpredictable, high-stakes period in the Statehouse when bills are introduced, amended, or passed before they die at the end of the year. There is a flurry of committee meetings, testimony hearings, and votes.

NOTE: You will receive many updates, calls to action and alerts in the coming days and weeks about our fast-moving bills. PLEASE take action and share the alerts with family, friends, school districts, community groups, and professional networks.

HB 454
Opponent Testimony Hearing
Wednesday, November 16, 10am
House Families, Aging, and Human Services Committee
Columbus Statehouse
Watch the LIVE Meeting HERE

The House Families, Aging, and Human Services Committee will hear two hours of opponent testimony against House Bill 454. This bill bans affirming mental and medical healthcare for LGBTQ+ youth. In Arkansas, this piece of legislation caused a federal judge to block the measure in July 2022. As a result, the Department of Justice issued this letter reinforcing federal nondiscrimination obligations for trans youth. 

Help stop these multi-pronged attacks against LGBTQ+ youth. 

1) CALL: Committee Chair Susan Manchester

Find a script and contact information here.

2) EMAIL: Tell the Committee you oppose HB454!
Sign Equality Ohio's action letter here.

3) CALL OR EMAIL: Committee Members need to hear from you!
Find a script and contact information for each member of the Families, Aging, and Human Services Committee here

4) SOCIAL MEDIA: Speak out on social media
Your voice matters to elected officials, and it matters to your friends and neighbors, too. 
Find a description of HB 454 and more details here

SB 178
Bill Info | Bill As Written | Analysis 

Sponsor: Senator Bill Reineke (R-Tiffin)Sponsor Testimony
Committee: Senate Primary and Secondary Education Committee

The Senate Primary and Secondary Education Committee heard sponsor testimony for SB 178 on November 15. While the language in the bill is still vague, Senator Bill Reineke (R-Tiffin) said the intent of the bill is to create the Department of Education and Workforce which would "have a dual focus on primary and secondary education as well as preparing students for the workforce."  This cabinet-level agency would pull some education responsibilities and duties away from the State Board of Education and shift them to the governor's office. 

This bill is similar to HB 166, which Senator Reineke sponsored years ago in the House, and failed. A detailed substitute bill for SB 178 is expected in the coming days or weeks.

Read: Lawmakers move to weaken Ohio Board of Education, give power to governor, Dispatch

HB 748
Bill Info | Bill As Written | Analysis
Sponsor: Rep Adam Bird R-New Richmond | Sponsor Testimony
Committee: House Primary and Secondary Education Committee

The House Primary and Secondary Education Committee heard sponsor testimony for HB 748, Rep. Adam Bird's (R-New Richmond) bill that requires each public school to adopt a policy about performance expectations of education staff.

The bill requires each school district board of education, governing authority of a community school, and governing body of a STEM school to adopt a policy declaring that the district or school expects all professional staff members to maintain high standards with respect to co-worker relationships and in the performance of the staff member’s professional duties. The policy must prohibit each professional staff member from doing either of the following:

  1. Engaging in political, partisan, ideological, or religious advocacy by compelling a student to adopt, affirm, or adhere to a specific belief.
  2. Unfairly evaluating a student’s work because it does not reflect a specific political, partisan, ideological, or religious belief.

NEXT MONTHLY MEETING: December 12 & 13, 2022
Meeting Material Watch Meetings

November Monthly Meeting - November 14 & 15

Anti-LGBTQ+ Resolution Update:
The State Board of Education Executive Committee met on November 14 to discuss 7 resolutions and amendments about LGBTQ+ student rights and safety. Board Members Dr. Antoinette Miranda and Vice President Martha Manchester proposed affirming and protective resolutions, while Members Mike Toal and President Charlotte McGuire continued forcing the Board to consider resolutions that endorse child endangerment and targeted discrimination, harassment, and violence against LGBTQ+ students. 

The committee voted 5-2 to move Member Toal's second resolution out of committee onto the Board's December voting agenda. 

During the November 15 meeting, Member Dr. Jenny Kilgore requested an emergency consideration to vote on Toal's resolution that day. President Charlotte McGuire rejected her emergency consideration, stating the resolution will remain on the December agenda. Dr. Kilgore then called for a motion to overrule President McGuire's rejection of the emergency consideration. After heated debate, the Board voted 9-10 NOT to overrule President McGuire's rejection. Member Toal's resolution remains on the December 13 voting agenda. 

What's Next?


State Board of Education Meeting
December 12 & 13, 2022, 8am 

25 S Front St, Columbus
Meeting Material

Rally your community and school district to attend this meeting -- THIS IS IT!

Mike Toal's second resolution will be on the December 13 Voting Agenda. We need to contact State Board members NOW to advocate they reject this harm. And we need witnesses and attendees at the meeting to condemn this state-sponsored discrimination.

Below are steps you can take now and steps to prepare for the meeting. We will keep you updated about the meeting and resolution in the coming days.


State Board of Education Election Results
District  2
Winner:  Sen. Teresa Fedor
Challenger: Sarah McGervey

District 3
Winner:   President Charlotte McGuire (​Incumbent)
Challenger: Unopposed

District 4
Winner: Katie Hofmann
Incumbent:   Dr. Jenny Kilgore

District 9
Winner:  John Hagan (Incumbent)
Challenger: Robert Fulton

District 10
Winner:  Tom Jackson
Incumbent:  ​Tim Miller 
Challenger: Cierra Lynch Shehorn

More Election Results HERE

HOPE Coalition Launches in Hilliard Schools Community! 
Parents, educators, faith leaders, community partners and agencies, and labor union members in the Hilliard City Schools community launched the HOPE Coalition -- Hilliard Public Education Coalition. The group was created in response to increasingly disconcerting misinformation about the schools being spread in the community. HOPE members were joined together by their shared belief that Hilliard’s schools can be an environment where students are driven to succeed, while also pursuing their unique interests in a safe, welcoming, and respectful environment that fosters a sense of belonging and cultivates feelings of acceptance. The coalition’s charge is to support evidence-based policies, face disinformation head-on, and find practical solutions to problems.
Learn MORE



Nominate an Educator for LifeChanger of the Year!

Each year the National Life Group and National Life Group Foundation sponsor the LifeChanger of the Year Award. The award seeks to honor K-12 educators, teachers, administrators or school staff members who make a positive difference in students’ lives.

LifeChanger awardees and their schools or districts receive prizes valued between $50 and $10,000. Submit nominations HERE.


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