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November 2021
Patroller Briefing

In This Issue:

Word From the Chair

CPNZ Launches a Givealitle
Emergency Volunteers Strategy Working Group
Safety of People in Crowded Places
Recognising Excellence
Looking Back at October
Onehunga Patrollers Provide Vital Assistance to Police
Updates from Staff
Tips, Tricks, & Other Bits
Rural Stakeholder Crime Prevention Partnership
Working Safer, Smarter, & Healthier
Final Words

Word From the Chair:

Hi there,

I am sure COVID is still uppermost in everyone's mind these days. Pretty much every piece of news is on the subject, and rightly so. We are entering a new phase of managing the virus which will increase COVID numbers but allow the country and its people to start opening up and operating as normal if possible. 

As we leave level 4's behind us and enter times of 3.1, 3.2, modified level 2’s etc we need to be flexible ourselves, so we will be putting out some guidelines for all patrols to start getting out there again. However, safety must come first. If you don't patrol until we get to level 1 then, that is an entirely acceptable situation.  

We have also opened up a CPNZ Give-a-little page to find funds for  patrol vehicles for new Patrols. We all know how difficult it can be to get the start-up funds and the costs of a patrol vehicle is the greatest challenge. Hopefully, we can attract some funding to support this, in my view, wouldn't it be nice to be able to start a new community patrol with their own vehicle? Let me know if you can think of some ways we can advertise this via social media or any other media forms.

I hope you will find the article on the Emergency Services Volunteer Strategy Working Group of interest. This should eventually be an all-of-government group of trained volunteers from all around the country who can come together to assist Police and other agencies at times of need. CPNZ already does that, and this is recognised by the Police and government. There is no doubt that there will be opportunities for patrollers coming out of this. We will be able to publish more on this in future months, but at least you are aware of it now. 

Lastly, but importantly, I want to thank Carol Dickson QMS for the work she has done for our organisation. As a valued member of the Trust Board and Secretary, she has performed magnificently over many years. It will be sad to see her move on, but we recognise that we have been served well by her.

Take care everybody,
Chris Lawton - CPNZ Trust Board Chairman

Check out this amazing little video of Officers in Wairoa supporting their community and each other. Some truly incredible and inspiring stories here.

CPNZ Launches Givealittle for New Patrol Vehicles

CPNZ's growing rapidly at the moment, with multiple new Patrols either starting up or in the process of doing so. As you may know, Patrol vehicles are one of the most important tools for patrolling, and are essential for every effective Patrol. Sponsors have long been looked to for help in acquiring the resources needed to purchase and run a vehicle, but CPNZ wants to pitch in with process.

This month we've launched the Givealittle page to help raise funds for vehicles for new Patrols.

Being able to assist with the purchasing of the vehicle would be a great gift leading up to Christmas and the New Year. We’d love your help or anyone you can to either spread the word or donate. We understand that the past few years have been a rough one and feel that sharing the link for the fundraiser is just as good as donating.

To donate or share, click here.

Emergency Volunteers Strategy
Working Group

Earlier this year, the Sector Volunteer Strategy Working Group was established to help implement proposed changes to how government agencies, including NZ Police, mobilise and utilize communities and spontaneous volunteer groups. This group includes key members from Police, NEMA, Fire & Emergency, NZDF, and St John.

New Zealand has faced several emergency situations in the past few years, which has led to a review of NZ’s approach to emergency management. Through this, a growing recognition in the ability of volunteer organisations to strengthen the resilience of a community following an emergency has emerged. Groups like Community Patrols of New Zealand have been extremely appreciated by emergency services for their high levels of training and ability to quickly mobilize & respond to changing situations. They’ve also been recognised as an expression of a community’s commitment to its wellbeing, safety, and resilience. It’s because of these factors, and CPNZ’s history of continued achievement that we’ve been providing feedback in assisting to improve the alignment of policies and processes across the Emergency Services Sector.

Specific details on the proposed changes are still in the draft stage, but progress has been steady, and what’s been revealed to CPNZ makes us believe we can better achieve our vision of a New Zealand where everyone feels safe. These changes will help us better empower communities, enable action, and work with our partners on coordinated emergency responses when and where necessary.

Proposed changes included better training, better alignment of volunteers and sectors, and building a framework around how community volunteer groups can be quickly utilized and their resources scaled according to the situation at hand.

CPNZ is excited to be a part of this initiative. It deepens our relationship with NZ Police and will open doors to other emergency services, provides Patrollers with more opportunities to enact our mission, and empowers communities to have more of a voice in their response to crisis.

Safety of People in Crowded Places - a Free Training Resource For Patrollers

A year ago Police put information online to support the education of people and organisations on safety from attacks at locations and events. This was a follow up from the Mosque shootings two years ago and recommended as part of the following investigation and inquiry.

A website has been set up that will support this initiative and I have written a course for patrollers and community safety volunteers that presents the information that we should all have an awareness of. 

The course has gone live on a website called Security Institute of New Zealand (SINZ for short) ( It follows on from an initiative to provide free training for all frontline security officers and that course has been widely supported by the security industry. 

Click here to go straight to the course. 

Recognising Excellence
Masterton Community Patrol
Commemorates The Year So Far

At an event in October, Masterton CP came together over dinner to celebrate one another, the work they've done this year, and welcome some new members to the fold. Patrollers and community leaders came together to enjoy some kai and reflect on the year so far.

Patrol Leader, Cheryl Watson, spoke of how, despite several COVID-related delays, the celebrations were a relaxing time, and a chance for new Patroller to acquaint themselves with the rest of the team. Amid the current stressful climate, the dinner was a chance to acknowledge the wonderous work done by all Patrollers.

The Patrol was also joined by Prevention Manager Wairarapa Senior Sgt. Ian Osland, & Wairarapa Community Services Manager Sergeant Steve Cameron.

Photo: Masterton Patrol enjoying a nice evening out.

Looking Back at October

October has been a relatively quiet month for CPNZ Patrols. With COVID-related uncertainties around Patrolling, we're proud to see Patrols in Auckland & Northland staying strong and on standby for when they're able to operate again. With Summer coming up, and the lifting of restrictions inching ever closer, we're looking forward to reporting on more of the splendid activities Patrol carry out. So watch this space!

Greymouth Community Patrol Seeks Funding
for New Patrol Vehicle

Greymouth CP members Secretary/Treasurer Trish Heveldt is seeking to raise funds for a new Patrol Vehicle using a unique source. She's applied to NZ Lotteries, which give a portion of their earnings to charities. 

Greymouth Patrol have a closer working relationship with their local Police, having liberty to leave their current patrol vehicle at the Police Station. They're also receiving help from Greymouth Constable Mike Tonnelly to get their replacement patrol vehicle. 

Police have had nothing but praise for Greymouth Patrollers, with West Coast area commander Inspector Jacqui Croner saying "They are members of our community, supporting their community and we certainly see the benefit. Being available for us and to help out there in the community - they are a great asset of the local Police."

CPNZ can't wait to see the new vehicle and share it with you all!

Hornby Patrol Mixes Spooky Celebrations with Safety for Halloween

Not even lockdown restrictions could kill the Halloween spirit in Hornby. The scariest day of the year saw Hornby Patrollers dressing up and driving around in their new cobweb-covered patrol vehicle to support the local trick or treaters. Patrollers were out looking their best, as pictured below, handing out a range of goodies to those lucky enough to come across the vehicle. 

The vehicle was decorated with the help of the Patrol's PLO, Debs Smalley, who also inspired the idea for a Halloween themed Patrol. Patrollers were really positive about the evening,  saying it was fantastic to see so many dressed up and being supported by their older siblings or parents. There was also relief the rain stayed at bay for most of the evening!

CPNZ Farwells Trustee with over 10 years of Service.

Last month, CPNZ farewelled our Trust Board Secretary, Carol Dickson. She's written a statement on her time with CPNZ and her departure, which you can read below.

My involvement with Community Patrols of New Zealand began in 2000 when I was working for Papakura District Council. It was my intention to implement a Community Patrol in Papakura so I went to the inaugural CPNZ steering committee conference in Taupo and have attended all but one of the National Training Seminars since. After successfully establishing a Patrol, I worked diligently to deliver high professional standards and had a membership of over 85 Patrollers when I ceased to manage the Patrol in 2010.

It was during 2010 that I applied to become a Trustee of CPNZ as I had been working closely with the incumbent Trustees sharing ideas, some of which were implemented. 

My networking and liaison with Police gave me insight and ability to align Councils community development activities and Local Board priorities with Police operational planning.  Along with my background in CPTED (Crime Prevention through Environmental Design) I felt I had the necessary credentials to become a Trustee and make a difference.

One of the initial tasks I led was securing funding from the Ministry of Justice to the tune of nearly $500,000 a year. I take pride in the fact that this funding continues today, even though it now comes via Police.

In 2019 I was delighted to be awarded the Queens Service Medal (QSM) for my services to the community. Special mention was made of my work with Community Patrols at a national and local level. 

CPNZ has become a very credible, innovative and forward moving volunteer organisation, which I have had great pleasure being involved with. I will miss the camaraderie of the Trust board members who have also become friends. I have met so many fellow Patrollers throughout NZ and I consider myself to be ever so fortunate to have been involved with these wonderful people of caring disposition and community spirit.

I wish you all the continued success you enjoy now –this allows you to grow and be recognised for the valuable work you do for the community.

Kotahi te kohao o te ngira  
E kuhuna ai te miro mā,  
te miro pango me te miro whero. 
Kia mau tō te ture, 
 te whakapono me  te aroha  

There is but one eye of the needle
Through which the white, the black and the red thread must pass
Holdfast to the law, the faith and the love

Kingi Tawhiao

Onehunga Community Patrol Patrollers Provide Vital Assistance to Police, Return Stolen Goods.

In November 2020, Onehunga Community Patrollers were conducting a routine drive down Mount Albert Road, when three males were seen fighting by the curb. The Patrol decided to observe from a distance the actions of the three individuals. One male was knocked to the ground, upon which the other two males proceeded westwards towards the Royal Oak roundabout. The two males tried to enter the Zookeepers Son (Pub) and were rejected. They then proceeded to a liquor shop where they emerged with a bottle of spirits. The patrol continued to observe their actions from a distance (as is protocol). The two males entered another Pub and were soon ejected from the venue. The Patrol spoke to the security guard of the pub who informed us the two individuals were heavily intoxicated.
Click Here to view the entire story
Updates from Staff
For those Patroller having trouble accessing the Members tab of the CPNZ website, this is a reminder that your username is your CPNZ ID Card number, and your password is your surname.

If you're having trouble logging in, check if you trying with caps lock on, as this can affect whether the password is accepted not.


1. Just remember to include pages 1-3 of vetting. Page 2 is the one that gets lost in the mix, so please make sure to check the pages before sending.

2. If you'd like your applicant's ID to be sent out as soon as possible, sending through the ID application alongside the vetting application is most helpful.

3. Please remember to make sure an Authorised Vetting Person signs the bottom of page 1 of vetting, not your applicant, as it will hold up the vetting process. 


We're always on the lookout for more Patroller Profile subjects! If you'd like to be apart of this series, or you'd like to nominate someone, please send me an email at

You can check out all our current and future stories by Patrollers here

Patroller Profiles aim to shine a spotlight on the range of talents amongst our Patrollers, letting them tell their own stories in their own words. Through this project, CPNZ aims to celebrate the outstanding accomplishments of CPNZ Patrollers and draw attention to the wealth of talent amongst CPNZ’s ranks.

Tips, Tricks, & Other Bits


Reminder to all patrols to please enter their statistics by the 20th of each following completed month. You are able to submit up to 5 previous months worth of statistics. For those patrols who have been in lockdown and have not been patrolling you can still enter statistics as 0 for each item. It is a requirement of your affiliation to CPNZ to have your statistics uploaded. 

Forwarding an email

We had some feedback last month about trouble forwarding this Briefing onto other Patrollers. So we've put together a quick four-step guide to forwarding this email in Gmail:
1.) Open the email message in Gmail
2.) Click the three dots in the upper right-hand corner
3.) Click forward, and type in the email address of the person(s) you're forwarding the message to
4.) Click Send

If you're still having issues, please contact Liam at

Rural Stakeholder Crime Prevention Partnership

This section will be a regular feature in our Patroller Briefings from now on. Supporting rural New Zealand to be safer and more secure is a major drive for the Police and therefore for us as well. 
Police Rural Hub

Have you checked out the Police's Rural Hub? It's a space where communities and Police can share ideas and information about preventing crime in rural areas. It's loaded with useful information for those living/Patrolling in rural communities, and interesting stories for those living outside of these areas.

You can find articles on crime prevention, safety tips, alongwith downloadable forms and brochures on crime prevention agencies in rural areas (including CPNZ).

If you're interested, click here to find out more.

Working Safer, Smarter, & Healthier

We want Patrollers to stay safe when performing their duties, and this regular section will give some tips on best practices when on patrol. The work we do in our communities is important, but your own safety is also paramount to CPNZ

While it's hard for some of us to believe at the moment, the weather will become extremely hot in a matter of months. Patrolling in the New Zealand heat can be dangerous if you're unprotected, putting you at risk of heat rash, heat stroke, and exhaustion. We're prepared some tips as the weather begins to warm up.
  • Drink plenty of cold fluids and avoid caffeine or energy drinks
  • Pace yourself. We know Patrolling can be demanding, but your health and safety is most paramount to us
  • Wear a wide-brimmed hat and plenty of sunsceen
  • Wear and/or use any PPE provided by CPNZ

Final Words

'Movember' - November has traditionally been a month for raising money and awareness for Men's health issues - both physical and mental - by growing out your 'mo'. If you're participating, good on you, and we thank you! Even if you're not fundraising, you can still participate. If you know any friends or whanau raising money, we encourage you to donate, share their efforts, and help fight issues affecting men all across New Zealand.

November 5th was International Volunteer Managers Day. This was a day for all of us to celebrate all the Patrol Leaders, Treasurers, Secretaries, Trainers, H&S Officers, Vetting Officers, and the CPNZ Trust Board - who are all volunteers.

November 25th is White Ribbon Day. During their lifetime, 1 in 3 New Zealand Women will experience some manner of domestic violence, and on this day we show solidarity with these survivors. By wearing a white ribbon on this day, you show you don't condone or accept violence against women in your community, or any community across New Zealand.
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