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Word From the Chair

CPNZ Christmas Office Hours
Recognising Excellence
Looking Back at November
Updates from Staff
Five Ways to Wellbeing
Tips, Tricks, & Other Bits
Rural Stakeholder Crime Prevention Partnership
Vaccine Mandate for CPNZ Patrollers
Final Words

Word From the Chair:

Hi There,

Who would have thought 2021 would have been such a hard year for many of us? Probably like me, you are keen to move on and start a fantastic year in 2022. I certainly think it's going to be a good one with a number of projects that will enhance what CPNZ is.

I have reported about the Rural Stakeholders Crime Prevention Forum we sit on and we follow up this edition with information on the police enhancement project which will get underway next year. We will be looking hard at how our organisation can assist police and rural communities. 

The second project is the Volunteer Strategy Working Group which we will attend this week for the first time. We will be at the commencement of a government strategy that considers volunteers, their selection, training, and deployment across the multitude of government agencies. 

The fact that CPNZ sits on these respected groups, forums, or committees is a testament to the work we all do and the respect we are given, from Police as well as other government agencies. It is also a reflection on the work that Patrols carry out and the efforts that Patrollers make to keep their communities safe. 

In the last week of the year I will be contacting as many people as I can, Trust Board, staff, Patrol leaders, district support leaders, and thanking them for the work done over the year. It's simply been fantastic. 

Unfortunately, I can't call everybody, so using this email which will go to every Patroller over the next 24 hours, I thank you all for your service and wish you a merry Xmas and a happy holiday time. 

Some of us will be out patrolling for the first time in a long while. Please keep yourselves safe. 

CPNZ Trust Board Chairman,
Chris Lawton.

CPNZ Christmas Office Hours

The office will be closed from Thursday 23 December 2021 and will reopen on Monday 10 January 2022.

Please be advised all emails, mail, and phone calls that come in over this time will be answered when staff return on Monday 10 January.

If your matter is urgent please contact Chris Lawton, TB Chairperson on 021 248 4356.
Recognising Excellence

CPNZ Trustee Recognized with
National Award nomination 

Recently appointed CPNZ Trustee, and Richmond Patrol Leader, Marty Price, has been nominated for the KiwiBank Local Hero of the Year Award.

This honor is in recognition of Marty's tireless work over the last COVID lockdown to deliver food parcels to vulnerable members of his community. This work was done in collaboration with a local food bank, Kai with Love (who nominated Marty), who supplied the food, while Marty utilised the manpower at his disposal through Richmond Patrol to help distribute the food.

This invaluable and heroic service was achieved while also maintaining COVID-19 safety guidelines under level 3 restrictions - a feat many organisations across New Zealand struggled to replicate.
Marty has also been recognized for his work with various other charities, as well as his efforts with CPNZ.
CPNZ couldn't be prouder of Marty's achievement, and we cannot think of a more deserving individual

Kapti CP Assist in Missing Person's Search

During the early hours of a Saturday morning, Kapiti CP was called on by Police to help in their search for missing person, Joe Pryor. Quickly, they managed to construct a missing-person poster that was shared with search parties, placed around town, and used by the Search Coordinator. The Patrol also made use of social media, posting information about the search on their own Facebook page and other community pages. This aided in the recruitment of volunteers, including two Patrollers, Jane King & Shirley Jarden.
Kapiti Patrol Leader, Riaan de Bruyn, had nothing but praise for Jane & Shirley, crediting them with being an essential part of managing this massive community undertaking.
Their efforts have even been recognized by national media, with the below picture appearing on 1News recently.
While Joe still hasn’t been found, Riaan has said it’s fantastic to see the community come together during such difficult times.

    Kapiti CP Patrollers as seen 1 News.

Looking Back at November

Summer is finally here! This month we're looking back on what was a blazing hot November for Patrols, while also looking forward to the hot weather ahead. The festive season is officially upon us, and we're looking forward to seeing how Patrols around the country are celebrating (while following COVID safety guidelines of course). 

This will also be CPNZ's last briefing until February, so we wish all our Patrollers Happy Holidays, and a safe, prosperous New Year.

Karori CP Launch New Patrol Vehicle

Karori Community Patrol held a wonderful launch event for their new patrol vehicle on the 17th of November. The showcase was made possible because of the generosity shown by several local businesses and organisations that helped sponsor the vehicle. These sponsors included Ryman Healthcare, Professional Wellington City, Mitre 10 Croften Downs, Speedy Signs, Karori Auto Services, Rotary Club of Karori, Mobil Karori, Karori Design, and St John’s Trust Op Shop. 

Whilst Covid-19 safety guidelines meant everyone had to be distanced, the positivity of the evening still radiated across the event. Elbows were bumped instead of hands being shaken and although masks hid smiles the gratitude was still felt in handing over certificates. It was a great opportunity to thank the sponsors for their generous donations towards the vehicle and to come together. Amidst all that Covid has put the Patrol through it was nice to see everyone come together to see the Patrol vehicle and to be acknowledged. 

Invercargill CP gets in the Christmas Spirit

One Patrol has been getting in the Christmas spirit a little early this year, with Invercargill CP throwing a pre-Christmas potluck tea with several of their Patrollers. It was the first chance the Patrol had to get together since lockdown put a halt to patrolling activities. With their bubbles finally expanded, the Patrol reconnected with one another and shared in their collective excitement about what 2022 holds for the Patrol.

Riverton Patrol Leader Margaret Baillie was in attendance and shared their plans for a brand new patrol vehicle and a goal of attracting more Patrollers to join their close-knit team. 

We wish Margaret & the rest of the team down south a Merry Christmas, and we're all looking forward to seeing what how the Patrol progresses in 2022!
Invercargill Patrollers enjoying an evening together after lockdown restrictions have lifted.


North Dunedin Crime Prevention Week 

Around the world, Crime Prevention Week has been an initiative designed to showcase the successful collaborative efforts that transpire when Police and community organisations work together. We're always proud to work towards our common goals with our partners at NZ Police of preventing crime and reducing harm in our communities.

To celebrate this occasion, North Dunedin CP collaborated with their local Bunnings Warehouse to help raise awareness of their Crime Prevention Week efforts. On a cold Otago morning, the Patrol put on a classic Kiwi sausage sizzle to help warm the bellies and hearts of passers-by. 

Garry Cranfield, Patrol Leader for North Dunedin CP, spoke esthetically about the event, saying that despite the bleak weather, it was positive to have the community see them operate during daylight hours. Public awareness is a huge part of CPNZ's success, with those who recognise us in the community feeling because of our presence.  

Updates from Staff



Just a reminder when contacting the office to please use the correct email account that matches your enquiry. All contact details are available on the website. 

Wishing you all a very happy holiday season, stay safe, enjoy time with family and friends. Hararei karihoa. Kia pai te wa ki te whanau me o hoa. 



Please get in contact if you have sent mail and not heard from us after 5 working days from sending as the post can get lost on the way.
Please, when sending through vetting forms send through the applicant's ID photo and application so we can process this quickly for you.
If you have any doubt when filling in your vetting forms please ask as it’s better than having to resend a new one through.


We're always on the lookout for more Patroller Profile subjects! If you'd like to be apart of this series, or you'd like to nominate someone, please send me an email at

You can check out all our current and future stories by Patrollers here

Patroller Profiles aim to shine a spotlight on the range of talents amongst our Patrollers, letting them tell their own stories in their own words. Through this project, CPNZ aims to celebrate the outstanding accomplishments of CPNZ Patrollers and draw attention to the wealth of talent amongst CPNZ’s ranks.

Five Ways to Wellbeing

It’s coming to the end of 2021 and amidst this pandemic and the ongoing uncertainty, there could not be a better time to focus on your mental health.
The Mental Health Foundation has given some great tips we would love to share with you.
Below are the Five Ways to Wellbeing.

Tips, Tricks, & Other Bits


Most commonly asked question we get is "Why does my login not work?"

Our response "Have you registered for the online training?" Replies "No" hence why your login wont work. You have two separate logins. One for the members tab and one for the online training which you need to register for.


If you are trying to log in to enter the statistics for your Patrol, you need to use the same login you use for the Members tab. This is your CPNZ ID & Surname for password.


Another reminder for when sending through resignations to also send through a Change to Patroller Status form including if ID has been returned and destroyed.

Rural Stakeholder Crime Prevention Partnership

Supporting rural New Zealand to be safer and more secure is a major drive for the Police and therefore for us as well. 
Rural Policing Enhancement Project - Notes from Inspector Paul Carpenter

Policing in small communities and rural areas is a distinct role that presents different challenges and opportunities than that of policing in provincial or metropolitan towns and cities. To keep communities and the public safe, a keen understanding of those differences and opportunities is required. The Rural Policing Enhancement Project seeks to identify those areas of interest and provide support to rural communities. There are three stages involved with the project; defining success, identifying barriers and opportunities, and finally, necessary changes. 

The reasoning behind the Rural Policing Enhancement Project is due to several complaints regarding policing in small communities (1-2 person police stations) in 2018. The Independent Police Conduct Authority (IPCA) decided to conduct a thematic review. The complaints related to perceived favoritism and bias on the part of the officers and the Police’s failure to adequately address potential conflicts of interest. Each complaint was handled individually by the Authority, which revealed general issues and common themes within policing in small communities that required further examination. 

While conducting the IPCA visits and interviews for the review, the ICPA team found widespread support within the community for local officers and the service they provide. The interviewed officers preferred to provide a proactive policing service rather than a reactive approach. It was also reported that during the interviewing process, the ICPA team met excellent officers, and they noted how impressed they were by the work they do in their communities and how well they handle the huge demands on the job. 

The Police knew a Review was being conducted, and rather than wait for the Review's findings, Deputy Commissioner Glenn Dunbier commissioned the Rural Policing Enhancement Project. The project intends to ensure rural policing is fit for purpose and responsive to the changing needs of the rural environment and to improve how we are enabling and equipping rural officers. 

For this Project, Rural Policing is defined as primarily 1, 2, and 3 person stations; however, the enhancements will be relevant to; and will support the policing in all small communities. 

The first stage in the Rural Policing Enhancement Project was to define success. This required the project team to run a series of workshops with rural staff and communities, with t main priority being to identify solutions and ask key questions like, how might we ensure we are able to Police successfully in a rural environment? The insights garnered from these workshops helped understand how communities and officers perceive good policing within rural communities and what the role of Police is and is not. 

In stage two, further workshops were held with Rural staff to identify barriers and potential opportunities for the people and the organisation; to successfully police within a rural environment.

Stage three required identifying necessary changes: what changes should we make to enhance our rural police model. By running more intensive workshops with Police Executive members, Nation Workgroups (the enablers), and other Subject Matter Experts, this process identified the majority of the operating system enablers required to enable future rural models. 

Working Safer, Smarter, & Healthier

We want Patrollers to stay safe when performing their duties, and this regular section will give some tips on best practices when on patrol. The work we do in our communities is important, but your own safety is also paramount to CPNZ

Vaccine Mandate for CPNZ Patrollers

As of December 3rd, CPNZ has now introduced a vaccine mandate for all Patrol members. Following a risk assessment taken out in November, the CPNZ Trust Board has concluded that full vaccinations are required to keep Patrols & the public safe.

CPNZ's policy has been developed following consideration of the positive support for vaccine requirements from our patrols and advice from external health and safety experts and the Government lead. We hope the policy will provide greater certainty and peace of mind to all that are associated with our organisation as it will enable us to deliver our services, attend events, provide training as safely as possible, with the utmost confidence, at all levels of the traffic light system.

Final Words

December 3rd was International Day of People with Disabilities. CPNZ is proud to support the International Day of People with Disabilities. As an inclusive and supportive charity, we give equal opportunity and validation to all those who wish to be part of CPNZ, no matter their needs or ability.

December 5th was International Day of Volunteers: A charity like CPNZ can't complete its mission without the support and dedication of those we're lucky enough to call our volunteers.
CPNZ volunteers have been through a lot this year, and have continued to amaze, inspire, and make us proud through their enthusiasm and dedication.
This International Volunteer Day, we want to say our thanks to all those people who make CPNZ the incredible organisation it is. Without you, we don't exist.

Happy Holidays: We want to wish all our Patrollers, Supporters, and other Members a safe and prosperous holiday season. We thank you for all the love and support during 2021 and look forward to continuing to serve you and your community in 2022.
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