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Welcome to the August 2015 Newsletter

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Voxativ 845 mono blocks and PA-01 pre-amp
We're glad to announce that we will be exhibiting at this years Rocky Mountain Audio Fest. This time we will be in two rooms. Room 9022 is dedicated to Voxativ only. We will showcase the new Voxativ System 9.87 (Voxativ PI with Bass Extension) and debut Voxativ's tube electronics, PA-01 pre-amp and 845 mono-blocks, for the first time in North America.
KR Audio Kronzilla SX
In Room 9014, just a few rooms further down the hall from the Voxativ room we will hook up with Brodmann Acoustics loudspeakers. We will use the KR Kronzilla SX with the P-130 pre.

We're very happy about this new cooperation because we know KR Audio and Brodmann match up very well. Even more we like the fact that Brodmann loudspeakers are based in Vienna and that's where we are from, just like Brodmann - born and bred in Vienna - the city of music!

And music is what's all about, in both our rooms. Come by and listen.
Scansonic MB Center
Scansonic HD has expanded their line of speakers with the new MB Center speakers.  Just like the rest of the MB Series, designed by Michael Boerresen, designer of Raidho speakers. With this center speaker Scansonic enters the Home Theater market with very affordable but high-end performing speakers. Scansonic subwoofer are also available.

The Scansonic MB Center utilizes two 4.5” carbon-coned drivers, sealed ribbon tweeter and a high quality crossover with top quality components. The cabinet is heavy, braced and curved in the Nordic design tradition like the other MB speakers. The price is US $1600 and available in black or white. CLICK HERE to check it out.
Synergistic Research Black Box
Synergistic Research PHT
Two new crops harvested... 
Two brand new PHT crops are now available: Green Dream and Black Widow. Just like the first two crops, the production is limited.

We still have a few of the first two crops in stock - Blue Velvet and Purple Haze.  Both PHTs were very well received and reviewed by Michael Fremer.  CLICK HERE to check it out.
Synergistic Research Black Box
KR Audio VA200 mono blocks
KR Audio announced their brand new and most powerful amps yet - the VA200 mono blocks - "The Czech Grizzly". Soon in our showroom! 
KR Audio Electronics proudly announces the addition of the new VA200 monoblocks using a KR 842vhd tube application to our fine line up of hi-end amplifiers. The VA200 has a circletron circuit which features a floating cathode, neither single-ended nor push pull.
CLICK HERE to check it out.
New Line of Product: Shun Mook
New line of products: Shun Mook
Shun Mook has been around since many years crafting audio tuning devices made of African Mpingo Ebony wood. For the last years Shun Mook Acoustics Inc. has introduced a new concept and a new approach to usage of material in the control of acoustic resonance in High Fidelity. There is no real magic about Shun Mook's products. They are all based on simple high school physics - "Sympathetic Resonance".

We are very glad that we have now access to these remarkable tuning devices and can offer them to our customers. Several products are limited in the number of production (like the legendary Record Clamp, MC Cartridge, Giant Diamond Resonators). Most products are already in stock, the rest will follow in the next weeks. CLICK HERE to check it out.
New Line of Product: Shun Mook
Key Kim, StereoTimes, August 2015, wrote:
"...I could tell immediately the VIDA’s noise floor was very low, allowing the music to emerge infused with very detailed information... Bass performance was excellent with very deep extension, definition, and control. Pitch in the lowest octaves was accurately defined and to my delight the VIDA was able to delineate the contrabass pizzicatos and bass guitar snaps brilliantly with outstanding speed, pace and drive... The VIDA’s ability to illuminate timbre and detail was excellent. While rich and full, instrumental textures were not too ripe or romanticized. Attacks were fast and sharp, yet lively. Equally the midrange was impressive. The human and instrumental voices were reproduced naturally in a well- balanced texture, body, and tone. The voices were wonderfully rendered with revealing detail and nuance, providing for an extremely organic and involving presentation..." CLICK HERE to check out the entire review.
New Line of Product: Shun Mook
Aurorasound PREDA pre-amp
Martin Colloms, HiFi Critics concluded: "...while rather more costly than the matching phono stage, this control unit sets a still higher standard. High precision best describes the sound, build and operation, while the range of balanced and singleended inputs alongside full remote control represents an all-too-rare combination of virtues. Alongside its fine flexibility and ergonomics, the technical and subjective performance alone attains the Audio Excellence standard, which is the rating we award this highly precise, neutral and informative control unit..."  CLICK HERE to check it out.
Shun Mook Record Clamp
Shun Mook Mpingo Discs
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