Newsletter No. 62 - SEPTEMBER 2019

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Welcome to the September 2019 Newsletter

Holbo Airbearing Turntable
We are very glad to announce that we are now the US importer for Holbo Airbearing Turntable Systems

How do you recreate the magnificence of a full symphonic orchestra in a home environment? Bostjan Holc, the founder of Slovenian artisan company Holbo, is convinced that it can be done, but only with analog technology. Enter the Holbo airbearing turntable system, the culmination of over 20 years of passion and experience.

The Holbo Airbearing Turntable is designed to enhance the musical experience by removing sound pollution caused by the friction between mechanical parts. Holbo incorporates a linear tracking (tangential)  airbearing tonearm and an airbearing platter. The result is crystal clear sound with natural depth and velocity that instantly transports you to the opera or concert hall.

This wonderful turntable already received high praise from with a Blue Moon Award 2019.
The MSRP is $7,500. Dealer inquiries are welcome. CLICK HERE for more information.
Blue Moon Award 2019
Marja and Henk of wrote (09/2019):

"...of course there are more air-bearing turntables on the market but very many of these look like oil rigs and their noisier compressors should be placed in another room. Condensation risk ahead! The Holbo Airbearing Turntable System to us instead had great looks of simplicity, arrived with a super-silent compressor and offered everything a vinyl lover could crave. It offered dynamics and speed to transient response that resulted in a very lifelike open sound. If a pressing was good enough, that black background was there in spades..."
" the time we spent with the Holbo Airbearing Turntable System, we really grew fond of it. It worked without any hiccups and even a pretty warped album played through without skips... again, we utterly enjoyed the Holbo system in every respect so the award pretty much wrote itself. As to the caption, it should be self-explanatory by now..." CLICK HERE to read the entire review
New Product: Synergistic Research Foundation Cables 
Synergistic Research Foundation Cable Series

The new Foundation Interconnects and Speaker Cables are the brainchildren of Lead Designer Ted Denney who wanted an affordable IC and SC loom with the performance for which other companies charge thousands of dollars. To make this a reality, Ted distilled his highest performance cable technologies to make these cables punch far above their weight class, with a price as low as $599 for a pair of interconnects ($499 until September 30th).

Customer feedback:
"...component level upgrade. Over much more expensive speaker cables named for Norse gods. Quiet, fast ,dynamic, holographic, tonally dense, transparent, detailed, and finely textured. An incredible bargain..." 

CLICK HERE for more info or to place an order.
New product: Synergistic Research PowerCell ONE
Synergistic Research PowerCell ONE
The new Synergistic Research PowerCell ONE is three powerful EM Cells for filtering hot and neutral  AC plus Ground captive to an Actively Shielded Blue High Current 10 Gauge power cord.

It can be used adding additional filtration to digital and analog components in any system or to extend the reach of multi-outlet PowerCells when an amplifier is located further away from the rest of a system and long runs of Atmosphere X, Galileo SX, or SRX power cords would be out of the question. Available in 120V and 230V with US- or Schuko-Plugs. MSPR is $995 resp. $1195 (230V). The total standard length is 2 ft. Longer cables add $60/ft.

CLICK HERE for more information or to place an order.
New product: Synergistic Research Galileo PowerCell SX
Synergistic Research Galileo PowerCell SX
The new Galileo PowerCell SX is both evolution and revolution with four times the active filtration of the PowerCell 12 SE thanks to eleven more densely packed Active Electromagnetic Cells to the PowerCell 12 six EM Cells. The power supply for biasing the EM Cells has been completely re-engineered for a lower noise floor, and a new field generator for biasing both Ground and AC allows your system to convey higher resolution in a more open soundfield with enhanced musicality. MSRP starts with $16,995 incl. power cord
CLICK HERE to check out or place an order.
Customer feedback: "'s not what you hear from your system now, which is amazingly good. It's about what it means to experience the lowest noise floor I've ever encountered in my almost 30 years in high-end audio. Banished for good are all the artifacts, noise, grunge and pollution present on the electrical circuit which before obscured the tiniest musical and acoustical details in recordings. They now rise to be heard adding to an immensely satisfying musical experience. It's like comparing a high def picture of the Grand Canyon to now getting to actually stand on the rim in person experiencing the grandeur with all the senses. This is what the PowerCell SX has done for my music now. I'm closer to the real thing like never before..."
New product and review: VALVET E2se Class-A amplifier
Valvet E2se Class-A solid-state single-ended amplifier
A new version of the well-loved German handmade Valvet E2 Class-A single-ended amplifier was released earlier this year - the Valvet E2se. We already have the first review. MSRP is $3,990.

Jerry Seigel of concluded (06/2019):
"...even with the excellent [original] Valvet E2, some tube amplifiers maintained a small superiority in harmonic depth and resolution at the edge of silence. No longer. The E2 SE amplifier is fully competitive in this area and should convince many serious audiophiles that vacuum tubes are no longer necessary for the ultimate in warmth, texture, purity and correctness. The Valvet E2 SE’s ability to 'listen in' to a voice or instrument and allow the listener to really hear the intimacy of a performance is state of the art, and perfectly delivered..." CLICK HERE for more information
New review: VALVET A4e Class-A mono blocks
Valvet AAe mono-block amplifiers
Greg Voth of The StereoTimes concluded:
"...even with a solid state preamp in the mix, the music felt very relaxed, rich and sounded, in a word, lush. Each note was delivered with panache over the brute force of other power amplifiers and in a way that subtly coaxes and charms the listener to continue their musical journey rather than submit to over-arched and brutally dynamic intensity. These Valvet a4e’s are the real deal… get where I’m coming from?"
CLICK HERE to check out the entire review
New review: Audio Valve Challenger 115 mono blocks
Audio Valve Challenger 115 mono blocks
Key Kim of The StereoTimes concluded:
"...I really enjoyed my time listening to the Audio Valve Challenger mono-block amplifiers.  The amp had no problem driving the Consensus Conspiracy and the Lyra loudspeakers with great control and finesse. Hats off to Helmut Becker! I highly recommend the Audio Valve Challengers. It is fine German engineering that comes with sensible pricing in today’s high-end audio arena..."

CLICK HERE to read the entire review
New review: Aurorasound VIDA MC/MM phono stage
The popular and highly decorated Aurorasound VIDA MC/MM phono stage was reviewed on

Darren Henley wrote:
"...the VIDA displayed its considerable chops by delivering 3D images that fluttered across the stage, tactile and perfectly saturated mids, and then dropped low-frequency charges that I felt in my chest..."
CLICK HERE for more information
New award: Voxativ 9.87 System
Another award from The Absolute Sound - The Golden Ear Award 2019. I guess it's safe to say TAS   really likes these speakers... we like them too. That's why they are a cornerstone in our showroom. Call for a listening session. CLICK HERE for more information about these unique loudspeakers.

Jonathan Valin wrote: "...if you are an absolute sound kind of listener, for the money it's hard to beat..." 
Win a Synergistic Research PowerCell ONE  ($1000)
Enter to win a Aurorasound VIDA Prima phono stage
This month we're giving away a free Synergistic Research PowerCell ONE with a value of $1000.

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