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Welcome to the June 2016 Newsletter

The Voxativ room at the Highend Munich 2016
After the Highend Show in Munich Germany, the second most important event of the year is T.H.E. Show Newport Beach in California. This year we will present Voxativ (Germany) in two rooms. ROOM 317 we will showcase the Blue Moon Award winning Voxativ 9.87 System with the top line Voxativ electronics - the Ampeggio preamp and the 845 mono blocks. In this room we also will have electronics from Aurorasound (Japan) and KR Audio (Czech Republic). In ROOM 304 we debut for the first time in North America the new Voxativ Zeth speakers with the T-211 integrated amplifier, also for the first time.  The source (DAC/Server) in both rooms will be from Totaldac (France).

Come by our rooms and enter a drawing where you can win a pair Scansonic MB-1 monitor speakers with a value of $2300.
New Speakers: Voxativ Hagen and Zeth
New Voxativ Speakers: Hagen and Zeth
Just in time before the two most important audio events of the year. Voxativ released two new loud speakers.

The Voxativ Zeth single driver floorstander is the newest member of the Voxativ family. Hand crafted in Berlin, it uses a new driver - the Voxativ AC-1.8 and has a sensitivity of 97dB, plenty to be paired with the best single ended tube amplifiers. US retail: $9900.

Hagen is a new studio monitor with the brand new 5" Voxativ AF-2.6 driver. US retail: $4900.
New Amplifier: Aurorasound PADA
Auroasound PADA
We're glad to announce a new product from our Partner in Japan - the very innovative Aurorasound PADA hybrid power amplifier. The amplifier takes advantage of both worlds - with a solid state input/driver stage and a tube output stage.

The PADA utilizes replicas of the legendary Telefunken EL34 tubes in push-pull configuration with an output of 43 watts per channel and can also handle KT-150 tubes. The inter-stage transformer is made by FineMet and the output transformers are made by Lundahl in Sweden. Inputs are both single ended and fully balanced. The housing is made from solid wood and 8mm aluminum. The sound is very organic, with weight and lots of details. US retail: $11,995. CLICK HERE for more information.

BTW: Aurorasound lowered the retail prices on all products. VIDA $3995, PREDA $10,995.
Most Wanted Components 2015 Award
Most Wanted Component Award: Auroraound PREDA
Aurorasound PREDA
We're happy to announce a new review was released on The StereoTimes.

Michael Wright concluded: " just under $13K the PREDA will easily compete with preamps in the $20K price-range. And when you combine it with its matching phono stage, the VIDA, you have a killer preamp setup that both digital and analog lovers can dig. I recognized the PREDA as a “Stereo Times Most Wanted Component” for 2015. The only way that I can possibly express my appreciation for it more would be to actually buy it. I’ll be spending the rest of 2016 trying to figure out how to do just that. Highly recommended..."
CLICK HERE to check out the entire review.
Most Wanted Component Award: KR Audio P130
KR Audi P130
KR Audio's P130 received a Most Wanted Component 2015 Award from The StereoTimes.

Greg Simmons concluded: "...I hope it’s apparent that I was really impressed with the KR Audio P-130 preamplifier. It’s simple to set up, simple to use, and it’s built to a very high quality standard. It was an excellent match for my amplifier and – while it emphasized slightly different qualities than my own preamp - its overall sound was hard to challenge. It’s not inexpensive, but by today’s standards it does represent a decent value. Assuming the internal workings are as robust as the exterior casework, this could be a great foundation piece for any system for a very long time. The KR-Audio P-130 preamp is a really, really good piece of equipment. Highly recommended."
CLICK HERE to check out the entire review
The May 2016 Specials are coming to an end. Thank you again for all your orders. One sale is still ongoing until June 15th. Take advantage of the Synergistic Research UEF Acoustic Panel Sale.
Synergistic Research UEF Acoustic Panels
Many of Synergistic Research's new UEF Acoustic Panels and Dots have already found their way into audiophiles listening rooms and sound engineers work places. Offer is valid until June 15th.
Buy a 4-pack UEF Acoustic Panels ($540) and get a 5-pack Acoustic Dots FREE. 
Buy an 8-pack UEF Acoustic Panels ($895) and get a 10-pack Acoustic Dots FREE. 
CLICK HERE to place your order.

Stay tuned for our next July Special Offers and Newsletter.

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