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Welcome to the February 2017 Newsletter

Audio Valve Solaris Headphone Amplifier
Audio Valve of Germany
We are very glad to announce that highend-electronics has been appointed as the new North American importer for Audio Valve of Germany. Since many years Audio Valve,  located in Kassel - the heart of Germany, has been hand-crafting tube amplifiers of the highest order.
Helmut Becker, owner and designer, has loads of experience which earned him 15 patents in the audio field over the years. Combining old-world craftsmanship with his inventions and tried-and-tested new technologies, with a pinch of outside-the-box thinking lead to very unique looking, characterful and great-sounding high-end tube amplifiers. Amongst them is one of the world-best headphone amplifiers - Audio Valve Solaris (pictured above). We eventually will have one of each Audio Valve products in our showroom for demos. Call or email to order, or to arrange an appointment for an In-Home Audition. Dealer inquiries welcome. CLICK HERE for more information.
NEW: Synergistic Research PowerCell 8 UEF
The goal of the PowerCell 8 UEF was to create a non-current limiting, performance driven, compact power conditioner that outperforms all of the competitor's devices as well as Synergistic's prior flagship product, the PowerCell 10 - and they succeeded. Don’t let the compact design fool you, the PowerCell 8 UEF delivers big in sound stage and micro-detail while fitting discreetly behind your component rack, saving you valuable shelf space. And to bring the highest level of resolution, double down on component-to-component isolation and A/C filtering by combining the PowerCell 8 UEF with Synergistic Research's PowerCell 12 UEF. Available in 4 versions, starting at $1995. Available for IN-HOME TRIALS.
Synergistic Research PowerCell 8 UEF
That's a value of $794 absolutely FREE.
CLICK HERE for more information.
NEW: VALVET E2 single-ended solid-state amp 
VALVET E2 single-ended solid-state Class-A amplifier
Knut Cornils latest product just arrived. The successor of the E1r monos - the E2 stereo amplifier.

The E2 is a special amp, a very rare breed. It's a single-ended Class-A solid-state amplifier in dual-mono design. The E2 is entirely handmade in Germany and the sound is as pure as it gets with solid-state amplification. The E2 delivers 12 Watt per channel into 8 ohm (20 Watt into 4 Ohm). The US retail price is $2,790. If you have sensitive speakers (>90dB) the E2 might well be what you were always looking for. CLICK HERE for detailed information.

TAS' Cables of the Year: Synergistic's Galileo UEF 
Synergistic Research Galileo UEF - TAS Cables of the Year 2016
The Absolute Sound names SR Galileo UEF State-of-the-Art Cables of the Year!

Jonathan Valin: "...Ted Denney’s latest creations improve on the cumbersome economics of his original Galileo multi-strand cables (which had to be plugged into and out of a multitude of boxes and actively biased via a plethora of wall-wart power supplies) by packaging most of that marvelous Synergistic technology into the cable itself. Better still, the Galileo UEFs significantly improve upon the truly stellar sonics of the original Galileos. Indeed, the UEFs are the best sounding wires Mr. Denney has yet devised, achieving a dead-center neutrality that is neither “bottom-up” nor “top-down” in tonal balance, without any sacrifice in natural warmth and timbre, resolution of detail, transient speed, dynamic power, imaging precision, or soundstage width, depth, and height. When you consider that the Galileo UEFs are also priced at one-third or one-quarter of what the original Galileos went for (and roughly one-tenth of what flagship cables and interconnects from certain other companies currently cost), you have a veritable bargain in ultra-high-end wire and a worthy TAS Interconnect and Speaker Cable of the Year Award winner..."  CLICK HERE for more info.
Most Wanted Component Award: Aurorasound VIDA
Aurorasound VIDA phone stage
Award number 9 for Aurorasound's LCR Phono Stage! Clement Perry of The StereoTimes wrote:
"...Key Kim's 2014 Most Wanted Award and subsequent review piqued my interest in this elegantly built phonostage from Japan. The Aurorasound VIDA incorporates state-of-the-art semiconductor technology (LCR-type network) and old-world craftsmanship to create a top performing phono amplifier. I concur wholeheartedly with Key's sonic descriptors: '...its black background is what sets the stage for its remarkable resolution, openness, and harmonic integrity..."  CLICK HERE for more information
Most Wanted Component Award: Marigo CD-Mat
Marigo Audio Clear Transformation CD-Mat
Dave Allison, The StereoTimes (Jan. 2017):
"...for those of us who still buy/play/rip physical media, this is a must try.  First, and perhaps most important, it’s as close to a universal CD/SACD/DVD/Blue Ray damper as you’ll find.  All previous mats I’ve used in my two very finicky transports have been chewed up and/or spit out.  The Clear Transformation is so thin and flexible that you’ll get no complaints from your player.  Sonically, it does away with digital artifacts while enhancing the richness and detail of your music.  At $199, it’s the least expensive digital accessory you’ll find that really makes a difference. Unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee from Marigo..."  CLICK HERE for more info.
Most Wanted Component Award: Langerton Block 5
Langerton Block 5
Key Kim, The StereoTimes (Jan. 2017) wrote:
"...the Block 5 is a meticulously crafted anti-resonance device made by Langerton Configurations out of its production facility in Castle Trautskirchen in Germany.  They are atypical in that they are made from several different materials and are height adjustable.  After installing the Block 5s under my components, I immediately heard additional clarity, detail and speed with improved dynamic precision..."  CLICK HERE for more information.
Most Wanted Component Award: Synergistic's BLACK Fuse
Synergistic Research BLACK Quantum Fuse
"...tiny fuses are a BIG hit! Who would ever think that two tiny audio amplifier fuses could have such a profound, positive result in what we hear from our audio system? That's exactly what happened when I switched from the two stock fuses that I had been using with my reference Behold stereo amplifier to Synergistic Research's new BLACK Quantum Fuses..."
"...proprietor Alfred Kainz of Highend-Electronics located in California gave me superb service and sage advice regarding the best way to get maximum effect from these fuses. They are directional and require proper orientation to get the best results. In addition, the near super-conductor graphene is used which requires these fuses to have 25 to 200 hours of burn-in time for them to provide their optimum magic. The more the fuses burned in the more the soundstage increased, harmonics grew denser, and grip in the bass became tighter. All of these attributes allowed this listener to become much more emotionally involved with the music. Synergistic Research's new fuses seem to allow the amplifier to pass more important information along and perform at its very highest capacity. At $119.95 per fuse you owe it to yourself to give them a try. The results I experienced are a huge bang for the buck. Highly recommended!"  
Clement Perry, Moreno Mitchell, Dan Secula and Ron Cook of The StereoTimes.

CLICK HERE to check it out.
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