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Welcome to the July 2016 Newsletter

Voxativ / highend-electronics room at T.H.E. Show Newport Beach 2016
We're back from this year's T.H.E. Show Newport Beach which was a great success for us. One of our rooms was mentioned in two publications as Best Sound of the Show.

Jack Roberts of "...the sound was as good or better than anything at the show at any price. I love single-driver speakers and even with the bass extender, the sound was that of one of the best single-driver speakers I have ever heard. Again, let me say this was easily one of the very best sounds of the show. In price, it’s not quite a mega-system, but in sound it surely was!"

Jonathan Valin of The Absolute Sound: "...neutral and absolutely seamless, the 9.87 (along with Voxativ’s Ampeggio Due) is simply the fullest-range, most natural-sounding one-way (or augmented one-way) I’ve ever heard. And once you’ve heard a speaker without a crossover that is this good, it makes everything else sound just the slightest bit cobbled together from parts. No, you’re not going to get the dynamic range of a horn speaker from the 9.87, nor quite the same resolution or treble extension that you get from the Gauder, but what you are going to get is true point-source imaging and a sound that doesn’t change a jot in timbre from octave to octave..."

The system in this room consisted of Voxativ's 9.87 speakers, 845 mono blocks, Ampeggio preamp, interconnect and speaker cables. Totaldac DAC & Server, Synergistic Research PowerCell with Galileo LE power cords and Tranquility Base. To balance out the room acoustics the Atmosphere XL with two Black Boxes as well as the HighEnd Novum PMR Premium Mk.2 room resonator were used.
NEW: Synergistic Research PowerCell 12 UEF
Synergistic Research  PowerCell 12 UEF
The PowerCell 12 UEF is the first PowerCell to utilize Graphene to dramatically increase EM Cell efficiency. Components plugged into the PowerCell 12 UEF actually draw more current than they do when connected directly to the wall due to the new EM Cell topology acting like a Super Capacitor to deliver peak current on demand that surpasses available wall current. Test measurements show components connected to the new PowerCell to have a 2db drop in the noise floor and increased dynamic headroom.
It comes in 3 different versions: PowerCell 12 UEF – MSRP $4495 / PowerCell 12 UEF SE – MSRP $5495 / PowerCell 12 UEF SE w/Glass Top – MSRP $5995. The SE versions come with UEF Black Duplex and 32Amp Atmosphere PowerCell Level 3 power cord. First units ship in August.
CLICK HERE for more information or to place your pre-order.

Place your pre-order now and receive an additional Atmosphere UEF Level 2 power cord FREE. That's a value of $2000 absolutely FREE!
NEW: Audio Magic Beeswax SHD fuses
Audio Magic Beeswax SHD fuses

The new, improved Beeswax SHD (Super High Definition) fuse now incorporates  a triple layer design with two  new proprietary components to make the fuse even quieter with a better transfer of current and re-location of the Beeswax inside of the fuse for better stability. The price of $175 remains the same.

CLICK HERE for more info or to place your order.
NEW: Voxativ T-211 integrated amplifier
Voxativ T-211 integrated amplifier
New in our showroom. The best way to drive your high efficiency speakers is this 40 kg beauty. It boasts a housing that is milled out of a 63 kg aluminum block. Output transformers are from Masaaki Oshima who defines his transformers as musical instruments. With 14 of the finest single-ended watts, the T-211 delivers the best possible sound for Voxativ speakers, but also any other high efficiency loudspeakers.

A new product in the Voxativ line where everything is different. Equipped with preamp-out to drive our 9.87 loudspeaker system (or a subwoofer of your choice). CLICK HERE for more information.
New review: Auroraound VIDA
Aurorasound VIDA
We're glad to announce a new review for the VIDA was released on

Marja & Henk of wrote: " conclusion, your two tube fanciers here were very impressed by what Karaki-san has designed and built up with just transistors. Fortunately there's a tendency for current LP releases to differ from the CD and streaming releases of the same recording. The latter two are prone to dynamic compression whilst the analog version rejoices in the full dynamic headroom. With a phono stage like the Vida, all of vinyl's hidden treasures are revealed fully and out in the open yet the phono stage itself stays courteously in the background like the perfect butler with white gloves..." CLICK HERE to check out the entire review.
New review: Wall Audio M50 PSET mono blocks
Wall Audio M50 PSET parallel single-ended mono blocks
Wall Audio's powerful parallel single-ended M50 mono bocks were reviewed on The StereoTimes.

Key Kim wrote: "...the Wall Audio’s midrange is glorious in timbre, tone color, liquidity, and freedom from grain. Its ability to bring to life, music’s underlining emotions was as impressive as I have heard in its price range and above. The M50 renders instruments and voices with a natural and organic quality. It didn’t matter whether I was listening to chamber music or female vocalists. Listening to Cassandra Wilson’s vinyl recording of the New Moon Daughter was exceptional. The M50 reproduced Wilson’s husky and hypnotic voice exquisitely; there was a fabulous amount of details. The pitch precision and subtle volume changes that convey feelings and moods were presented with a great sense of musical realism and emotional involvement..."  CLICK HERE to check it out.

Hana MC Phono Cartridge
Hana MC Phono Cartridges from Japan use high-rigidity aluminum cantilevers, and cross-shaped armatures, giving listeners a brilliant and gorgeous sound. Hana cartridges come in 2 different stylus designs and low or high output - the Elliptical stylus design retails for $475 and the Shibata stylus design for $750.
We offer 40% OFF as long as stock lasts.
$285 for E-style resp. $450 for the S-style cartridges. CLICK HERE for more info.
Synergistic Research MiG 2.0
Synergistic Research MiG 2.0 (Mechanical Interface Grounding) with HFT technology. 

Until July 31st buy a Set of Synergistic's MIG 2.0's and receive a FREE Black Quantum Fuse. That's a value of $129.95 absolutely FREE.

CLICK HERE to place an order.
Synergistic Research MiG 2.0

Synergistic Research BLACK BOX and TRANQUILITY BASE Summer Promo.

Until July 31st buy a Synergistic Research Black Box or a Tranquility Base and  receive a $500 credit toward the purchase of another Synergistic Research product.

CLICK HERE to place a Black Box order.

CLICK HERE to place a Tranquility Base order.

Stay tuned for our next August Newsletter with Special Offers.

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