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Welcome to the April 2017 Newsletter

Artos Audio Mirage
Artos Audio Raibow Cell loudspeakers made in Germany
We are very glad to announce that we are the new US importer for Artos Audio Loudpeakers from Germany. Artos Audio manufactures timeless, very elegant looking and fantastically finished speakers in the tradition of German craftsmanship combined with innovative leading-edge engineering.

Artos Audio loudspeakers are time-coherent with outstanding precision, very open and natural-sounding with impressive soundstage, super fast and dynamic with lifelike realism and spectacular bass control far beyond their price point, ranging from $9,990 - $88,000.

Their US debut will be in our room at the new Los Angeles Audio Show beginning of June 2017.

CLICK HERE for more information.
Come and meet Voxativ at the AXPONA 2017
This year's AXPONA audio show is taking place on April 21st - 23rd in the Westin O'Hare Hotel in Rosemont, Illinois. In the last years the AXPONA show grew strongly and now has more than 140 listening rooms to offer. You'll also find exhibit floors, seminars and live musical performances. Whether you’re an audiophile, newcomer to high-end audio or just a music lover, you’ll most likely find what you're looking for. Make sure to come to the Voxativ exhibition and meet and greet the owner and designer Holger Adler in  ROOM 644. Do yourself a favor, come by listen to some good music in a relaxed atmosphere. Voxativ will present the 9.87 loudspeaker system driven by the Voxativ T-211 integrated tube amplifier.  CLICK HERE to check it out.
Voxativ at the last show in Northern Germany
New review: Cantano Turntable & Tonearm 
Cantano Turntable & Tonearm
The new German Cantano Turntable and Tonearm received a new review on 

Wolfgang Kemper concluded:
"...the Cantano can hardly be beat when it comes to its superior sound capabilities in relation to its price. In addition, it’s a masterpiece of precision workmanship and with its appealing appearance, clearly stands out from the established, high-end turntables. The Cantano is one harmonious whole - drive and tone arm are the perfect duet.  Just wait and see what they can coax from your vinyl..." CLICK HERE for more information.

New review: Wall Audio M50 PSET Tube Monoblocks
Synergistic Research Galileo UEF - TAS Cables of the Year 2016
Alexander Aschenbrenner, HiFi-Stars, concluded:
"...what a debut! I had heard of these 'legendary' tube amplifiers from Wall Audio, I looked forward to them for testing all the more. And when they go back again, the memory of the splendor of their timbre and tonal-color will remain, in a way that I have rarely experienced it with even more powerful tube amps. In my opinion, the Wall Audio M50 PSET Mono Tube Amplifiers are sound-processing technology at its finest. For audiophile friends of high-efficiency loudspeakers, they are much more than simply a recommendation..."  CLICK HERE for more info.
New product: High Fidelity MC-6 Hemisphere
High Fidelity MC-6 Hemisphere

High Fidelity's MC-6 Hemisphere ($2,800) takes magnetic conduction to the next level with the newly developed waveguide system, called the "Hemisphere". Derived from the successful Helix technology used in the very top-end products, the Hemisphere has been specialized for AC power to utilize the magnetic fields inside the wave guide. The Hemisphere's approach, like all Magnetic Conduction Technology applications, reduces unwanted noise that is typically carried on the AC power line. This noise is the heart of grunge, hardness, and edge - the very enemies of the audiophile. CLICK HERE for more info.

New product: Synergistic Research V8 PowerBlock
Synergistic Research V8 PowerBlock
The new V8 PowerBlock is an affordable AC powerhouse that packs the entire Synergistic UEF experience into a compact, performance driven design. Silver Matrix conductors and SR outlets deliver refined and unfettered power to your entire system. To this, SR added passive UEF inductive filtration for a smooth phase coherent sine wave and Graphene for the highest conductivity and speed possible. Lastly, the entire unit is treated with 1,000,000 volts of electricity in a process called Quantum Tunneling. Available in 3 versions, starting from $795. Buy now and get up to 3 FREE BLACK Quantum Fuses. CLICK HERE for more info.
NEW: Synergistic Research Galileo UEF Cable Lending Library
Marigo Audio Clear Transformation CD-Mat
We are excited to announce that we added Synergistic Research's Galileo UEF cable line to our Lending Library. The Lending Library is FREE of charge and includes almost every Synergistic Research product. CLICK HERE for more info.
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