Newsletter No. 58 - JUNE 2018

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Welcome to the June 2018 Newsletter

Voxativ at the Highend Munich Show 2018
This years most important audio show - the Highend Show in Munich - came in the midst of Voxativ's 10-year anniversary celebrations. At this event, Voxativ debuted the successor of the loudspeakers that started it all - the brand new Voxativ Ampeggio X, a further development of the original Ampeggio that went on to win the prestigious Product of the Year Award 2011 from Stereophile. It's now possible to choose between 4 different field coil drivers and 3 different PSUs. Voxativ also launched a new integrated amplifier - the T805. This combo made a big impact at the show and received the Gold Show Award for Best Sound from AVShowrooms at once. Stay tuned, we'll have both products soon in our showroom...
Voxativ T805 integrated amplifier
Gold Show Award for Best Sound Munich 2018
Two Awards from the Fidelity Magazine
The German magazine Fidelity has been around a few years and for the first time handed out awards for special products that made a mark. Two of our favorites were amongst them.  

One of them are the Valvet A4 mono block amps. Fidelity wrote: "...sweet, small and feisty – 55 Class-A watts per channel that sound like much more and can also master bigger challenges with bravura..." 

CLICK HERE for more information
Valvet A4 mono blocks
The other one is the ViV Lab Rigid Float tonearm from Japan.

They wrote: "...what to do when certain technical aids, such as tonearms, are so elaborate that they threaten to cross the line from the end to over-development to exceeding all limits? First back to the drawing board. In this particular case: do away with the offset angle, remove  antiskating and radically simplify the arm and system calibration. The result: One of the best and most amazing tonearms in analog history..."
CLICK HERE for more information
ViV Lab Rigid Float Tonearm
Two Finest Cuts Awards from Audio Bacon
The non-commercial online magazine Audio Bacon reviewed Synergistic Research's PowerCell 12 UEF and the Active Ground Block. Both products received Audio Bacon's Finest Cuts Award. "...The passive Grounding Block and Active Ground Block SE have become an indispensable part of our systems. It improves the sound in a way where component and cable swaps just can’t mitigate. That’s because proper grounding is a foundational element and is an essential part of any Hi-Fi system. If you want to maximize the potential of your system and experience fresh musical highs, we have no hesitation in recommending either of these Synergistic Research grounding blocks..." CLICK HERE to check it out.
Synergistic Research Active Ground Block SE
Synergistic Research PowerCell 12 UEF SE
 "...the Synergistic Research PowerCell 12 UEF SE is the quietest and most transparent power conditioner we’ve ever heard. As a consequence, micro/macro details are in full view without losing cohesion, texture, and body. You basically hear more of the music without losing musicality. It provided a new level of clarity, insight, dynamics, and authority while being smooth and euphoric. It is simply an enthralling piece of gear..."
CLICK HERE to check it out
New arrival: Kemp MAXiiMUS P16 Ultimate
Kemp MAXiiMUS P16 Ultimate
The latest version of Kemp's MAXiiMUS P16 arrived. The Kemp MAXiiMUS P16 Flexii Ultimate A/V Version is a shunt device that harmonizes electro-smog in your home. It also maximizes the flow of free electrons and thereby significantly improves the efficiency of the electricity. If used close to your Audio/Video system you will notice a much improved audio and video reproduction.

The original version of Kemp's MAXiiMUS P16 received a StereoTimes' Most Wanted Component Award 2016. The US retail price is $2290. CLICK HERE for more information.
New product: Synergistic's HFT Wide Angle
Synergistic Research HFT Wide Angle
Synergistic Research HFT Wide Angle's are added sparingly to a room already treated with HFT's (High Frequency Transducer). With a wider and more powerful dispersion pattern they dramatically increase your sense of immersion in the sound field while expanding the scale and dimension of your soundstage.

The HFT Wide Angle's are very effective and a must have for HFT users! The price is $399 for a set of 3.

CLICK HERE for more information or to place your order.
New line of products: Albat Bioenergetic Solutions
Albat Holographic Chips
Albat Bioenergetic Solutions from Germany designs bioenergetic chips and cards for various applications, such as car and bike tuning, motor racing, sports, human vitality, health and, most important for audiophiles, sound tuning.

Albat's sound tuning technology is designed to optimize and improve specific material characteristics, e.g. resonance behavior, resistance, conductibility, and others.
Since Albat's technology and products seemingly defy the laws of physics, they are often dismissed as voodoo. But be assured they do work - and how! We offer a no-risk 30-day Money Back Guarantee.
CLICK HERE to check it out.
New products: Synergistic Atmosphere X series
Synergistic Research Atmosphere X cable series
End of March Synergistic Research announced the release of the new Atmosphere X series. This improved Atmosphere cable series now comes in three performance levels - Alive (Level 1), Excite (Level 2) and the top-line Euphoria (Level 3). 

We offer a 60-day Money Back Guarantee, already have stock and added them to our free lending library.   CLICK HERE for more info.
June Special: SR Black Box with FREE HFTs
June Special - Buy a Black Box and receive HFT for up to $998 FREE
Throughout June 2018 - buy a Synergistic Research Black Box ($1995) and receive two boxes of HFTs of your choice FREE. That's a value of up to $998 absolutely FREE.

You can choose from standard HFT (5-pack or 10-pack), HFT 2.0, HFT X, HFT Speaker Kit and the new HFT Wide Angle.

CLICK HERE for info or to place your order.
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