Newsletter No. 63 - OCTOBER 2019

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Welcome to the October 2019 Newsletter

ICHOS Schallwander No. THREE Loudspeakers
ICHOS Schallwandler No.THREE loudspeakers have been reviewed by Matej Isak of Mono & Stereo.

Matej Isak concluded (October 2019):
"'s not often that relatively small speakers can mirror the qualities and impact of bigger, floor-standing transducers, yet ICHOS Schallwandler No.THREE filled my almost 50m2 room with suprising ease. The unsurpassed sonic delivery is the result of painstaking tuning, proprietary drivers and clever design. The floor facing vented excursion supplies a highly energetic, focused and clear bass foundation..."

"...I've found a great match with my Class-A Lamm and Grandinote reference monoblocks. Both M1.2 Reference and Demone locked and loaded instantly with the No.THREE. My listening note particular highlighted the synergy with a full Grandinote setup with Magri's flagship electronics, Demone and Genesi…"

"...addressing both audiophile and music lovers' demands it's an arduous task, yet ICHOS Schallwandler No THREE balanced the nature and right technical applications allow such double-decker fulfillment. Sport cars aficionados and connoisseurs are very paraphernalia. Our beloved high-and apparatus shouldn't be any further from entertainment and these Austrian Lamborgini orange speakers were designed from the very beginning to deliver a heftier portion of gratification..."

CLICK HERE for more information about ICHOS or HERE to read the entire review on Mono & Stereo.
New Product: Synergistic Research ORANGE Quantum Fuse
Synergistic Research ORANGE Quantum Fuse
The new ORANGE Quantum Fuse is a direct result of technology Synergistic Research first developed for the Limited Edition Galileo SX PowerCell. At its core are new UEF Technologies and a completely new multi-stage high voltage treatment process for the lowest noise floor of any fuse SR has ever manufactured. In fact, ORANGE is by far the most significant leap in performance across five fuse generations.

Subjective improvements include better timbral accuracy where separate instruments and voices take on a new degree of life-like realism. Other benefits over prior SR fuses include a larger soundstage with greater depth, width, and front-to-back layering. Musicality or the presence of increased detail without a hint of fatigue is off the charts for extended listening that is never harsh despite being our highest resolution fuse to date. Global MSRP is $159.95.

CLICK HERE for more info or to place your order.
New Product: Synergistic Research Carbon Fiber Outlet Cover 
Synergistic Research Carbon Fiber Duplex Cover
In Synergistic Research's never-ending quest for the lowest possible noise floor, they tackled the duplex cover with their patented UEF Technology, advanced material science, and dampening to build the ultimate duplex cover.
It starts with carbon fiber specially woven to eliminate vibration and adds a UEF treatment to dramatically improve the performance of your duplex by shielding EMI and RFI within the duplex cover. A unique closed cell foam is then applied for additional vibration control. The global MSRP is $149 for the duplex cover and $199 for the quad cover.

CLICK HERE for more info or to place your order.
New product: Aurorasound PADA-300B hybrid mono-blocks
Aurorasound PADA-300B hybrid mono-blocks

Shinobu Karaki-san's brand new Aurorasound PADA-300B mono blocks make their US debut. These beautifully handcrafted amplifiers shine with replicas of the original WE300B tubes, Lundahl transformers and exquisite wood-work. US retail price is $17,590.

CLICK HERE for more information.
New review: Aurorasound VIDA Prima MC/MM phono stage
Aurorasound VIDA Prima MC/MM phono stage

Another review for Aurorasound's entry line MM/MC phono stage was published last month.

Jerry Seigel of concluded:

"...the VIDA Prima sets a very high bar for sonic performance and is an exceptional value at $1,200. This is a very truthful and enjoyable phono preamplifier. The VIDA Prima is an example of the best that phono preamps offer, adjusted perfectly for price. Especially if your moving coil cartridge performs well with a 47k Ohm load, the VIDA Prima could possibly let you delete the word 'upgrade' from your thoughts..."
CLICK HERE for more information or HERE to read the entire review on
Two new reviews for Audio Valve's Solaris headphone amp
Barrie Martins of The StereoTimes concluded:
"...this sophisticated headphone amplifier brought a new sense of focus and clarity to the music that I hadn’t heard before through a pair of headphones. I’ve heard planner loudspeakers before and loved them, but this was an animal of a different color. Based on my experience this is a winning combination headphone amplifier and set of headphones if I ever heard one. I've a new appreciation for CanJam and all those in pursuits of personal gear for either their desktop or by their bedside. I am hereby smitten! Highly recommended!"
CLICK HERE to check it out. 
Darren Henley of wrote:
"...the Solaris is a remarkable headphone amplifier that drove every headphone I tested with power and grace. By grace, I mean it balances its impressive technical strengths with supreme musicality. It delivers a near-perfect blend of tonal weight, color, dynamics, force, and immediacy. Of course, this is in my system, with my headphones, and is based on my preferences... the Solaris has the immediacy and speed of a SET amp, and in my experience doesn’t prioritize recorded artifacts over the musical content. That’s not to say it doesn’t check all the little boxes: rock-solid imaging, extended bandwidth, exceptionally natural dimension, SET-like speed, and power on demand..."
CLICK HERE for more information or HERE to read the entire review.
New review: Synergistic Research Galileo SX phono cables
Synergistic Reseach Galileo SX Phono Cables

Lee Scoggins of Part-Time Audiophile writes:
"’s not a bold claim to say that this cable handily meets my four conditions, so let me go farther: the Synergistic Research Galileo SX is the clearest, most musical phono cable I have ever used in my reference system. Beyond expectation, this cable has transformed my analog playback. It is my new reference for what my record player is capable of, and as such, it earns my highest recommendation..."

CLICK HERE to read the entire review
New review: Wall Audio Opus 120 PH tube phono stage 
Wall Audio Opus 120 Ph tube phono stage
Late summer this year the new Wall Audio Opus 120 Ph tube phono stage was on the test bench.
Thomas Schmidt of wrote:
" addition to the deep and dynamically convincing bass, there is the highest precision at the other end of the audible spectrum and a fine hand for the slightest nuances in the playing of the overtones of an instrument. Sure, that the spatial image is excellent... Extremely well-equipped, well thought-out and versatile tube phono stage, which also sounds excellent. The wait was worth it!"
CLICK HERE for more information
New product coming soon: MySphere 3 headphones
MySphere 3 Headphones
Early November 2019 we expect the first delivery of another quality product from Austria. The MySphere 3 headphones. 

The MySphere 3 headphones are unique, cutting-edge, hovering headphones being touted as the successor of the famous AKG K1000 headphones. Developed by the same designer team.

More info about this exciting headphones in our December 2019 newsletter... stay tuned! 
Win a Synergistic Research Atmosphere X Alive AC Cable ($1000)
Enter to win a Synergistic Research Atmosphere X Alive AC Cable
The winner of Synergistic's PowerCell ONE from last newsletter's drawing is Brad F. from Oregon. Congratulations!
This time we're giving away a free Synergistic Research Atmosphere X Alive Power Cable with a value of $1000.

The question is:
In which country are the ICHOS No.THREE speakers made?

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