Newsletter No. 64 - DECEMBER 2019

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Welcome to the December 2019 Newsletter

MySphere Ear-Speaker Headphones
We are glad to announce that we're authorized US dealer for MySphere 3 headphones from Austria. The roots of MySphere 3 headphones go back to the legendary flagship headphone K-1000 of AKG, introduced to the market in 1989 by two acoustic engineers Helmut Ryback and Heinz Renner (Heinz is seen below wearing his creation). 
Heinz Renner wearing his creation - MySphere 3 headhones
Now, 30 years later, it was time for both guys to look into developing a new up-to-date version. With the help of  new advanced materials, improved computer simulations, revolutionary measurement methods like psychoacoustics, Kunstkopf, laser Doppler vibrometer measurement techniques and others, new possibilities for the construction of acoustic devices opened up and the MySphere 3 headphones were born.  MySphere head-speaker headphones are a unique, cutting-edge, open design that hovers over your ears, creating a spatial, real-life listening experience. The ergonomic design of the ultra-light anodized aluminum frame with its magnetically-attached, cushiony-soft pads prevents any pressure to your head, making your listening experience pure, painless pleasure. MySphere headphones come in two versions MySphere 3.1 and 3.2. The US retail price is $3,999. 

CLICK HERE for more detailed information or to place an order.
Alan Sircom of The Absolute Sound writes (June 2019):
"’s rare that we encounter a design that is genuinely different, rarer still when the differences are not only physically easy to spot but also work as advertised. The whole caboodle gains “scarce as hen’s teeth” status when all of that comes with good sound. The ambitious and audacious MySphere 3.1/3.2 ticks all those boxes. Expensive it may be, but the MySphere sets the benchmark for dynamic headphone performance today. Wow!"

Or CLICK HERE to check out a very detailed 4-member panel review of with many different amplifiers.
New product: Ichos No. FIVE Loudspeakers
Ichos No. FIVE Loudspeakers

Just on time for the 5 year Anniversary, Ichos released a new entry-line speaker. The Ichos No. FIVE speakers are characterized by excellent volume, a formidable deep bass, as well as fine definition at the highest level. The basic concept was adopted from Ichos’ larger back-loaded horn speakers, but the No. FIVE tweeter has been integrated into the housing. US retail price is $4,790 /pair.

It was already reviewed by the German LP magazine in October and the conclusion was: 
"...the Ichos No.5 offers the best of two worlds - unpretentious in terms of connected electronics and setup, it shows the fascination and dynamics of a real horn speaker..."

CLICK HERE for more information
New line of products: Nasotec Corporation
Nasotec Analog Accessories
We're glad to announce that we are now authorized US dealer for the Nasotec Corporation

Nasotec, located in Korea, is specialized in Analog Accessories. The products Nasotec offers are very innovative and useful, of great quality and manufactured with precision. For instance, the Swing Headshell brings a new approach to headshells or the VEM Record Clamp is very effective.  We already have most of their products in stock.
CLICK HERE to check it out. 
New product: Audio Magic Ultimate Premier Beeswax Fuse
Audio Magic Ultimate Premier Beeswax Fuse
We didn't think it could get any better but the new Ultimate Premier Beeswax Fuse is world class and then some! Now, instead of the push-pull I-Core design, a Full Wave I-Core technology is used which is more powerful. Audio Magic uses new, improved internal Black Out and SHD fills for better noise reduction. A new and improved Nano Streaming process was introduced as well.
The result: better detail, transparency, dynamics, wider and deeper sound staging, micro detail, layering, and talk about musical... wow! Global MSRP is $240 each.

CLICK HERE for more info or to place your order.
New review & award: Holbo Airbearing Turntable System  
Holbo Airbearing Turntable System

After the Blue Moon Award 2019 the Holbo Airbearing Turntable System received Japan's Audio Excellence Award for 2020. Congratulations!
Hiroshi Onodera of Stereo Sound writes:
"...the lack of localization fluctuation in the stereo sound field is solely thanks to the linear tracking arm, which may be attributed to the absence of tracking errors, such as the minimal distortion, the spatial stability of large orchestras, and so on. The benefits are great. In addition, there was something wonderful about the balance between quietness and dynamics, which is unique to this machine. Because of the simplicity of the chassis mechanism, the tonal texture is also natural and it has a casual sound impression. If you are an analog fan, this is a product with a unique world of sound that you want to experience. This is a great option especially for those who focus on stereo images..."
CLICK HERE for more information
New review: Synergistic Research Atmosphere X Euphoria
Synergistic Research Atmosphere X Euphoria
Bill Wells of The StereoTimes concluded:
"...what I experienced with these cables was very consistent with the overall improvement I experienced with the company’s newer Powercell 12 UEF SE. Improvements were literally across the entire musical spectrum and literally brought to my listening room a heightened sense of sonic realism that helped elevate my listening pleasure immensely. Indeed, the Synergistic Research Atmosphere X Euphoria power cords, speaker cables along with the Reference Ethernet cable are truly wonderful products and I give them my very highest recommendation..."

CLICK HERE to read the entire review
New product: Synergistic Research Tranquility POD
Synergistic Research Tranquility POD
Synergistic Research's new ACTIVE Tranquility PODs conditions the signal while it’s still in your system, just like full-sized Tranquility Bases but in a smaller and more flexible platform. And Tranquility PODs are based on the same ACTIVE EM Cell technology that powers the SR PowerCell line conditioners. But instead of conditioning AC electromagnetic fields, Tranquility PODs interact with the EM fields inside your components for more of what everyone loves about PowerCell line conditioners.

The Tranquility POD is used underneath or on top of devices. The dimensions are 6x6x1" and the price is $749. Until the end of the year you'll get a set of MiG 2.0 with each POD, a value of $249 FREE

CLICK HERE for more information
New product & review: Synergistic's Foundation Phono Cables
Synergistic Research Foundation Phono Cables
Synergistic Research has extended the Foundation Cable Series with Phono Cables starting with $699.

If you are like many audiophiles, perhaps you’ve never experienced a full loom of cables designed to work together because you felt they would be too expensive? Or perhaps you think your current cable mix match is synergistic in your system? If so, now is the time to audition a full loom of Foundation cables with UEF Blue or Black power cords from Synergistic Research, and you’ll discover just what your system is truly capable of.

CLICK HERE for more info or to place an order.
Jonathan Valin named the Foundation line one of the "50 GREATEST BARGAIN IN HIGH-END AUDIO"

The Absolute Sound, 2020 Buyer's Guide
"...Jonathan Valin wasn't expecting much- and certainly not this much-from Synergistic Research's immensely pliable, bargain-basement Foundation Series interconnects and cables, which are far slimmer, lighter, and less sophisticated in design than their rich relatives, the superb Galileo SXes. But, trust him, sonically the Foundations come way closer than shouting distance to the Galileos. Indeed, these two SR lines have a great deal in common-rich vibrant tone color, robust dynamics, spacious staging, lifelike imaging, high resolution. Oh, the more sophisticated Galileos are less bottom-up in balance, more finely detailed, and harder-hitting than foundation: then again, they ought to be-the cost ten-to-twenty times the dough. Put plainly, the Foundation Series is the best budget-priced wire Jonathan Valin has hear-and one of his references..."  CLICK HERE for more info.
Synergistic Research 2019 HOLIDAY SPECIALS
Synergistic Research 2019 HOLIDAY SPECIALS
No matter whether you've been naughty or nice, we have some great gifts for you during December!
Take advantage of a huge Synergistic Research Holiday Special until the end of the year.  Save on Synergistic's Foundation and Galileo SX cables, Tranquility PODs, HFTs, ECTs and more. Get FREE products from $250 up to $10,000.
CLICK HERE to check it out.
Win a Synergistic Research Atmosphere X Excite AC Cable ($2000)
Enter to win a Synergistic Research Atmosphere X Excite AC Cable
The winner of Synergistic's Atmosphere X Alive AC cord from last newsletter's drawing is Mark T. from Colorado. Congratulations!

This time we're giving away a free Synergistic Research Atmosphere X Excite Power Cable with a value of $2000.

The question is: What world-famous headphones were the predecessor of the MySphere 3 headphones?

Send an email with the answer by January 15th 2020 to:
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