Newsletter No. 61 - APRIL 2019

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Welcome to the April 2019 Newsletter

Voxativ Hagen Absolut
We are very glad to introduce Voxativ's latest product series . The Voxativ Absolut System. Tired of having lots of stereo devices, interconnect and power cables in your living room? Why so complicated? The Absolut Box is a hand-crafted component combining a cutting-edge DAC/DSP with Class A/B amplification – custom tailored to make the most of the frequency response from Voxativ's most accessible line of loudspeakers, the Hagen monitors - The Hagen Absolut (soon available Zeth Absolut). To play music, all you need is a smartphone, tablet or computer to wirelessly connect your source files or streaming service (TIDAL, Qobuz, Spotify, ROON endpoint, etc.) to the Absolut Box via Wifi or Bluetooth (APTX, AirPlay). And the best thing... all this for only $7,900. The Voxativ Hagen Absolut debuted at the AXPONA 2019 and it was very well received. Listeners were astounded that such a big sound comes out of such a compact system and the press was smitten. The first Hagen Absolut Systems will arrive any day now in limited quantities. CLICK HERE for more information.
The Audio Beatnik wrote:
" first glance, I thought this was going to be a very expensive lifestyle system, and I guess it is. But, it is also so much more. I dare say this may be the best single driver stand-mounted speaker I have ever heard. I’ll let you know when I get it in my room, but I can tell you it is truly a very high-end system in every way..."
CLICK HERE to read the article

Jason Victor Serinus of Stereophile:
"...surprisingly, the system's sound on Ane Brun's "Halo" was very smooth, warm, and much nicer than I had expected. Even more astonishing was the wonderful sound on Musica Nuda's cover of The Beatles' Come Together..."
New Product: IntegrityHifi True Sweep 
Tru-Sweep Anti Static Dust Cleaner
After the success of their first product, the Tru-lift (an automatic tonearm lift), the Canadian company IntegrityHifi, specializing in analog accessories, hit a homerun again with their second product - the Tru-Sweep Anti Static Dust Cleaner. This product is very effective and the only one we know of  that can prevent most of the sound deteriorating static that's builds up while the record is spinning.

The perfectly balanced Uni-pivot arm allows the Camel Hair brush to gently track the grooves of the record. With adjustable tracking force you can control the speed of which the arm travels inward. The soft Camel Hair brush gently sweeps across the record picking up fine dust and drains the static build up thru a connected ground wire keeping your stylus dust and static free. Available in three sizes to fit all turntables. The global retail price is $259.

CLICK HERE for more information.
New product: Synergistic Research SRX power cable
The brand new Synergistic Research SRX power cable is a tour de force of technical innovations. It represents the pinnacle of state-of-the-art power cables. Some may consider the price steep for a power cord but one single SRX power cable can elevate the sound of your system to unexpected levels. The global retail price is $10,000 for a 6ft SRX power cable.

The technology for the SRX power cord comes direct from the SR25 25th Anniversary power cord that was limited to 100 pieces worldwide. The SRX is an exact duplicate with one exception, SR is using a different grade of pure six-nines silver, and this cuts the cost of the reference power cord in half.

The Synergistic Reseach SRX power cables are already in stock and shipping now.

CLICK HERE for more information.
Two new reviews for Synergistic Research's Galileo SX
Synergistic Research Galileo SX Cable Series
Howard Kneller of SoundStage Ultra (04/19):
"...the Galileo SXes may well set a new high bar for audio-cable performance. Further, while at first glance their geometries are more similar to than different from those of the Galileo UEFs, the SXes considerably outperformed the older cables... I’m smitten with the sound of Synergistic Research’s Galileo SXes: breathtakingly lively, exciting, and dynamic, yet gorgeously rich, musical, and accurately full-bodied. They are definite contenders for the designation 'the state of the art'..."
CLICK HERE to check out the entire review
Mike Girardi of The StereoTimes (03/19):
"...the Galileo SX AC power cables have allowed me to listen to music at lower volumes without loss of detail, silence between notes, and dynamics.  With the Galileo SX cables, it’s much easier to become emotionally connected to the music on many levels.  Although the price of admission is high, the increase in system performance in relative terms justifies the cost outlay.  The Galileo SX AC power cables are my new reference..."

CLICK HERE to check out the entire review
We still have a few NOS and demo SR Galileo UEF cables in stock. CLICK HERE for more information. 
New review: Marigo AIDA CD mat
Dave Allison of The StereoTimes (03/19):
"...increase in detail also solidified the stereo image in every dimension. It was as if the individual voices and instruments acquired more palpable boundaries while remaining part of the whole performance. The interplay between instruments, especially in symphonic material, was much easier to follow, and more enjoyable! Ron Hedrich’s four years of developing the Aida has yielded quite a set of accomplishments for a 'humble' CD mat! But if you play/burn any digital audio or video discs, I think you’ll appreciate what the Aida does..."
CLICK HERE for more information
New review: Aurorasound VIDA Prima
Darren Henley of THENEWOLD.CO wrote:
"...overall, this is a mid-centric sound. What I mean is that voices and instruments are in focus, and while the nuance and harmonic complexities come through, they aren't enhanced by forward leaning treble. I prefer more tonal weight, color, mass and speed to a leaner sound. Again, this system balances that with excellent resolution and speed. The illusion of three dimensional space is captivating... I've had some spooky real moments listening to vinyl with this system. I know this phono preamp is Aurorasound's entry level unit, but there's nothing 'budget' about the sound..." 

CLICK HERE for more information.
New awards: Voxativ 9.87 System
It was a good year for Voxativ's 9.87 System loudspeakers. After receiving The Absolute Sound's Golden Ear Award 2018, it also received the prestigious TAS Product of the Year Award 2018 and the TAS Editors' Choice Award 2019. CLICK HERE for more information about these unique loudspeakers.
Voxativ 9.87 System
Win an Aurorasound VIDA Prima MM/MC phone stage ($1200)
Enter to win a Aurorasound VIDA Prima phono stage
This month we're giving away a free Aurorasound VIDA Prima MM/MC phono stage with a value of $1200.

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