Newsletter No. 54 - AUGUST 2017

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Welcome to the August 2017 Newsletter

Aurorasound PADA power amplifier
Wrapping up the Los Angeles Audio Show 2017... both our rooms were very successful. The Voxativ/Lyric Audio room even received a Gold Show Award for Best Sound. Didn’t attend? Here’s the next best way to visit our rooms. Click on the images below to watch the videos.
Artos Audio - Audio Valve - Synergistic Research - Gregitek at the LAAS 2017
Room 1 featuring AudioValve, Artos, Synergistic Research, HighEnd Novum, Gregitek. Click the image above to watch the video.
Voxativ and Lyric Audio at the LAAS 2017
Room 2 featuring Voxativ, Lyric Audio, Gregitek, Synergistic Research. Click the image above
Three Synergistic Research offers to get you through the summer 
Synergistic Research August Specials

SPECIAL #1: BUY 2 Black Quantum Fuses and GET a third Black fuse FREE. That's a value of $129.95 absolutely FREE.
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SPECIAL #2: BUY 2 sets of MiG 2.0 and GET a third set of MiG 2.0 FREE. That's a value of $249 absolutely FREE.
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SPECIAL #3: HFT/ECT mix & match. BUY 2 pack of HFT/HFT 2.0/HFT X/ECT in any combination and GET a third pack of your choice FREE. That's a value of $295 absolutely FREE.
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The levee has broken! Lyric Audio floods the US with music via this wonderful debut interview. Click on the image to watch the video.
Introducing Lyric Audio
New review: Aurorasound VIDA - Phono Stage
Aurorasound VIDA LCR-type phono stage

Dirk Sommer of concluded:
"...with the Vida, Aurorasound offers a phono amplifier that can, within wide limits, be adapted to your individual requirements. The housing design is almost as independent as the circuit topology. The sound of the Vida is completely convincing. It is a true “emotion machine” - and at an unrivaled price: a very hot tip!"

CLICK HERE for more information

New review: SR PowerCell 8 UEF SE & Atmosphere Cables
Synergistic Research PowerCell 8 UEF SE
Rick Becker of Enjoy the concluded (July 2017): "...the PowerCell 8 UEF SE and Atmosphere Level 2 and 3 power cords revive the goosebumps with my favorite music and let me feel the bass vibrations through the leather of my listening chair. This is  great gear and it's  staying right here!"

CLICK HERE to check out the entire review
New review: Audio Valve Assistant 50 integrated tube amp
Audio Valve Assistant 50 integrated tube amp
Srajan Ebaen of (July 2017) concluded: "...big dense sound with rich tone, ready dynamics and powerful bass... it's not what 50 watts from pinky-finger tubes might promise but it's exactly what these delivered. It made even lean, sharp, pale or nervy recordings agreeable. Add utterly fuss-free operation and 20-year circuit maturity. Despite its slightly loud looks, the Audio Valve Assistent 50 struck me as really an ultra-conservative recommendation like blue-chip stock. That's short hand for utterly without risk. And a sure thing in hifi is a very fine thing indeed. With this my first-ever Audio Valve assignment, I felt I'd rather made a discovery..."  CLICK HERE for more information
New review: Audio Valve Conductor tube pre-amp
Audio Valve Conductor tube pre-amp

"In conclusion…the Conductor just sounds real, natural and effortless with spectacular refinement, coherence and cohesion... nothing seems exaggerated or diminished. Bravo to Mr Helmut Becker and his Team…Your latest (2017) version of Conductor is an amazing achievement..."

Check out the latest review for Audio Valve's masterpiece, The Conductor. CLICK HERE

Show & Demo Equipment Summer Sale  
Demo Equipment Summer Sale

To say thank you for your loyalty, we offer our returning customers a variety of demo and pre-loved  equipment for very special prices. The offer is valid as long as stock lasts and for returning customers only.  

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