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Welcome to the June 2017 Newsletter

Artos Audio & Audio Valve at the Los Angeles Audio Show 2017
We're back from the  Los Angeles Audio Show - exhausted but happy. It was a successful event and the feedback of customers listening to our systems was very positive. Here only a few:
Voxativ & Lyric Audio at the Los Angeles Audio Show 2017

"...the bass in this room was earth shattering. The room pulsated like a night club. It was OMG good..." (Voxativ/Lyric room)
"...I love these speakers, they are so beautiful and sound so real..." (Artos/AudioValve room)
"...Coltrane’s sax sounds so realistic, it’s almost scary..." (Artos/AudioValve)
", that’s the most transparent system I’ve heard yet, great sound..." (Artos/AudioValve)
New product: Synergistic Research Active Ground Block
Synergistic Research Active Ground Block
The New Active Ground Block takes the award winning UEF Ground Filter from the original SR Grounding Block and adds an active ULF Field Generator. On the SE model, a dedicated Active EM Cell as found in SR PowerCell line conditioners supercharges the performances of every component in your system including Synergistic Research cables equipped with external grounding technology.

Trade in your original SR Grounding Block and get 100% of its global MSRP regardless of the price you paid!

That's a $595 trade-in allowance toward either the Synergistic Research Active Ground Block, or the Active Ground Block SE. But hurry, this offer is good for a limited time only.

CLICK HERE form more information or to place your order.
New product: KR Audio P135 tube pre-amp
KR Audio P135
KR Audio's latest tube pre amplifier just arrived - the successor of the well-loved and acclaimed P130.

The new P135 uses two high gain, direct heated  KR45 triode tubes in the output stage. It comes with 3 pairs RCA and 1 pair XLR inputs, 1pair RCA, 1 pair XLR outputs  and is optionally available with MC Phono input. The US retail price is $5600 ($6400 with MC phono).

CLICK HERE for more information.
New product: Kemp MAXiiMUS P40 power conditioner
Kemp Elektroniks MAXiiMUS P40 power conditioner

Although the breaker box is the best place for a P40, this is not always possible, due to a lack of space,  or if you live in a rental house for instance. You can still enjoy the benefits of the P40 in a version modified to install near your equipment. It is a serial unit, equipped with an IEC inlet and outlet. You should install it between your wall outlet and the power distributor of your A/V set. The wooden footer plate creates a solid base for the unit, preventing it from tumbling down. Available in two versions. With gold plated contacts for $2500 or rhodium plated for $2600. P40's brothers, the P16 and M100, received Stereophile's Most Wanted Component Award 2016. CLICK HERE for more information

New product: ARTOS Audio Moonglow speakers
ARTOS Audio Moonglow

ARTOS Audio's new entry model Moonglow arrived and is already singing in one of our demo systems. The Moonglow is the entrance to the world of ARTOS Audio. Not just a speaker in its price range, not just an entry-level model and not just a scaled down Sunrise. With just 40 inches height and 16.5 inches depth the Moonglow can be regarded as a truly compact floor-standing speaker.

The Moonglow is a 3-way Airflow system and uses ceramic Accuton drivers just like its bigger brothers. The goal during the design process of the Moonglow was to create a speaker that offers extremely compact dimensions, an elegant and timeless appearance while offering outstanding sonic performance. The US price starts with $9,990.  CLICK HERE for more information
New review: Synergistic Research PowerCell 12 UEF SE
Synergistic Research PowerCell 12 UEF SE
Robert S. Youman of Postive Feedback concluded: "...Synergistic Research has another winner with the PowerCell 12 UEF SE. I was pleasantly surprised if not astonished at the improvement in sound quality over my past benchmark—the excellent PowerCell 10 UEF. Unlike other power conditioners that I have auditioned, the PowerCell 12 UEF SE never feels like it throttles or diminishes the music. Yes, we have superior levels of isolation which results in an impressive reduction in the noise floor, but all the excitement and dynamic contrast of the recording as originally intended is still laid out for all to hear. This one will not be leaving my listening room..." CLICK HERE for more info

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Special Sale: Furutech e-TP609 Power Block
Furutech e-TP609 Power Block

Furutech's e-TP609 is a sophisticated, luxuriously made single-chassis power distributor that eliminates many common problems found in audio and video components caused by massively contaminated electrical power lines.

The retail price is $1525. As long as stock last we offer the e-TP609 for only $925. That's a saving of $600. Take advantage of this great offer as long as stock lasts.

CLICK HERE for more information or to place your order.

Demo Equipment Summer Sale  
Demo Equipment Summer Sale

To say thank you for your loyalty we offer our returning customers a variety of demo and pre-loved  equipment for very special prices. The offer is valid as long as stock last and for returning customers only.  

CLICK HERE to check it out.
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