Newsletter No. 60 - NOVEMBER 2018

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Welcome to the November 2018 Newsletter

Voxativ with Synergistic Research at the RMAF 2018
The Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2018 was very successful. The cooperation of Voxativ and Synergistic Research received very positive feedback and resulted in a Best Of Show Award from Jonathan Valin of The Absolute Sound. He writes: "...on Chet Baker Sings the [9.87] field coils made Chet’s voice and trumpet - recorded with warm, rich RCA BX-44 ribbons [mics] - sound just like they should have, ravishingly lovely and lifelike..."
Lyric Audio at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2018
Also very well received was the Lyric Audio room with Voxativ's Zeth speakers and Z-Bass subwoofers driven by the new Lyric Audio Ti200 Class-A parallel single-ended integrated amplifier. Click on the image to the right to watch a video with the engineer Stefan Noll showing off his products and listen to the sound in the room provided by AVShowrooms.
Or CLICK HERE for more info about Lyric Audio.
New Review: Lyric Ti100 Mk.II integrated
Lyric Audio Ti100 Mk.II on the front page of the Fidelity magazine
Lyric Audio's Ti100 Mk.II Class-A integrated single-ended tube amp made it all the way to the front page of the German FIDELITY magazine and also received an Award for Best Amplifier at the latest audio show in Guangzhou, China.

Jochen Reinecke writes: "...the jaw drops after a few bars, no matter whether Jimmy Smith's Hammond organ grunts in the low registers, roars and bubbles like lava - or whether the music gnaws aggressively on the drumhead in the solos... no matter whether the drums consist of only one fine ride cymbal pinging or juicy rim shots and massive bass drum booms... How do you describe such a thing? Well, what is delivered here is simply 'alive'. Intoxicating, enthralling, contagiously happy... The room is literally real enough to walk into, the music completely detaches itself from the speakers and stands shimmering and sparkling in the room. And one almost feels the presence of the musicians right there in the listening room. Spooky, but nice! What could the heart desire more?"
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New review: Valvet E2 single-ended solid-state amp
Valvet E2
Roland Kraft of the Stereoplay print magazine wrote (Oct. 2018):
"...a good single-ended Class-A design conveys music with a charm that other end-stage concepts seldom or never reach... the Valvet plays crystal clear transparently, always agile and dynamic. However, its  true strength lies in its large 3-D sound stage which reaches far beyond the speakers, nearing that of a reference system. What the E2 is doing here borders on sorcery...  It’s understandable that using efficient speakers makes life easier for the single-ended amps: every decibel more per watt is converted into pure listening joy. In Conclusion: A short, purist signal path and single-ended design aren’t relics of bygone times, but remain as beneficial for the sound as ever. Therefore: huge compliments!"

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New product: Valvet A4 Mk.II
Valvet A4 Mk.II
Just in from Hamburg - in the north of Germany, Knut Cornil's new A4 Mk.II mono-blocks. The Mk.II version of these 55 WPC (into 8 Ohms) Class-A mono-blocks has been much improved. 33% more powerful transformers (now 2 times 400 watts), new audiophile resistors and silver wiring with real cotton isolation elevate these close to the performance of Valvet's top-line mono-blocks, the A4e... and all this while still maintaining Valvet's small footprints. US retail price is $7890 /pair.

CLICK HERE for more information
New product: Synergistic Research Galileo SX
Synergistic Research Galileo SX
The brand new Synergistic Research Galileo SX cable series represents the pinnacle of what Synergistic Research currently knows in the field of building audio cables for high-resolution audio systems. The Galileo SX cables belong to THE BEST money can buy - we are impressed! We already have stock and can ship right away and also added them to our Cable Lending Library. Give us a buzz or email if you're interested. CLICK HERE for more information of the Galileo SX series.

We still have some cables of the prior Galileo UEF series in stock - New Old Stock and demo units.
CLICK HERE to check out the clearance sale.
New product: Aurorasound VIDA Prima
Aurorasound VIDA Prima
We're glad to announce Aurorasound's brand new product - the Aurorasound VIDA Prima. Karaki-san's latest VIDA Prima is the new entry model in the VIDA phono stage amplifier family. The Prima is a simple and easy to use but uncompromised design in this price range for all vinyl enthusiast. The VIDA Prima provides one pair RCA input, switchable between MM, MC-High and MC-Low. The North American retail price is $1200.

CLICK HERE for more information.
Win a High Fidelity MC-6 Power Block ($1000)
Enter to win a High Fidelity MC-6 Power Block
The winner of the October contests was Kenneth A. of Wisconsin. Congratulations!  This month we're giving away a free High Fidelity MC-6 power block with a value of $1000. 
(The drawing will be on December 1st 2018)

The question is:
How many watts per channel can the new Valvet A4 Mk.II Class-A mono-blocks produce?

Send an email with the answer by Nov. 30th to:
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