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Welcome to the May 2017 Newsletter

Los Angeles Audio Show 2017
Audio Valve Challenger 400
We'll be exhibiting at the Los Angeles Audio Show in the Sheraton Hotel, Los Angeles. This event takes place on June 2-4, Fri-Sun 10am-6pm. We will show many of our products in two rooms. Make sure to come by and listen to some good music. 

In ROOM 445 you can experience a big system with the innovative German Artos Audio Mirage loudspeakers. Driven by Audio Valve's top-line tube amps, also from Germany - the well-loved Conductor pre-amplifier and the mighty Baldur 300  mono-blocks (2x 300watts pure triode power). The digital source comes from TotalDac - MusicServer & DAC and analog by way of Cantano Turntables from Berlin. We present for the first time in the US the new Cantano W/T turntable & tonearm. Room acoustics is covered by HighEnd Novum and all cables come from Synergistic Research.

In ROOM 441 we will showcase Voxativ single driver Zeth and Hagen speakers with the brand new Z Bass. The amplification is from Lyric Audio from Germany. We'll show the single-ended integrated tube amp Ti100, the powerful push-pull integrated Ti140 and the brand new parallel single-ended Ti200. Holger Adler of Voxativ and Stefan Noll of Lyric Audio will be on site.
New review: Valvet A4 mono-blocks
Valvet A4 mono-blocks
Patrick Dillon of HiFi Zine concluded: ...and this is how I end up feeling about the Valvets. They are so finely balanced and cohesive that you might at first wonder about their unique qualities. They won’t immediately catch your ears with detail, but those details are there to be heard; they won’t blow you away with unparalleled bass depth, yet the bass is full and realistic; they can deliver space and decay while slamming you with dynamics when required. When you hear them over an extended period of time on music you love, you come to realize there is something quite special about these amplifiers. In their understated manner, small footprint and relatively low power specification, the Valvet A4s are capable of delivering musical reproduction that is as good as I can remember hearing. There was never a recording I played where I felt I was missing something or that the amps were not delivering the goods, and that’s across multiple genres and ages of music. Class A all the way..."  CLICK HERE to read the entire review
New review: Lyric Audio PS 10 Phono Stage
Lyric Audio PS 10 Phono stage

Greg Simmons of The StereoTimes, concluded: " quality is refined and every component appears to have been assembled with exceptional care from very high quality parts and milled casework. It’s appearance and tactile feel are a pleasure to use and commensurate with its price...the PS 10 also reproduces as much detail as I’m likely to get from either of my cartridges, particularly the Audio Technica OC/9 III. Its bass reproduction is excellent and solid enough that it’s almost un-tube like, yet imaging retains that lovely 3D quality that tubes do so well. I did not hear any sonic faults in my system. Simply, it’s a great sounding phono stage...the PS 10 is no wallflower, that’s for sure. If any piece of electronic equipment could have a personality the PS-10 would be confident and outgoing, exciting and even vivacious (scraping the barrel for adjectives with that last one). Some equipment seems to go out of its way not to attract attention to itself. This thing wants to be heard, and in the best way possible! Check it out!"  CLICK HERE to read the entire review

Golden Ear Award: Valvet Soulshine II tube pre-amp
Valvet Soulshine II Tube Pre-Amplifier

Roland Kraft of Stereoplay concluded: "...Valvets Soulshine 2 confirms an old audio tube adage in the most beautiful way: With a simple, but carefully designed tube circuit and good components one can hardly do anything wrong. To the contrary, with its exceptionally quiet background, the Valvet Soulshine 2 sculpts the individual elements of sound into a wonderfully large, constantly coherent soundscape, while at the same time, doesn’t conceal any of the well-known, well-loved tube characteristics. It doesn’t make the old mistake of many tube amps - playing too mushy and imprecise, but  always maintains the stability, even at high volumes and charms its listeners with its reference-level dynamic abilities. When called for, it can play with the biggest and best,  but can also capture even the most subtle nuances of delicate, transparent soundscapes. The Soulshine 2 manifests its velvety smoothness, as well as beautiful tone colors and life-like emotions from the very first minute on..." CLICK HERE for more information

New review: Audio Valve Assistant 50 Integrated Tube Amp
Audio Valve Assistant 50 Integrated Tube Amp
George Sallit of HiFi-Wigwam wrote: "...I put on my two sets of test tracks that show off what an amplifier can do and I got lost in the tracks and started to forget I was meant to be reviewing...and the voices. Ah yes. They are very clear, natural and made by a real 3D person not a super detailed paper cut out..." "...on music with some real bass playing like SMV by Stanley Clarke, Marcus Miller and Victor Wootan it was possible to hear not only the different types and styles of bass playing but also the different types of bass strings. Not thump, thump, thump but a real bass guitar played by three maestros..."
CLICK HERE for more information
New product: Voxativ Z Bass Woofer System
Voxativ Z Bass
For more power on the bottom end, a small and active superfast woofer system had been developed - The Voxativ Z Bass ($3,960). You cannot imagine the purity of music and powerful bass response this unit will add to your music. It can be used for Voxativ Zeth, Hagen or all other speakers on the market.

The Voxativ Z Bass is equipped with 1 x 96 dB Neodymium woofer. This woofers has a very low moving mass, strong motor and is extremely fast – as fast as Voxativ wide banders. The result is a powerful bass down to 20 Hz and below. CLICK HERE for more information. 

Synergistic Research MAY Specials
Synergistic Research MAY 2017 Specials
Until the end of May we offer two SR specials:

1) BUY two sets of HFTs of your choice and GET another set FREE. That's a value of $295 absolutely FREE. CLICK HERE to order

2) BUY a UEF RED or BLACK power cable (or any other SR Core cable) and GET a BLACK Quantum Fuse FREE. That's a value of $129.95 absolutely FREE. CLICK HERE to order
Stay tuned for our next Newsletter in  June/July 2017,  where we will have a big sale of demo and used equipment and some more specials.  Thank you for reading our Newsletter and hope to see you in June at the new Los Angeles Audio Show.
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